Things to Clarify

I get lots of emails per day and I try and answer them all but the biggest questions I get are below. I will try and answering them.

“Why don’t you include MMS Settings”

– Apple doesn’t include any method of setting MMS Settings at all via any kind of automation thus I cannot set them. I have requested from apple in the past regrading this and maybe in the future I may have the ability to.

“Why doesn’t the GoPhone $50 unlimited plan work”

With the GoPhone “unlimited” plan it does not give you unlimited data on Smart Phones (i.e. iPhones) with the United States AT&T Profile . Saying that for a small percentage of people they do get “unlimited” data on the iPhone without doing anything but for most people you will have to buy a “data feature”  with a limited amount of data.  For some people it doesn’t work at all even after a data feature. Why this works in different ways I don’t know but I presume it depends where in the USA people are and the regional differences between their network.

“You website didn’t carrier unlock my phone”

My website does not carrier unlock iPhones. It sets APN (Carrier Settings) for iPhones.


18 thoughts on “Things to Clarify

  1. hello i have gotten the data to work, just need some advice on how to get the mms working. I have gotten the wap.cingular setting to work, but my mms stopped working. I’ve been doing alot of reading but no answer so far on the mms setting?

  2. hey hii i dnt no apn setting are not working on my iphone 3gs 4.2.1 earlier it was working then it stopped working i dnt no why then i removed it and installed it again still it is not working it is showing the cellular data symbol but it is not working..help me…!!!

  3. i got a iphone4 on dec. 29th. it was updated to 5.0.1 bb 4.11.08 i unlocked it and also put it on at&t go phone unlimited data,text,talk plan. noticed the data part didnt work in the iphone4. i researched online and saw “unlockit” might be able to change my data apn on my iphone4. i followed the instructions on . wifi, unlockit.co….., continue, custom apn, carrier (AT&T), create, install, then done. i turned off the wifi and went to apple.com. i got the “cannot open page” is there something else i should try? or are there any suggestions someone might have to get data working?

  4. Same thing here. I followed the instructions from unlockit.co… and the data still does not work. it gives the message “cannot open page” “cannot connect to server”. The 3G symbol is there, but does not really work. Anything I missed ? Or is there a new exploit that needs to be done ? Data is 100% fully functional on a non-smartphone, but not on an iPhone.

  5. I have an iphone 3gs with a go phone sim card. Im currently on the $50/month unlimited plan. I’ve been told that you would have to purchase a seperate data package in order to use this website. I dont really have the money for another data plan so this $50 plan is basically my only option right now. Is there any way I could use this plan and get the data working??

  6. I believe that the people that cannot access the data on their Att iphone gophone is because they gave Att their real IMEI #. Att recognizes this number as an iphone and limits certain features. I used an IMEI# I had from a previous phone (was not a smart phone) and the data works well.

  7. Just got done yesterday. Jailbroke phone, used ultra snow, then activated go phone card. Check everything and all was well, except for internet. Just wanted to see if it would work, so put 5$ on data, used your APN changer and viola! It all worked. When I registered my go phone card and IMEI# I used all zeros. Just saying, its working for now. And thank you for the APN changer!

  8. SO i have the iphone4 and everything works fine with the $50 dollar plan. At first my internet wasn’t working so I bought the data package for $5 and used the apn changer. The question is does this give me unlimited data with the apn changer, or its just what you buy?

  9. I have a iPhone 3GS and a go phone plan. I used your website to change the settings and I could connect to the Internet for a few days via the cellular data. Then the cellular data stopped working and I cannot get it to work again. I’ve tried resetting g via you app but I cannot seem to get cellular data again. How can I get cellular data again?
    Thank you

  10. Hi,
    I would like to know, after I install APN will I be able to use Blackberry data plan on iphone without being charged?
    And also out u have added APN for DU carrier in United Arab Emitates

  11. Hi sir I have a question, I am from turkey and I bought my iPhone from USA. My question is this apn changer application can change the imei number ? ( I know this application can change cariirr) Because I have to change my imei number to use this phone in my country some of my friend told me that that’s question in my mind thanks a lot for your help have a nice day.

  12. I can’t get the data to work on iPhone 3GS it’s unlocked and jail broke I even have tether me and changed all apn settings over and over its not working I have a go phone SIM card I’m wondering what am I doing wrong????

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