Net10 APN Settings

I have included both settings now for Net10.

They are Net10 (T-Mobile) and Net10 (AT&T). Depending on which sim/phone you have you have to select one or the other.

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  1. Hiya. Thanks for your work.
    please note current apn for net10 at&t is wap.tracfone

    Please fix as you are the only option.

    Thanks again

  2. Hi. Would you please be able to help me? I have recently joined Kogan Mobile. Overall, I am very happy with what they are offering. It’s amazing really! However, I can’t get through to Customer Service with a couple of problems, one of which you may be able to help with. I have an iPhone 5 and I can’t access my Voicemail by just pressing the Voicemail button. I have to dial 141 and then I get through. Any suggestions? Thank you in anticipation of you replying to me! Lucien

  3. I need help. I dont how to set up my hpone so that my monthly payment is taking out of my bank acount instead of paying for is at the store i bought my phone from. can you give me the site or any info so that i can change the way my phone is being paid. Also, I can recieve picture messaging is there any way i can fix that if so how?

  4. When I go into the website on my iphone using my NET10 (TMobile) sim it gives me two options, Net10 (t mobile) or Net10 (iphone). Which is the right one for iphone 5 using a tmobile sim on Net10?

  5. hello. I get data service but don’t have access to mms nor sms(can’t send).
    I have it connected to Net10. Is there a way to fix this? thanks

  6. I have an iphone 4s on net10. I user your net10 iphone setting but i still can’t get mms. is there any way to fix this. i have tried putting in my own apn but i can never get the correct. Please help thank you

    1. Check you have the correct Settings.. There are 4 different settings depending when you got your SIM Card form Net10

  7. I have an iphone 4s with Net10. I am running IOS 6 on my phone. I cannot send mms to anyone other than another iphone user. Can you please help me change this?

  8. I have read everything about changing the apn settings, but my phone does not give me that option. I installed different profiles from your site but it still is not working.

  9. I have a iPhone 4s and have just tried installing a US net10 sim into a UK phone. I installed the net10 settings from your link (tried net10 AT&T and net10 iPhone APN settings).

    After installing it tells me I have 4G (didn’t know that was possible on iPhone 4s?) and the data is not working.

    Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

  10. I’ve changed the apn settings like 10 times by following instructions on a few sites and when I use unlockit, no matter which option I choose (att iphone or net10 iphone) I still cannot get data after the apn is installed. I am using a 3gs. I cannot get in touch with net10 as their call volume is just too high and it disconnects me. If I could get some help, I would be ever so grateful! I bought this phone for my daughter in Dec and haven’t had data since and we have been on the unlimited plan.

  11. I just unlocked my iphone4S & put the tmobile micro sim card in. I cannot get on the web to go to unlockit.co.nz to do the APN.


    Thank you

  12. I need Net10 AT&T settings for November 7 to February 6, I have talked to net10 multiple times and apple twice still have no MMS.

  13. I have updated the APN settings for the AT&T iphone with net10 and it was working for about 10 minutes.. then when I tried to go to facebook it said “safari cannot open the page because it could not connect to the server. My wifi is off.

  14. I have my iphone 3gs unlocked and it is activated with net 10 but i only get service when i leave my hometown whats the cause of this my iphone is att

  15. I have an iPhone 4 running ios 6.1.2 …its unlocked and jailbroked with cydia..and tetherme. Everything worked fine until it updated to 6 …now I cant send picture messages. What should I Do?

  16. I have an unlocked iphone4 that I just purchased the net10 unlimted plan/sim I cannot get the mms to work. So far tfdata works the best but still no mms.

  17. i tried the apn setting for net10 (iphone) and it worked for about a day, then stopped… now no matter what i try (i’ve tried every other net10 setting and the net10iphone setting multiple times), the phone keeps saying i’m not subscribed to a cellular data network! help!

  18. I was able to get the data working with this (thank you) but I too cannot get the MMS to work with the Net10 ATT SIM card. I noticed this on step 4 of the Instructions for iPhones right below #3 ”
    Please note that this will not enable MMS (Multi-Media Messaging) and we do not support this service for iPhone customers.”

    Could this be why MMS doesn’t work?

  19. I’m having problems with sending group messages for my iPhone with net10. Can someone please help me fix this problem

  20. Help !!! My 3G is working… But no Internet…. My wife had same problem but took it to a repair shop and they downloaded an unlockit code… Icon… Can you tell me how to do the same???

  21. i need some help from you . i have a problem on my saga 166
    it dosent acess on internet whenever i try it just shows me please wait antill i get tired
    that phone is called saga 166

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