Disabling Cellular data on iOS 4 (iPhone OS4)

When the iPhone first came out there way no proper way of disabling cellular data on the iPhone (apart from using an invalid APN (what Fake APN did)) to disable Data.

In iOS 4 (iPhone OS 4) they have put in an option to allow you to disable cellular data.

This can be found in Settings, General, Network and called Cellular Data. Just set this to Disable to disable Cellular Data on the iPhone.

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  1. Yes..but if I disable Cellular Data so..I’wont send and receiver MMS..I’ve also tray to change operator bundle with iTunes how on firmware 3.X but it don’t change! =(

    1. The “FakeAPN” option is not needed in iOS 4 as you have a botton to turn off cellular data services in this version.

  2. Yes, it’s true, it will be nice to have the apn editing menu again or having fake APN, because with the ” cellular data services ” OFF, MMS is not working any more… 🙁

  3. This website wont let me install on my iOS4 but if I turn off cellular data it blocks MMS!! 🙁 please enable for ios 4!!!! Whenever I do custom it says I have one installed but I don’t

  4. I have been using the APN Changer to bypass AT&T’s dataplan charges. Can i just do that now using the iPhone’s built in settings? or will i still need the APN Changer?

  5. I have the same question. The fake APN enabled one (apparently, hadn’t yet tried) to use a non-data based plan (sim from another phone). But I don’t think that just turning the “Cullular data” off will do the same.

    1. You will have to enter the MMS Settings into the iPhone. I will have a section for this in the near future. You cannot sent the MMS Settings in the method I use for the APN Settings so have to be entered by hand.

  6. You also forgot about the people who still use iOS 3.0, like me.

    I still need the FakeAPN option to disable data, but you removed it for *all* people – without checking OS version.

    Please re-enable the FakeAPN menu on your site, but perhaps add a interstitial NOTICE about the “Cellular Data” option that can be clicked-through.

    iOS 3.0 users still need FakeAPN!

    1. This has been fixed.. The iPhone Beta’s pretended to be 3.1.3 in the past and I forgot to change this back .
      People with 3.1.3 should have the “FakeAPN” back now.

  7. Thank you very much for the timely fix. : ) All my iPhones were updated to 3.1.3 so I did not realize it was limited to just that version.

    Only downside is I have an iPhone without a data plan – but I suppose the $720 I am saving over the mandatory data alternative is my consolation! Thanks again.

  8. Ok to get my mms working on ios4 and im on A&T&T USA with no data plan and an iphone 3G. I made a custom pofile called “fakeapn” and the password “invalid” and then installed that to my iphone and turned my Cellular Data to ON and now i can send and receive MMS messages but it will not acess data. Hope this helps, it sure fixed my problem.

  9. @Somebody not special

    I tried this and it actually started sending data to my phone. I could see the internet without wi-fi. Phone actually said 3G at the top. I am using a SIM from my daughters phone and would like to let her have my iPhone 3G without the data plan.

    Then I deleted the custom profile called “fakeapn” and then the 3g Icon disappeared and now I do not have internet. There is an “E” at the top which I believe stands for “Edge” network.

    I can send MMS and make calls as needed.

  10. I need my mms, when i turn the data on i can send and receive but when i turn off cellular data it doesn’t. there has to be a by-pass to this

  11. @Admin
    Please find a way to enable us to disable cellular data while still retaining the ability to send MMS.

    I have a 3GS and was able to use FakeAPN to hide from the data plan, but I was still able to send MMS without data charges. I installed and jailbroke 4.0 and now cannot send MMS while cellular data is disabled. If you can find a way to fix this for us, everybody including myself would be extremely appreciative!!

  12. Hello. So I disabled cellular data on my phone. But I just got caught by AT&T this morning. Is there any other way to disable data or get a fake APN?

  13. @admin
    I have fake apn profile installed on a 3g (AT&T) that has been recently updated to 4.0. It works perfect. I have no cell data usage at all and I am able to send/receive mms messages. I’m trying to set up another iphone for my dad but turning off the cell data within os4 also turns off the mms feature as well. I have been unsuccessful at creating a custom profile, i get a message saying a that i have one already installed. I have tried this through safari and the email option. i don’t have one installed and i have also reset the network settings and retried with no luck. Can you re-enable the Fake APN profile or any other ideas? Thanks

  14. I have a iphone 3g 4.0 jailbroken i dont pay for data cause its something i dont need i have a regular plan but when i disable the data i cant receive or send mms and when i try to create a custom apn i dont know if im doing this right were it says apn i type FakeApn just like this and on password i put invalid and with carrier i put AT&T but it says cannot install profile due to unknown error is there something to bypass data plan and still use 3g edge and use mms thanks i would appreciate it

  15. i have an iphone 3g but i updated it to 4.0 version so i dont need the APN changer? …if i just turn OFF the cellular data will at&t still charge me or find out???????!!!??? PLEASE HELP!!

  16. Hi, I just installed 4.0 and do not have a jailbreaked iphone. I would like to get a fake apn in order not to be connected by means of 3G neither Edge connection (i.e. not to pay the operator and connect via wifi only when available).

    If I disable cellular data as you say I have no connection at all (safari/google, etc.)

    Do I have to come back to the 3.1 version?

    1. There is no real way.. You can get around it for a while but AT&T know you have an iPhone on a non iPhone plan and after a while will change you to an iPhone plan and add data.

  17. Hi everyone,

    I have a 3GS with ios 4. And I have AT&T. ATT automatically added data to my iPhone, now in paying 25$ a month for 2GB of data that I never use. And I turned off my data when I first upgraded to ios4. WTF.

    I came to this website like I have for years before that only to find out that FAKE APN is no longer there. Once again WTF.

    So two WTF’s later I am writing you this message to tell you of this problem. I am desperate for a solution. And I am willing to donate to your site 30$, if you ENABLE FAKE APN on ios4.

    Thank you and I appreciate your hard work at letting regular people own an iPhone without a data plan. You are saving me 360$ a year. And the people who just signed up to AT&T 300$+ a year.

    1. All the FakeAPN did was change the APN to something invalid. Even so after this you have an iPhone and you are running it on AT&T so their rules are you have to have an iPhone Plan/Data Enabled. AT&T can find out if you have an iPhone on their network quite easily. and even settings a FakeAPN data will stop but will make no difference in them detecting it. You can use the iOS 4 disable Data if you want to disable data .

  18. @Somebody not special

    can you please explain how you created the fake profile? i have at&t and a 3GS but dont have the iphone datta plan or contract. I just called at&t to have them enable data so that i can send and receive mms and turned off the cellular data in settings.

    so now I still cant get any mms.

    I would be grateful for any help,

  19. I just bought iphone 4 and as soon I sync it with itunes and my previous iphone 3G settings (including fake APN) 3G data stop working. How do you undo the Fake APN setting on the new iphone. I already restore with out success.

  20. I have a iphone 3g. I had a fake APN was able to send mms. I had to reset iphone to factory settings and upgrade to ios4. Since then I don’t have the fake APN anymore. I disabled the data network in settings but I’m no longer able to receive mms. I went on the unlockit website and chose the disable data (fake APN) option but it doesn’t give me anything to install. It gives me ‘no fake APN needed, go into setings,…’ So I tried the custom APN but then I still pay data charges. Need help please! Is there a fake APN for ios4 so I can still leave data on and receive mms but not pay for data??

  21. i have the OS before 4, and i downloaded Fake APN, and i berely get service. its very rare to get a bar, but it does work. just wondering what needs to be changed, its annoying.

  22. @admin
    I suppose you know that the majority of people that come here gave their phones unlocked. I have an iPhone 3GS on 4.0.1 unlocked for T-Mobile here in the USA. I don’t have a data plan. T-Mobile isn’t like AT&T and won’t force charges if I have an iPhone. First of all about iOS 4’s cellular disable function, I am not sure it really does stop all data from being let in and sent out. I have heard that some people turn off data and yet it still seeps out a couple of KB’s here and there. With FakeAPN I was always sure it wouldn’t. Second of all, by disabling cellular data with apple’s option I cannot send or receive mms and it is a major hassle. I honestly don’t know if fakeAPNs just refuse to function on iOS4 or what but if you could kindly re enable it, we would all greatly appreciate it and have peace of mind. (if you know of a way to disable it by editing plists and what not to make sure nothing leaks out, please let us know. I’m not sure if that’s possible but idk.)

  23. I’m having some problems with turning off the cell data in iOS 4 in that when I turn off the data, it incessantly pops up a message when I try to send texts and do a few other menial tasks saying that cellular data is off and it needs to be on. (this is ridiculous as I’m not using any data)

    Could you please make the FakeAPN available for those iOS 4 users that want to use it?
    We would all greatly appreciate it!

  24. Hey,
    my 3Gs Software unlocked (was under AT&T) , i jailbreaked it with OS.4.0 . I can NOT have option to put any APN (the CELLULAR DATA tab doesn’t work).
    what are the steps i should do to enable this Cellular data option to put my cell APN etc..etc.
    PLEASEEEE…i bought an IPHONE..not an IPOD.. so, i should have my unlimited 3G cell to work !
    Thanks for your prompt answers / helps. i can’t find the right solution yet from youtube / internet..in detail pleasee…

  25. admin, I want to get rid of my fake APN with the new iPhone 4 since I do have a dataplan now.. My data doesn’t work since I restored everything from my old iPhone which had a fake APN installed.. The phone works fine, because the ‘fresh’ phone works with data, it’s just when I restore my backup that things go haywire… I need to get rid of the fake APN in the new OS, but I am unable to do so, how should I proceed? I need to have the old backup restored since my text messages have important busniness details in them…

  26. I have an at&t without a data plan, if i put my sim card in my jailbroken iphone 3g ios 4.1 i have recently purchased and then turn off the cellular data from the settings menu will at&t still find that im using an iphone? by this i know i wont be able to send and recieve picture messages but that doesnt worry me at this point i just want to know if i can use my iphone without being charged the with the data plan?



  28. I have a iphone 3G 4.1 and have data toggled off I have 3G toggled off. and use wifi for my data. Even with this I still use cell data and go over my 200mb a month!!! My iphone is JB I think some rouge app I have on my cell is useing my data! Will APN changer stop all data global on my iphone (Except wifi) or dose it work just for Sarfai Browser? ANy help will be great full!!!

  29. I disabled these settings an AT&T still started charging me for a data plan. Will you please re-enable the fake APN for iOS 4.X?

  30. Hello, I have post this in the wrong blog.
    I have an iphone 3G.
    When I was in IOS 3.1.2, I installed FAK APN.
    I passed under IOS 4.2.1, now I can no suppress FAK APN.
    Can you help me
    thank you

  31. Hello, so I have an iphone 3g running 4.2.1 baseband 05.15.04 AND I don’t have to pay for a data plan. I recently jailbroke it to the same ios and baseband. I went to re-install fake apn but when I went to your site it said that 4.x didn’t need fake apn and it wouldnt let me download. BUT upon exiting I noticed that my newly jailbroken iphone 3g had the apn app and under general it says I have a fake apn profile (also that it was installed in 2009). So far I haven’t had at&t call me saying I need a data plan.

    My question:

    I have a iphone 3gs and want to do what ever I did to my iphone 3g to make it where I don’t have to set up a data plan with at&t. I’m assuming it has something to do with the fake apn profile. When I go to put the fake apn on the 3gs it wont let me. If I do the custom apn will it work the same?

    Is it the fake apn, custom apn or the fact that it’s a 3g (not 3gs) that is allowing me to not have at&t force me to sign up for a data plan????

    Thank you!!

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