Carrier Unlock out for iPhone 4 running iOS 4.0.1

They have done it again and ultrasn0w can carrier unlock the iPhone 4!

First of all Jailbreak the iPhone (http://www.jailbreakme.com) and add http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com Repository to Cydia and install redsn0w 1.0-1

Thats about it.

10 thoughts on “Carrier Unlock out for iPhone 4 running iOS 4.0.1

  1. I had a jb 3GS and when I opened Cydia this morning it installed an ultrasn0w update. Now I no longer have network data coverage. Worst yet, is there isn’t even an option of editing it in the Settings menu any longer. Any ideas? I’m screwed without network data. Thanks for the help.

  2. Just an FYI – I successfully updated my iPhone 3G to 4.0.1 using jailbreakme.com — then I managed to change the APN to AT&T’s “dumbphone” data line. Meaning: Thank you, I can now use data on my iPhone 3G using 4.0.1 via my SIM card from my dumbphone (which is using the 10$ per month data plan).


  3. Help
    I jail break my iPhone 3G with jailbreakme.com
    Now I can install lockit.co.nz , when I go to the option fake APN I get a window tha says not needed on iOS4 ( I have version 4.0.1)
    I wish to use my blackberry unlimited internest with the iPhone. Because according to AT&T
    If I change my phone from BB to iPhone I will no longer have unlimited Internet service
    Please advise what I can do.
    Mildred Garcia


  4. IMO and please tell me if I am wrong but I cannot to seem to find any alternative for jailbreaking to carrier unlock. I have an import that was made to work on any carrier. What is really preventing a US carrier unlock for what are domestic phones for me? There should be a simpler solution for a simple carrier unlock than that. It should be as simple as changing the apn that unlockit has provided. Just trying to help a friend without having to jailbreak and I can find no alternative. Why? Especially with the big class action suit that was filed.

  5. i did this thing for my ıphone4 but ı cant use my internet.i remove and install 5 or 6 times but i cant use the internet any one knows what is the problem???

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