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Sim Swap for MMS – iOS6 Version – Straighttalk

The below information has been sent in by a number of people in different versions so please let me know if there are anything I have missed/said wrong. I am not in the USA, don’t have an AT&T iPhone and don’t have a Straighttalk sim for testing any of this.

Please let me know if any changes have to be made to the instructions or any alternative instructions which you know work. What Type of iPhone you have might help as well (3GS,4,4S or 5) as these might only work with a certain model of iPhone.

This is similar to the old Sim Swap method some people used to use in iOS 5.1.1. Make sure you have the Straighttalk profile installed first ( Go to from your iPhone and follow your Nose) as this is the only way to set the Data Proxy needed (or some websites won’t work I have been told)

1. Close all opened apps
2. Place T-Mobile sim in iPhone
3. Open Settings, General, Cellular, Data Network
4. When Data Network Appears ( the screen will move back to Cellular)
5. Swap T-Mobile Sim to Straight Talk Sim
6. Wait for the “NO SIM” splash to disappear
7. Press Cellular again and Data Network should still be there.
8. Go to Settings and make sure the information below is entered.

Cellular Data

APN: att.mvno


APN: att.mvno
MMS Proxy:
MMS Max Size: 1048576

9. Press Cellular to Exit.
10. A restart of the iPhone may be needed. ( Hold down Top Button, slide to Power off and then start again with Top Button)

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  1. I succeeded using this method to make mms work. However, I turned off imessage just to check and i turned on again, the imessage activation failed. I tried everything to make imessage work today. I failed. I had to restore myphone. I think once you change some information on your sim card, it considers your sim card is T-mobile. So Don’t turn off your imessage again.

  2. Does this work on the iPhone 3GS? I have not having luck getting the Data Network menu to pop up once I enter Cellular. Any suggestions?

  3. I have followed you instructions to the letter and I still can’t seem to send any MMS at all. and when I put the sim back in after using the t-mobile one to access the cellular network settings it reverts back to the factory settings for the Iphone 4 so I’m at a lose at this point any direction you could provide to me would be great.


  4. I tried the SIM card swap on my iPhone 3GS iOS 6.0, but had no luck with it. I also tried changing MMS setting through iBackupbot, but for some reason it resets the setting after a few minutes. Any help would me great!

  5. Confirmed !!!! 🙂 I did the T-mobile si card swap and was able to cheange the APN settings and now I’m able to send pictures via text 🙂

  6. I have an iphone 4, the unlocked GSM version. I have installed the straighttalk profile. I closed all open apps and put in a t-mobile micro sim card. After following all of these steps, each time I go to the cellular tab in my network settings, i do not have a cellular data tab to select. I’m not sure if this particular thing is unique to an iphone 4 or if i’ve done something wrong but this did not work for me. If anyone can tell me how to fix this, i’d love to have my mms back.

  7. What do you do if the “NO SIM” splash never disappears? Or, alternatively, if when you take the T-Mobile SIM out a “SIM failure” alert pops up, and afterwards an “Invalid SIM” splash appears and and doesn’t disappear, even with the ST SIM installed?

  8. Hi,

    I am a bit confused 🙂

    Have an AT&T iphone 5 IOS 6 unlocked not Jailbroken.

    Installed your Profile for StraightTalk

    Installed a StraightTalk SIM

    Started phone and it did not take the settings from the profile?

    Had to use a tmobile SIM SWAP and do the swap and then key in the APN information manually to get it to work.

    Why wasn’t the profile respected?

    On another note:
    Sim Swap Procedure:
    With the Tmobile SIM in the phone and the phone sees it go into the APN settings and then immediately double tap the home button the phone will go into a “mode” leave it.

    Swap in the Straighttalk sim and wait about 10 seconds for the sim to register, if the phone jumps “out” of the current state just manually go back into the cellular data settings (APN) you now should enter the proper APN settings and the phone will keep them.

  9. I couldn’t find a T-Mobile sim but tried a Simple Mobile sim and it worked just the same as if it were T-Mobile. I found the sim on Ebay for 99¢ with free shipping. With that said, I’m assuming any sim from any MVNO that utilizes T-Mobile’s network should work the same.

  10. Does your iPhone need to be unlocked or jail broken for the tmobile sim trick to work? When I install the tmobile sim I get a error “invalid sim” or do I keep trying until it reads? I have downloaded APN changer and MMS works just can not send pictures or videos which I was able to do so before I did the iOS 6 update I am using straight talk sim and APN changer on iPhone 4 not unlocked or jail broken any info would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.

  11. Hi i am trying to follow this process but can only get as far as general in settings. I can’t seem to find Cellular at all to continue the process any suggestions????

  12. I don’t think this works for 3GS on GoPhone.

    First of all, I have the menu ‘Settings>General>Mobile Data’, but no ‘Cellular>Cellular Data Network’. So there’s that…

    Also, on Step 3, after taking out my T-Mobile SIM and then inserting my GoPhone SIM, all I get is ‘SIM Failure’. No carrier settings are available in ‘Mobile Data’, even after that.

  13. Ok I am ready about the sim card swap does the iPhone need to b unlocked for this to work because I have a 36s running on ios 6 and no mms

  14. I had to do the method exactly as it is written above a couple of times for the settings to stick. i think it may make a big difference to be sure that all apps are closed in the multitask area. double click on the home button and tap and hold an app until they all get minus signs in the corner and close all open apps.

  15. It worked! Thank you. I used the simple mobile sim card to get the cellular network setting open. And the sim card I’m currently using is net 10.

  16. This does not work. I installed the Straight Talk profile from the website. then I restarted the phone with the straight talk simcard in the phone and confirmed everything works except for MMS. So I inserted the T-mobile sim. The hidden cellular data menu shows up. I entered all the settings as instructed. I removed the t-mobile sim card and reinserted the straight talk sim. The hidden menu goes away and MMS still does not work. The hidden menu only exists while the T-mobile sim card is in the phone. Once its removed and the straight talk sim card installed it goes and away and the settings with it. After inserting the t-mobile sim the hidden menu reappears and the settings have all been reset, so I enter the settings again. Replace the straight talk sim and still no MMS. Data works, imessage works, but no MMS. I can obviously send pictures via imessage to another iphone, but no MMS at all to a non-iphone.

    I am dying to know how some people here say it works. I spend hours this weekend messing with this stupid thing and it doesnt work. I have an iphone 4 on iOS 6. I was using a used T-mobile sim card purchased on ebay for a buck. It was an unactivated sim, but it worked well enough to bring up the hidden cellular data menu where I could enter the MMS APN settings.

  17. I have a Verizon iPhone 5 that is said to be unlocked and I have a straightalk nano cut sim in it and data and voice works. Has anyone done this ?

  18. Worked for me to get mms working. It didn’t work the first few times. I did the swap again to see if the apn was sticking and it wasn’t. I wasn’t following directions exactly before. When I did it worked. I have iphone 4 (not 4s).

  19. As an update, shortly after my first message I installed the ios update 6.01. I then had to re-enter the mms information to get it working again, but it is working.

  20. The APN file should work on any phone, locked or unlocked, but if you want actual MMS (not to be confused with sending an iMessage w/photo to another iPhone), you absolutely must have an unlocked phone for the SIM swap to work. I was not able to make this happen on a locked iP4, but succeeded on both iP4 and 4S that were unlocked, running IOS 5.1. Also succeeded on iP4 after updating to iOS 6.01. And yes, those cell network screens behave a little differently under iOS 6, but the most important thing is to make sure you see that your regular network name is showing at the top of the screen BEFORE you press the tab to exit the setting screen. You may need to wait several minutes for the SIM to reconnect with your provider, so be patient.

  21. I just completed the instructions without having installed and the phone now connects to the internet, downloads pictures, receives and sends mail (mms) etc. The phone was factory unlocked when I purchased it, and I just happened to have a T-Mobile sim card since I am testing both T-Mobile and Straight Talk. The instructions from Straight Talk would not work because the cellular data network screen was not displayed. I have the iPhone 4s.

  22. I was able to perform the procedure on Iphone 4S that was locked under AT&T.
    First couple of days on service I had to restart the phone a couple of times after about 3 days it’s been perfect. Probably AT&T was trying to disconnect my old line at the time.
    As Shad suggested, I had to do it a couple of times due to not following instructions exactly.

  23. Worked for me on AT&T iPhone 4s with Straight Talk. I had it working, but upgraded to iOS 6.0 and lost sms feature. Bought a Simple Mobile (T-Mobile network) Micro Sim activation kit on ebay for 99 cents including shipping. This method was much easier than using iBackup program. Thanks

  24. Hi.

    I just did it, followed the instruccions and it works fine. MMS, internet BUT… i message isn’t working at all, it says:

    “waiting on activation” …

    …how to fix it??? …i don’t know…

    …what i know is: Not everybody is going to use imessage to talk to me so i’m happy with this method, at least for now. I have google chat, facebook chat and many more, i don’t need imessage that much.

    Do ya??

    Having MMS working in your phone is like having imessage. You won’t be able to use more than 160 characters but that is not a big deal. Now i can MMS to everybody not just to ipod/ipad/iphone users.

    Think about it.

    Thanks for the method!!

  25. I just want to confirm that Iphone 5 ios 6.01 is still working with straight talk and MMS. But I need to turn on wifi at the step 1. I dont have to use apn

  26. I have an iPhone 5, have tried the sim swap several times…all attempts failed. I have a Verizon iPhone 5,on straight talk and would like to get mms up and running…can any1 help?

  27. I placed a Straight Talk SIM card into my iPhone 3Gs in hopes to use the unlimited data plan.

    I followed your instructions, but I am unable to see Open Data Network. I can Open Settings>General>Cellular, but Data Network does not appear at all.

    I am using an AT&T iPhone 3Gs with iOS6.

  28. Since Straight Talk and Net10 Wireless are basically the same company (both owned by Tracfone and use the same network)… will these same settings work for Net10 Wireless as well? Thank you!

  29. I tried using the download for apn settings but I only have Internet and no mms. I have an iphone4 running ios6. Anyone been able to get their iPhone 4 with ios6 to work with straight talk?

  30. Wow! This worked perfectly… Have read all these messages and Lori is right on. When it’s time to switch SIMS don’t touch anything. Leave the screen on network settings and ATT will leave it alone when it finally boots and locates you.

  31. this sim card technique works i’m able to configure my data settings and mms. but when I put back my h2o AT&T mvno sim card back, it resets the mms configuration and only the data configuration remains resulting in my internet working but no mms. any other solution? i’m using a factory unlocked iphone 5

  32. I have an iPhone 4s. I just used this method and at first it didn’t work. I then redid it and left the following fields blank.
    MMS Max Size:
    MMS UA Prof URL:
    Now it works like a charm.

  33. It works! It is a little bit tricky, but follow the instructions carefully, and you will get it. I have the iPhone 4 with iOS 6.0.1 and everything: voice, data and mms is working fine with H2O. A couple of things that I found:

    1) You can get a new micro sim card directly from T-Mobile with overnight shipping for just $1 at

    2) It is not necessary to unlock the phone (at least for H20).

    3) Important: if you put the mms settings and restart the phone immediately, the settings will be reset to the default. Instead, put the mms settings, send a couple of pictures and make sure it works, after that you may restart the phone and the settings should persist.

    4) Using the YouTube method of opening the Notes app to keep the Network tap opened did not work for me. The method described here is better. Note that you should put the T-Mobile or StraightTalk card, then navigate to General -> Cellular -> Data Network. Then, GO BACK to Cellular, and swap the cards. At this point, Data Network tab should still be there, so go in and put all the setting described on top. After that, send a couple of pictures to make sure everything works, finally you may restart the phone.

    5) This may be silly, but make sure that MMS are enabled at Settings -> Messages -> MMS

    I hope this helps some one, as the information out there is confusing. Special thanks to Unlockit! You guys rock!

  34. @ Pat
    I have a iPhone 3gs on Straight Talk. Here is one last step which I had to use:
    9. Once you have entered the settings with T-Mobile Sim card, just exit the menu back to the Network menu. Then put Straight Talk SIM card in. Quickly scroll back to Cellular Data Settings menu and wait. You will see the data settings change. Re-enter the correct data settings. Wait to make sure that has not changed. Scroll back & You will notice that the Cellular Data Settings menu has now disappeared. Now exit the menu back to the Network menu and exit when you reach the main screen of settings. The signal on the top will say “Home”
    10. Now reboot the iPhone. and make sure everything still works once it turns back on. If so you’re good to go!

  35. I was not able to make IPhone 4S on iOS 6.0.1 work on straight talk, used process above and spent hours on the phone with ST support and no luck. Went to T-Mobile store and had service working in 15 minutes using the SIM I bought for the Straight Talk process. Used the Cellular Network tab to fill in the settings and it worked (what a concept ST). Seems to me Straight Talk SIM cards are F’ed up if they will not allow the change. Straight Talk is a joke

  36. I have followed the sim swap instructions to get mms on the iphone 4 6.0.1 with Straight Talk
    However when I get to Settings-General-Cellular The Cellular Data is a on/off button. Can you please advise?

  37. For a New iPhone 4s locked to AT&T on iOS 6.0.1 – THIS METHOD WORKS PERFECTLY!!!
    Here’s my story in a nutshell, if it helps…
    1) Bought 6 mo old iPhone 4s from a guy on craigslist. It was locked to AT&T, but he removed his sim card.
    2) I upgraded the iOS from 5.1.(something) to 6.0.1 five days before Xmas 2012.
    3) Bought a micro sim card from Straight Talk – ported number through ST and used to unlock the phone and get data working. It took a few resets and a call to ST customer service to reset the sim to get data working properly, but it finally worked through hard resets…all good….everything working now except MMS. (BTW, ST Customer Service is now in the Phillipines…no longer in India. I found that interesting! They are helpful and knowledgeable…you just need patience in talking to any international entity…don’t be an Ugly American!)
    4) Bought a micro sim card for T-Mobile on eBay for $4.69 (NOTE – I first bought a micro sim for AT&T and it DID NOT WORK on this sim swap method for MMS. Lots of people asking that question…you can’t use an AT&T compatible sim for the swap, bottom line!)
    5) I FOLLOWED DIRECTIONS EXACTLY AS THEY ARE LISTED ABOVE!!! That’s the key to your success, and clearly the key to many posters’ failure. You must do the steps just as they are laid out. I blew it a couple of times by not re-swapping the sims in time, so the phone started defaulting to new setup in the middle of me inputting the information. I wasn’t follwing directions.
    6) Last, to be on the safe side, I sent several MMS pics to and from before I restarted the phone…and that was only after I turned Airplane Mode on & off several times first and sent more MMS pics.
    7) Phone works perfectly now, with MMS.

    If I didn’t mention this before….FOLLOW THE FRICKIN’ DIRECTIONS EXACTLY! Don’t vary it until you are absolutely sure it’s not working for you by DOING IT CORRECTLY. Am I beating a dead horse? Some of you dead horses need beating!

    Oh…and be patient. You will invariably make mistakes. Probably because…well…you get it.

  38. “K” and “JAMES”…I had the same problem at first. First off, leave “Cellular Data” switch to “ON”.
    Next, in the Cellular menu, you don’t see the “Data Network” menu because you are not swapping with the proper sim. Your Straight Talk sim has you on your Home network and everything works perfectly….you’ve turned off all open programs as the directions have told you, you open the cellular menu and then swap your sim cards, but as soon as you do, you dont’ see the “Data Network” menu come alive in your cellular settings. That same exact thing happened to me because I first bought a Net 10 sim card, but unsuspectingly bought one that was AT&T compatible. If your phone – like mine – was already an AT&T phone, you won’t be “fooling” the network settings, which is what you actually are doing with a T-Mobile sim. I was frustated as hell until I figured it out & bought a T-Mobile micro sim. As soon as I got to that step, sure enough, I saw the “Data Network” menu option come to life.

    I hope that helps. It’s frustrating, I know.

  39. I am having the same problem as user “K” as well. I have the iPhone 3gs and I can go to Settings-General-Cellular…but the Cellular is an on/off button. I am not able to go into a Cellular Data Network tab. Please Help!

  40. SIM swap worked for me on 4S.

    Question: in May 2012, I simply installed the unlockit profile and MMS worked for 6 months, then suddenly it stopped working, and I wonder why ?

    Regarding Tmobile SIM: I went to the store and said I want to buy a SIM, they tell you can’t buy it without service. I almost left until I found out this: Some reps may not tell you that you have to ask for a prepaid service which they sell for $ 10 and that’s how you get the SIM.

  41. @Priscilla
    Priscilla…likely the same issue I JUST mentioned. Are you using an AT&T phone and swapping your Straight Talk sim with a sim that is AT&T compatible? If so, you’re doing it wrong.
    The Cellular Data Network menu will not appear in your settings if you swap using an AT&T compatible sim…but it will when swapping a T-Mobile sim. That’s why it’s called a “Sim Swap Method”, because you are swapping sims which aren’t compatible in order to fool the phone. AT&T sims and Straight Talk sims in an AT&T phone are essentially THE SAME THING and the phone won’t be fooled…you aren’t swapping anything.
    Buy a T-Mobile sim…don’t activate it…don’t buy any other kind…a T-Mobile sim only! Then, try again…and follow instructions.

  42. I have an iPhone 3gs. I just used this method and at first it didn’t work. I then redid it and left the following fields blank.
    MMS Max Size:
    MMS UA Prof URL:
    Thanks to DonnaB for the tip.

  43. I tried this, and it worked at first, but after a reboot of my phone, it went out and now my iMessages are only sending from my Apple ID and not my phone number… hmm.

  44. Yeah, I see the same thing as Franki – iMessages are only connected from my apple id, not my phone number. Anyone aware of a workaround here?

    Unlike Franki though, my MMS settings stuck properly through the reboot. What a crazy voodoo hack. Definitely didn’t have to go through these shenanigans to get my Windows phone working properly.

  45. I followed the directions and everything is working great sometimes I have to re-do it which kinda sucks but I would rather re-do than do without thanks unlockit

  46. i followed Arikur’s post just as he explained it and everything works perfectly, I am getting internet, MMS and regular texts.
    Thanks for the help!!!

  47. I had tried a lot of sim card switch sequences and it didn’t work. Tried this way and it worked the first time. Thanks so much. I am recommending this to my friends!!

  48. I have Iphone 4. (with 6.0 os) Had to purchase unlock service on ebay for 5.00
    Took 24 hrs but worked like a charm! unlocked for good!
    After unlock I followed the steps here and glad to report MMS works great!!!
    Thank you!

  49. I’ve tried this several times with no luck. I have an iPhone 4 with iOs 6.0.1 that was formerly running on AT&T. I haven’t unlocked it. I have a T-Mobile SIM but it hasn’t been activated. Does it need to be? When I put it in, the Data Network menu never appears. Currently, my phone is using the APN I loaded for ST. Data works fine and so do text messages. MMS is the only thing not working. Any help is appreciated.

  50. Confirmed on the MMS Proxy setting either or work

    I inserted the chinese sim got into the settings area ..did nothing as far as inputing went back a page..swapped the sim with the ST sim and quickly went back into the settings..typed them in…went back out and the option was no longer there to change the settings..went into airplane mode for 10 seconds.. clicked back on and I’m golden…MMS multi person text and texting and receiving pictures…YEAH!!!!!

    Thanls UNLOCCKIT.NZ May the Karma wheel shower you with the good stuff!

  51. help help….please

    i have i phone 4s is unlock and jailbreak done. now i put straight talk sim in the iphone 4s on the bar is not show the word. ( HOME ) is show the word (T-MOBILE) and if i turn off the wifi, next to ( T-MOBILE ) give me this simple ( o ) . please help me tell me what i need to do please…. thank very much for the help….

  52. so i have tried this many times with my iphone 5. i got the phone with a contract thru att and then decided to switch to straight talk. i am following all the steps and tricks yall are saying, but its not working….. do i need to get my phone unlocked?? i have downloading the unlockit thing from my phone… but i dunno what to do.. thanks! (oh and i am able to put in apn and everything, just wont send mms

  53. I alos have an Iphone 4s SIM swap worked fine for me. I was able to place the T-mobile Micro sim in my phone navigate to the celular data network screen remove T-mobile sim insert ST sim and the screen never changed updated settings only after I saw it update settings to “phone”. had to attempt twice but second time it worked.

  54. Tomco: I have two Chinese exchange students this semester and both have unlocked iPhone5’s. One was purchased in China, the other in the US. The Chinese iPhone had a Chinese sim. The other was ordered direct from Apple USA and did not have a sim. I got both girls micro sims from Straight Talk and trimmed them down to nano size.
    I am having issues with them getting all of the features working properly (iMessage waiting for activation, Safari not working on cellular network). Can the one girl’s Chinese SIM be used to do sim swap with both phones? Does the Chinese SIM allow me to access the settings because the ST does not? Can the Chinese SIM be used as a “substitute” for a t-mobile sim? I think I understand your method, but would like a little clarification before I go messing with their phones again.

    Tomco :
    Confirmed on the MMS Proxy setting either or work
    I inserted the chinese sim got into the settings area ..did nothing as far as inputing went back a page..swapped the sim with the ST sim and quickly went back into the settings..typed them in…went back out and the option was no longer there to change the settings..went into airplane mode for 10 seconds.. clicked back on and I’m golden…MMS multi person text and texting and receiving pictures…YEAH!!!!!
    Thanls UNLOCCKIT.NZ May the Karma wheel shower you with the good stuff!


  55. Thank you! It took me several before I got it to work, but it is finally working!!! YAY! I had an old T-Mobile sim that was new and unused. I had to cut it down to fit and it worked. Then, like I said, it took me several times to follow the instructions above, but it is now working.

    I purchased a unlocked gsm iphone 4s from apple and purchased a straight talk sim card on e-bay. I hope this helps the others guys out there still trying to get this to work. Good Luck!

  56. I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 6.1.2 and I have tried using the sim swap method to no success. My iPhone is locked under At&t, but what I’ve read here, there have been multiple people who have been successful anyway. I have used two different tmobile sim cards, for two days, with nothing. I’ve even tried unlocking the phone through a seller on ebay, who I’ve spoken on the phone with and assures me that the device has been unlocked. Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions. Just trying to get the MMS to work, everything else works fine!

  57. phone: iphone 4S att unlocked
    current carrier: airvoice

    So, I feel like I’ve tried it all. I’ve followed the steps above very carefully, I get the appropriate menus, fill in the settings, etc. I’ve tried with and without the unlockit APN. I’ve tried leaving the MMS Max size and MMS url blank. I’ve tried entering the settings, rebooting; entering the settings, turning wi-fi on and off; entering settings, turning cellular on and off; rebooting at various points in the process…bottom line: data always works fine, MMS has yet to work.

    Any thoughts, tips, tricks I haven’t tried…I’d love to hear suggestions. Thanks for the help.

  58. i have an iphone 4 version 6.1.3 and i followed the instructions above i purchased a t mobile sim i put it in and i went to cellular and no cellular data settings were there i have tried everything for several weeks and nothing seems to work please please help!

  59. Several others have asked but I haven’t seen the answer.. does the T-mobile sim card need to be activated or can it be unactivated? Please help!

  60. I followed the steps exactly but when I inserted the Tmobile sim card I received a message that said “sim card failure”. Also when I clicked on Cellular there was no data network option-it just showed cellular data was clicked “on.” Any suggestions?

  61. If iPhone is running iOS 6 you need the new APN settings and are found on Straight Talk home page under support. Just noticed them yesterday. I put T- Mobile sim in and got the network tab and opened up APn page. Deleted t-Mobile settings and put the ones from Straight Talk took out TMobile put Straight Talk sim and every thing worked just fine. This was on a unlocked iPhone 4s.

  62. Thank you sooo much it worked! I bought the Tmobile sim card (oh no that came free just buy any item from the store for $20 – you might as well since its going to cost $20 just for an empty sim card). I am nontech savvy but I can follow instructions, so anyone can do it! All of these were done on iPhone 4s running on ios7, woot woot again, big thanks to the people behind this!

  63. This worked perfectly for me. I have an iPhone 4S that I bought unlocked with the intention of using Airvoice, but couldn’t seem to get the cellular data to work. I saw someone else mention that the phone still “thought” it was on the att network and so didn’t give the option to change cellular data networks. (Good ol’ iPhone not giving you options you don’t need 😉 Sure enough, borrowed a friend’s t-mobile microsim and swapped it out with the airvoice one. Presto! Success!

  64. I bought an iPhone 3gs off a friend as it is a big upgrade for me using an android phone from straighttalk. I was constantly having phone issues. Anyway, I was told by straighttalk in order to swap it over I needed to buy a sim card from them. I did so. I got it in the mail today and immediately put it in my iPhone, called straight talk and had my account swapped over. I could make/received calls and texts but I couldn’t do pic texts or use the internet data, only wifi. I downloaded the apn changer from this site and went to look for the setting in my phone to be able to change the apn. It was already done and my phone is working perfectly now. I will report anything wrong if it happens. Thanks so much for providing this service!!!

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