Another Carrier Fail….

As I’ve said in the past I don’t like naming and shaming Carriers but I have take exception with my latest endeavor to get information will help customers of a Certain Carrier.

I have been rethinking about doing this more often now as Carriers have to be more proactive in getting customers onto their service and actually helping them.

Ok.. So this time I got a few emails regarding the Carrier they call LIME – “the Caribbean’s leading communications company” (http://www.time4lime.com)

I emailed them to their customer service email address regarding MMS Settings for their service. After a few emails they said all their settings there on their website and there where no more settings..

Go to :-Settings – General – Network – cellular Data Network
Cellular Data
· APN – ppinternet / internet
· APN – ppmms / multimedia"

I emailed them back and asked them for the other settings such as MMS Proxy/MMSC/MNC/MCC etc and they said they couldn’t help me and their was no more settings. (REALLY??) and for me to call 100 to talk to the help desk.. (As I’m not using their service (and not even in their country)) this was impossible to do and I found it strange that someone had to call LIME and the email support couldn’t help me.

So.. If anyone has the full settings for LIME and maybe if someone from LIME wants to comment on this issue with your service representatives not being/unable/not knowing this information it would be great.

I’ve contacted 100’s of Carriers in there past and LIME support seems very lacking on actually helping people use their service.

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  1. Hi this is d proxy mms that shows up on my phone for lime in Jamaica and mmc is http://mmsc/ . I am not at all surprised that you got nowhere with them. There is a reason why their dominance in the market has been almost eliminated by their rival and you just experienced it.

  2. Heyy how will i get cellular data settings on my iphone??
    Till now i only have cellular data which i hav to on off thts it…plzz reply on the above mail…

  3. Hey, i’m having trouble with my iphone. I did all the steps as you have put, but still i didnt get any signal bar or the (E) sign. I’m from Lebanon Beirut and i have a prepaid carrier from MTC touch. Plz tell me what to do. Btw i dont get the cellular data settings, it never appeared. Since my iphone was locked, i stop the monthly subscribtion for the 3G internet, i dont know maybe thats why i dont get the cellular data settings… Help me plz.. Thank you in advance.

  4. Thanks for the straight talk hookup to get the APN working. will it work also on 3gs unlocked?
    Also how do I get the MMS to work?
    Much appreciated.

  5. It works with Iphone 4 did not had any problems i just followed the steps and it work like a charm with straight talk. No need to make any changes.

  6. How do i install this on my 4s as for jamaica it only shows cable & wireless and the apn is different for that

  7. It worked great with my iPhone 4 on Straight Talk. Did not have any problems. I followed the steps, entered my password, and it worked like a charm, set the correct APN settings in a matter of seconds. No need to make any changes. Thanks!

  8. I downloaded apn unlock but its not working for me. I have an iphone 4s with original carrier FIDO but i want to change to TELUS. Please help!

  9. I went to the website on my phone and it installed the software. before it said cannot connect to cellular data or something like that, but now it says that ¨safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the internet.¨can you be so kind and tell me how to fix this? thanks

  10. Hello
    everythis is good as you menthioned
    but when i get restore for my contack num from back up, APN went back to vodafone,xoxoxox so i have to set it up again
    how can fix the APN setting firmly on iphone4s laiberly, and i don’t want to set it APN again n again… anybody know?
    I m using AT&T

  11. hello
    I am having some trouble with my iphone 4. I have a Dna sim card in Finland and the APN changer does not offer the choice of my carrier !

  12. I asked u srevel times to help me but I got no answer !!!

    I need APN for my network

    It’s CDMA
    I’m from Yemen
    Carrier is : Yemen mobile

    Pls replay

    1. CDMA is quite different than 3G/GSM Networks as as far as I know don’t have an APN as such. I don’t know how CDMA phones are set up

  13. I have a unlocked iPhone 4 it was AT&T but now I’m using straight talk I’m in USA iv done every thing u said to do and I still do not get my 3G net what else can I do

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