Come and Talk on the Forum!

Come and talk on the Forum. You can log in via your facebook account now to make it easier to join up. Come and have fun!
You can go to the Forum by clicking on the Forum link up above or by going to http://www.unlockit.co.nz/forum/

6 thoughts on “Come and Talk on the Forum!

  1. Hi – I have an Iphone 3Gs under a Samsung phone account with AT&T here in the US. I wa able to use your fix last year and access internet and email on my 3Gs phone without having to purchase the data plan. Problem is I just upgraded the 3Gs phone to Iphone OS4 and now am screwed. Lost all my internet capabiities and have no email access anymore. Web apps don’t work either. Please help. I know you are working on a fix (thank you) but until you do, can you help me uninstall 4.0 and go back to my 3GS so at least I can use my phone with email and internet apps.

    P.S. Can’t load your latest fix and test for you as I can’t seem to get access to any WiFi at this point either? Ugggh….I am so bummed out

  2. I installed your US AT&T profile and it installed fine and USB connect is good but when it tries to grab an IP it is limited with no web connect.
    Help please

  3. Since I upgraded to os4, as some of you cannot, I cannot use internet through cellular network anymore.
    When I was running on os3, i had created a profile with iPhone configuration tools.
    This tool is the only way to’configure proxy settings under cellular network(APN)
    Now when I upgraded to os4 this profile disappeared, even though the
    APN info is still there, but now I’m sure the proxy settings isn’t.
    So when I try installing back the profile this is the error Message I get: Only one APN configuration can be installed at a time…….
    I know the restore to new phone will work, because it allows me to reinstall successfully the profile, BUT doing so I loose all personal data such as SMS .
    If I make a restore from backup I face the same problem again…..to me it seems a h**l of a bug!!!
    Any ideas to solve the problem and keep personal data?
    Any reply is highly appreciated!

  4. i am using iphone 3g and upated with 0s4.0 and it is unlocked . it is working but it is not showing apn because of this im not able to use gprs . that was the problem with my phone so please help .

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