Beta Version Language Localisation

I have started to Localise the language in the Beta Version which is shown when your iPhone is set to a non english Language.

I have started to translate it to French and to Spanish so if you are looking at the App with your Phone set to these languages see how they look. If people have better translations for the stuff please let me know.

6 thoughts on “Beta Version Language Localisation

  1. I recently used your service worked great but I am unable to get the camera symbl to work when I am composing a message onmy I phone 3G you are supposed to be able to touch it and then it gives you the option wether you want to take a picture or use one from your camera roll I m wondering what I can do

    1. If your iPhone is set in French or Spanish and the wording is wrong (in English or the wording is incorrect in your language) email me the changes needed.

    1. Make sure your Phone is set to Language Romana and anything you see on unlockit.co.nz which is in english and should be translated email me the translation and I can start to add them in..

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