Cutting up your SIM. Mini->Micro, Mini->Nano, Micro->Nano

For those who are brave enough to cut your SIM Card to make them fit in your iPhone 5 here are some simple instructions and diagrams. (Or even cutting your Mini Sim to Fit into your iPhone4/4S.

Download, Print out and make sure what you have printed matches up with the correct dimensions at the bottom of the PDF.

I take no responsibility for cutting your SIM incorrectly or killing your SIM or even if the diagrams are correct.

You view the instructions/diagrams at

One thought on “Cutting up your SIM. Mini->Micro, Mini->Nano, Micro->Nano

  1. I just stopped at a Best Buy mobile store to pick up an accessory- when the nice guy asked about my phone, I told him I was upgrading, but that my new micro sim hadn’t arrived- he said no worries- went to the back and brought out a device that looked like a single hole punch… it was a micro sim punch! He punched my sim, put it in my iPhone 4S and bingo! I was in business!

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