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This website will set mobile carrier settings for data access when you cannot edit or do not know the settings for your carrier.

It does not jailbreak or carrier unlock iPhones. Make sure you can make phone calls first before you attempt to enable data.

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About the iPhone APN Changer

The iPhone APN Changer is a website to allow people to automate APN (Access Point Names) on iPhones when Apple does not include these settings on the phone. These APN Settings allow access to Mobile Data.

There are over 1000 Carriers around the world and Apple doesn't include all the settings on the iPhone so people cannot just access data by just putting their SIM Card into the Phone.

When mobile data is not working people will may get a message similar to "Could not activate cellular data network"

This website does not carrier unlock iPhones. Some Carriers will ask Apple to carrier lock their phones to restrict access to use other carriers (for legitimate reasons). Most carriers will allow you to pay a fee (or just ask) to carrier unlock iPhone.

Help with the iPhone APN Changer

There are many reasons why this website may not work.

Your iPhone has been Jailbroken - This may not be an issue normally but third party software may interfere with the method used to set to Data Settings.

My Settings are wrong - With over 1000+ Carriers listed I may have a number of settings wrong. If you have installed and data is not working, go to your Carriers website and look up the settings (or email me). Please then forward these settings to so I can update the settings on my website.

MMS is not working - Apple does not give any way of automating MMS Settings.

Tethering is not working - Apple does not give any way of automating tethering settings.

Will this work on Android and other Phones? The automation at the moment will only work on iPhones, but in the future this capability may be added.