New Beta Version of Unlockit

I have put a link to the Beta Version of the iPhone Unlockit Application. You can access it at the moment by clicking on the “Try our Beta Version” on the 1st page when you go to the website from your iPhone.

Please let me know what you think and if you have any ideas/suggestions/bugs

17 thoughts on “New Beta Version of Unlockit

  1. can you help me please i will unlock my iphone 4s from algeria with unlock it but i havent straight talk sim… help me please

  2. @ OMAR

    The unlock worked great for me– I used the setting for AT&T(PAYG) to unlock GoPhone. Make sure you use the “app” on the website to download–I couldn’t enter the settings manually. Good luck!

  3. hey i dont see the fakeapn option anymore for my iPhone 2g so i won’t get charged for data costs.please help

  4. Re: OMAR
    GoPhone does work with AT&T(PAYG). The problem is in the fact that you have to pay extra for “Smart Phone” Data. So, that data they told you about in the store was a blatant lie and doesn’t cover smartphones.

    1. This is a bug sometimes caused by people jailbreaking their iPhone or just a general bug.. What to suggest.. Apple suggests update to the latest firmware and/or factory reset.

  5. I just unlocked my iPhone 4s but I can’t connect to the Internet.I also found out that the 3G enable and the cellular data network is not there instead it is the mobile data and the mobile data network that appears

  6. Why are the drop down options greyed out, meaning I can’t select anything, when I go to your site on my Iphone 4?

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