MMS on the iPhone

A lot of my emails I get sent ask me why MMS does not work.

Apple don’t give any way to set MMS Settings via any automated process at the moment so it is not possible to set these settings automaticlly when I set the data settings via the method I use.

Maybe in the future Apple give give a way but at the moment there isn’t much people can do unless they jailbreak their iPhone or use a SIM Swap Method as described at http://www.unlockit.co.nz/unlockit/?p=631 for Straighttalk.

6 thoughts on “MMS on the iPhone

  1. I have iPhone 3GS operating 5.1.1 I tried the swim swap method with a sim from t-mobile. It didn’t work! I have a straight talk t-mobile sim… Do u think that would work? I been trying to get MMS fr quite some time and I really don’t want to jailbreak it. And AT&T wouldn’t give me unlock code for it and neither would apple. Please let me know. Thanks!

  2. So for the MMS to work using a T-Mobile Chip only without jailbreaking it there is no code for that???
    It just started on my Iphone 4s not to work a week ago…Please Help!!!

  3. Is this supposed to work with AT&T gophone? Not all of SMS are being sent AND I’m not recieving all of them either. It works when it wants.

  4. Hello I have an IPhone 3gs and I can’t send or recieve MMS messages and my phone is a att phone but my service is threw straight talk so what should I do?

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