MMS/APN issues after Jailbreak with redsn0w

ALOT of users have been complaining about problems Installing APN/MMS Settings after they have jailbroken their iPhone 3G with resn0w.

There has been a new version of redsn0w out now (0.9.5b5-5) which (I have been told but have not tested) fixes these issues. If you already have jailbroken your iPhone 3G with an older version of redsn0w you can rerun redsn0w again and don’t choose to install cydia again and it should fix the issue.

You can download redsn0w 0.9.5-5b5
Mac Version
Windows Version

38 thoughts on “MMS/APN issues after Jailbreak with redsn0w

  1. hey George & Admin….

    i am 3g 4.0 JBd and unlocked on Tmobile, my mms & apn setting not working, no EDGE at all, so basically rune the new redsnow beta 5 over again, following the same steps? will this wipe my phone of anything? what should i backup before?

    1. I’ve not tried it myself.. but in theory.. just do it the same as you did with the previous version but don’t choose to install cydia (as you already have it)

  2. hey i got another problem after jailbraking with redsn0w 0.9.5-5b5
    iphone screen rotate is not working 🙁

  3. thanks thanks a lot….for this i thought of downgrading my iPhone to 3.1.2 but now internet connection works fine…thanks to dev team..!!!

  4. Hi All,
    Got 3gs. Used Sn0wBreez to JB os4.0 and unlocked with Cydia.
    Initially I was able to edit APN info but all of sudden it was gone.

    Any help?

    Thanks so much

  5. wasn’t able to send mms messages or connect to the internet via 3g or edge connection….just ran this version of redsnow did not install cydia or multitasking(don’t really care for it) and it fixed it….I’m able to send mms messages and connect via 3g and edge connection…..

  6. it didn’t work with me, when i sent it by mail and click install appears on the screen (only one APN configuration can be installed at a time) but there isn’t any profile installed !!!!! please help me

  7. im still unable to use mms/3g/internet on my 3g ios4. i did everything step by step and it keeps telling me im missing a cellular data network.

  8. Does dis work for iphone 3gs??
    Ill it fix it??
    Plz help
    I m using iphone3gs jailbroken firmware 4.0
    Mms n cellular data not working
    Will dis redsnow work for iphone 3gs????

  9. It didn’t work for me initially, even after I jailbroke it with 5b5-5… I had to restore and setup as new phone on ios 4.0.1 and go to unlockit FIRST. You must come to this website first, and then you can do the jailbreak.

  10. First of all thanks for the all the help this site provides. I have an unlocked iphone 3g (using the latest Resno0w posted above) and am on Vesion 4.0.1 and firmware 05.13.04, my network provider is Vodafone.nl (business). I have implemented all my APN setting correctly by hand and by your App.

    Yet, I still get the “could not activate cellular data network message” the SIM card worked perfectly in the Nokia e72 I moved over from and my wifes SIM card works well in the phone, I dont know what I could be doing wrong or what is wrong. Anyone got any ideas?

  11. Hi,
    Ran the latest redsn0w but still got the safari message “can not install profile”. It’s a 3G running OS4 & Vodafone UK. Any help would be very much appreciated.

  12. Dude! You are awesome!!! Thanks a lot!! I’ve been struggling with my internet and trying to find the APN for a long time, but I followed the steps on your website and it got fixed in einen augenblick! THANKs!

  13. Thanks for this apn it work for me on 1st gen and on my 3g as well , I have no data plan and it works (love it) ,but when I put my sisters ,or my wife or my mothers sim into the phone it doesn’t work ,I have no idea what I did to my sim as I’ve done alot to get it working because it didn’t before 3.1.2 firmware, anyone have input on how to get the sim working? Is there sumthing I’m missing, or is it sum sim can do it some don’t ,I’ve seen this alot can anyone give more info ,
    THANKS and thank you ADMIN this app is great like frosted flakes lol….

  14. Hi there,

    I used to have free Internet on my 3g with tmobile any one has any idea or do you have any new app will fix it

  15. Can’t find posting

    I have iPhone 4, 4.0.1, used your apn to set my carrier settings. But mms still does not work. Will you be adding the option to add mms settings soon.

    Thank you

  16. When I choose the firmware 3.0 for jailbreaking….it says it doesnt recognize the ipsw file. whats the problem. cant I use this version of redsnow for 3.0 firmware?

  17. I recently jailbroke using redsn0w 0.9.6b6 and i am experiencing the same error when trying to install a new mobileconfig. any more solutions?

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