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I have started up a new section for showing the Mobile Settings which can be used in more than iPhones. Data/MMS and WAP settings for every carrier.

You can access the website above with the “Mobile Settings” link.

It is only a start at the moment but more and more features will be added in the future.

32 thoughts on “Worldwide Mobile Settings

  1. Thank you so much, this was so helpful, unlike other sites that try to scam you into downloading something you don’t need, this actually WORKED!! Thank u, thank u, thank u!!

    ~Clueless Tech Person

  2. laterly i had forward my problem with screen shoots, i jailbreaked my ipad 4.2 with limera1n,
    and i creat an apn profile @ your page, but it wount work, my carrier isn’t in the list
    Etisalat Egypt, please help

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the blog.

    I am currently on Etisalat Egypt Network and I cant find my carrier in the list.

    Please find hereunder the details to be added so that any other member can benefit from it:
    Cellular Data:
    APN: etisalat
    Username: not required
    Password: Not required

    APN: etisalat
    Username: not required
    Password: not required
    MMS proxy:

    APN: etisalat
    Username: not required
    Password: not required
    Authentication: normal

    The issue is that i can’t enter the wap settings as i dont find my carrier

    hope you can help

  4. Hi I’m using H2O wireless USA carrier.  May I ask you to add options to h2o profile? Because Internet working but mms doesn’t work. Here is mms settings for h2o USA

    Mms apn: att.mvno
    Mms URL: http://mmsc.cingular.com
    Proxy: wireless.cingular.com:80
    Size: 614400


  5. Hi There

    I recently used this for Virgin UK and it works 100% thankyou.

    However the phone will not send mms messages gets half way through and fails.

    I have and iphone 4 with the latest updates and it is not jailbroken.

    Do you have any fixes for this?



  6. How do I get an iPhone unblocked?? Can I do it myself (no experience bit I can follow instructions) or do I pay someone? Thank you

  7. @Washkid123
    i forgot to mention that i lose my settings everytime i reboot, so i took a screen shot of the settings incase i need to reboot and lose my settings. i hope this helps!

  8. Hi,
    Please add the following too.

    Idea Cellular – India (IN-IDEA)

    APN: imis
    port: 8080


  9. hi im using t-mobile i followed all the steps but the internet doesn’t seem to be working on data setting.. any help

  10. Hello
    Can you add this setting for Bahrain viva company
    Settings for I phone 4:
    You go to General -> network -> cellular data network -> cellular data
    APN: viva.bh
    Username and password: keep it blank
    APN: vivawap.bh
    MMSC: http://mms.viva.com.bh:38090
    MMS Proxy:

    Internet tethering
    Apn: viva.bh

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