This website was started by Craig Whitmore (lennon@orcon.net.nz) as a method to change the APN on an iPhone which I had access to so I could use Mobile Data over the iPhone. When using a third party SIM Card in an iPhone, Apple had the idea of removing the option of changing the APN (depends on the Carrier ). Fortunately Apple supply instructions on how to make custom settings to change the APN and with this information I wrote this website.

With help from a few people it turned into unlockit.co.nz. The Domain name doesn’t exactly fit the purpose of the website but it stuck and now I am getting around 1000 10000 50000 60000 people per day using it!

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  1. i have an iphone 3g i brought yesterday but already i have a problem evertime i go on safari or apps store etc… it comes up with this: could not activate cellular data network you are not subscribed to a cellular data service. i don’t what i should do to solve this problem PLEASE HELP ME 🙂

    1. You have to enter the APN Details in.. Ask your Carrier what APN Details you need and enter them into the website (or if your carrier is already listed choose it)

  2. Hi I am not able to access the Data services from the India Vodofone, I have got the APN from your site earlier this year. Please help.

  3. Hi, I’ve an iphone 3g; I’d like to update it to 4g but I’m not sure to change APN settings after the updating; I’m a Vodafone italian user: is there anybody can ensure me I could use it after the updating operation? thanks

  4. Hi, I have an iPhone 3G which I updated to 4.0 from 3.0 (I didn’t update with any of the dot updates). I am in the Philippines (using globe) with an unlocked phone.

    Now I cannot change the APN settings for my phone when I got 4.0. I tried using your service, but it does not seem to work (it said “Safari cannot install profile” or something).

    Please help =)


  5. I got the same issue when i select T-mobile USA i got the message “safari can’t update profile” please help

  6. Hi I am in Mexico, and I have a 3G, it is factory unlocked and i just upgraded to iOS4 (kinda slow! but cool) I have never been able to get MMS to work. I spoke to TELCEL and they told me the iPhone is not compatible with MMS (?????). i tried your site, chose the TELCEL option (u/name webgprs) and i tried mmsgprs (found on another site) and no joy. Is there anything i can do to get MMS working? Please help, my gf had a motorola thing and it works fine on that?!?!?. Cheers

  7. Hi there – great work on this site by the way – will def donate if you can assist. Iv been jailbroken for ages finally went from 3.0 to 4.0 the other day. Now Having trouble with apn/cellular data network settings – the page is missing under settings/general/network- have tried modifying .plist carrier file to reflect allowedgeediting -set to true – to no avail still doesnt show me the option to modify or go into that menu – its not there.
    Spotted your site – mad as im in wellies myself!
    used your site and have a sys log to send you – think this is the gritty bit … MobileSafari[145] : Unable to send CPDistributedMessagingCenter message named queueProfileDataForInstallation to com.apple.managedconfiguration.profiled: (os/kern) failure –

    can send you pictures too if you let me have a contact detail

  8. hi bro
    i have 3g jailbroken by red snow. but same problem no mms no deta pls help.
    i’m in Uae. on du network

  9. I live in the USA. My wife just upgraded to the new iphone and gave me her old one. My current phone is a razor and we have AT&T. I currently have just talk – no texting and no data. I don’t want data on the Iphone. I’m thinking about maybe getting a small texting plan. Should I get that set up on my razor and then switch the sim card to the old iphone using this site? If so, do I visit this site on the old iphone before or after I switch the sim card. I read that it was after switching the sim card, but I don’t want at&t to be automatically informed that I’m using the iphone without the data plan. Any info would be helpful.

  10. Hi so I unlocked my iPhone 3G yesterday, and it works great. I even changed the mms APN settings for tmobile so the mms logo would show in the SMS box… But as I try to send one it always fails…. And I can’t receive mms either… I called tmobile they said u don’t need a data plan for mms but we tested and tried it with a data plan, and it still didn’t work… They couldn’t figure out the problem… Do u have any idea?

  11. My iPhone History: I had an iPhone 3G on 3.1.3 and 5.12.01 BB Jailbroken with Spirit and unlocked with ultrasn0w with the OLD BOOTROM.

    As per conversation without problem continues UPDATE Version 4.0 & use my iPhone.

    Now I update version 4.0 from itunes 9.2 and Jailbroken with redsn0w 0.9.5b5-4 and unlocked with ultrasn0w.

    But problem is I CAN’T USE INTERNET. When I’ve 3G on 3.1.3 then I can use internet, just I select Setting >General>Network>Cellular Data>write GPINTERNET and working internet.

    But now there is no option, Just on / off system in Cellular Data. I talk my SIM operator they tell me, “There is option to write in 4G.

    My question is, how can I use internet with SIM operator???? Because here is no option for use Wifi.
    iPhone present Information:
    Modem Firmware : 05.13.04
    Version : 4G.

    Plz tell me process …or your instruction… its very important for me…


  12. Wanted to say thank you – just got a hand-me-down iPhone 3Gs with OS 4. Was able to change the APN through your site to use with an ATT Pay-As-You-Go plan.

  13. I am using your software and think its great, i am in the UK on orange network and my 3g signal is terrible, i have tried using the software to connect to the O2 apn and signal is much better in my area, just wondering if this will cause me to get any unexpected charges on my bill, i do have a 500mb data plan on my contract, while on O2s apn will i be charged extra on my bill or will the data come out of my allowance?

  14. Hi I have the same probles as Dre, I have an iPhone 3G which I updated to 4.0 from 3.0, Now I cannot change the APN settings for my phone when I got 4.0. I tried using your service, but it does not seem to work (it said “Safari cannot install profile” or something).

    Please help me too =P


  15. hi, i jailbroke my iphone 4, also did APN setting but data still not working -im using vodafone in india, any solutions? 4.0.1 is the version m using.. look me up if u ever visit india

  16. Hi,

    I have an Iphone 3gs with T-mobile, so my device is not jailbroken. But today I updated the software via Itunes and now I can’t use internet because ‘my server isn’t responding anymore’.. T-mobile couldn’t help me unfortunately, I have resetted the whole device but this didn’t help. I couldn’t go to my APN settings anymore. Now thanks to your website I can go on the internet again, but I thought in general, your website was for this kind of problems when you entered a third-party simcard, are there more people with problems who have T-mobile? I’m sorry if I ask a dumb question but I’m not really smart when it comes to this kind of stuff.

  17. Hey,
    I just wanted to know if your website also works for IOS 4.1?
    I really would like to do the update because 4.0.1 really doesn’t work well with the 3G!
    Let me know,
    thanks for what you’re doing!

  18. I have a iPhone 4, unlocked and jailbroken. I am presently in the Philippines and am using the Smart telecommunication system. I have no problems with phone and text, but am unable to get to the web. I do not see a Smart APN configuration on your site. A friend has a 3Gs and all he has in his apn is internet. When I try to create a custom with internet, it does not work.

    Any suggestions?

  19. Forgot to ask one thing. When I go back to the US and want to get back on AT&T, can I just run the att file on your site to reset my apn?

  20. @admin
    COOL, after updating my iPad too iOS Beta 4.2 my providrer Vodafone was not recogñised… Because of that I couldn’t change the APN as it simply disappeared in my Settings menu. But thanks to this site it worked like it should. THANKS!

  21. Dear, does this works for iPhone 4 (ios 4.0.2)… ehat i understand is that i can Unlock my iPhone and can use it with carrier (Airtel) in India (Delhi). With these settings it is not required to jailbreak the iPhone…

  22. Hi,

    Maybe a silly question, is there a way I can turn off the Fake APN, and turn it back on when required, or would I have to download it again? …. iPhone 3gs, Orange, UK


  23. I asked this a few days ago, but it seems to have dropped off of the thread.

    I have a jailbroken/unlocked iPhone 4 running 4.0.1. I travel back and forth from the US to the Philippines. While in the Philippines I have to use Smart Communications as my provider. I found your APN for Globe, but I can not use Globe. Any chance of an Smart APN fix? Also, if I can get the Smart APN working, when I return to the US do I just run the ATT APN fix to get back to ATT?


  24. Hi,

    My friend has a iphone from the US. So would this unlock the phone for him so that he can use it on vodafone(calling and data) here in NZ?


  25. hi i live in usa i have an iphone 3gs 4.1 firmware 5.14.02 this will make my phone work with a tmobile sim card cause att too expensive thanks. i hope u answer soon thanks again.

  26. I had a problem accessing the celluar data network (outside of WiFi) in the UK, which was due to the tariff I was put on. I moved onto a £20 pm monthly contract (calls & txts) with o2 with a £7.50 bolt on for data, which is not strictly an iphone contract. Trouble was every time I sync’d with itunes it reset the original APN settings to the original settings, which meant I could not accesss the cellular data network. I contacted o2 who gave me the correct settings for the network APN, which is mobile.o2.co.uk and the MMS APN, which is wap.o2.co.uk. Alternatively you can move onto a dedicated iphone monthly contract, which incidently costs £2.50 pm less and has additional features such as accesss to BT WiFi hot spots. Hope this helps

  27. Hi I have an unlocked iphone 4, I have a virgin mobile (uk) sim, the phone recognises this as T mobile as they are the carrier, my problem is I don’t have mobile data settings – virgin mobile don’t support the iphone – can you help me?

  28. Problem here in the UK. T-Mobile recently acquired Orange and T-Mobile customers can now roam onto the Orange network. This seems to screw up data though. Not only has data slowed to 2G speeds when I am on the Orange network, the same thing has happened on the T-Mobile network. The iPhone only seems to allow one profile so is there a way that this can be made to work with BOTH the T-Mobile and Orange networks?

  29. Hey there admin!
    I want to give a iPhone 3G to my daughter for her Birthday nextweek. I need it to work on T-Mobile. Will this do the trick like an unlock?

  30. Hi, I just jailbroke and unlocked my Iphone 3GS. I’m running on version 4.1 with a baseband of 16.15.00. Just wondering if I have to re-crack my Iphone to 4.2 in order to use your software? Thanks!

  31. Hey Admin,

    I’ve iphone 3G with iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak(redsn0w 9.6b5) + unlocked (ultrasn0w 1.2). I tried with your APN changer, it worked fine but the UI (Settings->General->Network) got corrupted. I couldn’t see no “Cellular data on/off” option any more. I want that in case I want to switch off the cellular data some times..

    Please suggest.


  32. I have a wireless modem & tried to use the GP internet via PC here the APN number & dial number are required for connecting the service. My prepaid internet sim no is 0174889097. Please inform me as early as possible so that I can use the GP Internet service.

  33. @admin quick question if i use a t-mobile pay as you go plan on my jailbroken and unlocked iphone 3gs then i change the apn with this method will i then be able to use 3g data service on the t-mobile network.

  34. how do i use this site ?
    all i want to do is unlock my iphone so that i can put any simcard in it ,
    please help me with this 🙂

  35. I need your help please.
    I have an iphone 3G running 4.2.1 unlocked and jailbroken
    I purchased a pay as you go ATT card with unlimited text and voice for $60
    visited your website and followed the instructions. An APN appears on the home screen after selecting ATT U.S. but I cant get data to work without Wi-Fi

    What’s going on?

  36. hi,

    i just upgraded my iphone 4 to iOS 4.1, and i can’t access my APN settings manualy. My iphone is jailbroken and unlocked. I used your website, but i cant find my carrier in your list. Can you add my carrier there please?

    internet settings:
    IP adresas:
    Start page: wap.biteplius.lt

    MMS settings:
    APN: mms
    Username: mms@mms
    Password: mms
    Server name: http://mmsc/servlets/mms

  37. ATT is continually charging 25$ for my kids iphones for a data plan. ATT does something to see that they have iphones, and they say I have to pay the data charge. Is there something I can do to make it so they cannot see that she has an iphone? Will changing the APN do this? Thanks for your help!

  38. Did anyone get the Personal Hotspot available in iOS 4.3 to work with the APN changed? I do not see the option come up….

  39. Hi,

    I don’t know how to use this site but i have to change my internet settings. I’ve got a blackberry curve 8520. Please help me

    • GPRS toegangspunt / APN-adres: internet.access.nl
    • Automatisch IP-adres: Ja
    • Username: Leeg laten
    • Password: Leeg laten
    • Wap accountnaam(bijv.): Multimedia
    • Proxy gebruiken: Ja
    • Adres:
    • Port: 8080

  40. @David
    You need to have a data plan too. This website is for unlocking your APN for DATA, not text messaging and stuff. If I’m wrong, someone please correct me! Thanks.

  41. I have the Apple officially unlocked iPhone4. I have a ATT GoPhone connection with Talk, text and data. I can use the talk and text but not the data. I did download your APN changer and installed it. But my data will still not work. What am I doing wrong ? Help !

  42. Hello

    I am from Brazil, and I can´t find on my Iphone the way to change APN (it is lock) I want to use de mobile company TIM.

    Please, I would like to access the 3G without having to unlock (jailbreak) my iPhone.

    Thank you very much

  43. i have an iphone 3gs with 4.2.1 and i downloaded the thing to unlock it but it wont work..i went to settings>general>network but then theirs no cellular data network settings and idk why…can you help me please??

  44. I need your help please.
    I have an iphone 3G running 4.2.1 unlocked and jailbroken
    I purchased a pay as you go ATT card with unlimited text and voice for $60
    visited your website and followed the instructions. An APN appears on the home screen after selecting ATT U.S. but I cant get data to work without Wi-Fi
    What’s going on?

  45. Couldn’t find my carrier on your site, but I contacted my carrier and received the following settings. Hopefully you can add them to your site so that others don’t have to go through what I went through to get them.

    Carrier: Docomo Pacific
    Country: Guam (GU)

    • Cellular Data
    APN: “www”
    Username: blank
    Password: blank

    APN: “gcpre” or “gcpos” (prepaid or postpaid)
    Username: blank
    Password: blank
    MMSC: “http://mmsc.guamcell.csky.us:6672/”
    MMS PROXY: “”
    MMS Max Message Size: blank
    MMS UA Prof URL: blank

    Please let me know if you’re going to add it to your site/app. Thank you.

  46. I have an iPhone 2g (first generation) with 3.1.2 firmware version running on an AT&T prepaid 50$/mo unlimited talk text and data plan. AT&T knows I have an iPhone on this plan and will not let me use data (I chose not to buy a data plan). However, I would like to be able to send and receive picture messages and have downloaded the Native mms from cydia. I can’t use it because I don’t have my data configured. Can you help me?

  47. As an addendum to the above post, I called AT&T and asked if they could help me. I had to get off my iphone and use another phone. The CS rep “said” she tried to put a data package on my phone to see if it would then allow mms. Only problem is that my settings for data were never configured by me or her. She told me that the iPhone was the only phone that wouldn’t work on the prepaid unlimited plan because Apple did something to the phones to restrict them. Sounds like hogwash to me since AT&T is the carrier and Apple no longer supports the 2g iPhone. I told her the reps were aware that I was using an iPhone when I set up the service and actually asked me if I wanted to buy a data package which leads me to believe that if the settings were configured properly mms might work. Any thoughts out there on how to resolve this?

  48. Hey I have a 3G running 4.2.1 and I installed the APN changer. My data network is still not working and I have the go phone with the unlimited everything 50 dollar plan. Which includes data. What am I missing? I can not restart my phone because my power button is dead also. Quick reply please!!

  49. Nothing different when i open This unlockit.co.nz from my iPad … Just like the same with PC so i can’t use the service 🙁
    Pleset some body help me….i lost my APN setting :'(

  50. I have an iphone 3g version 4.2.1 w/firmware 06.15.00…..I purchased it in February unlocked and jailbroke…..it has cydia and winterboard…..everything was working great until about end of may first of june…..it started popping up not subscribed to cellular data plan as well as unable to connect to server….i would type the correct password and it jus wouldnt connect to my wifi at home or anywhere….my son has the newst itouch and it connects to our wifi at home w/out any problem as well as our laptops…..my question is….Is there any way to download your apn changer to my computer and then transfer it to my phone……Please someone please please help me….be mindful that I’m not that computer savy…..I will need detailed step by step instructions of what to do….dont take for granted that i will know any easy commands…..I wont…..Im sure you can tell Im not up on computer terminology either by the sound of this post…..sorry……I’ll appreciate any and every reply if anyone can help me…..

  51. Hello,
    I have the iphone 4 and the 3g doesn’t work here in Brazil.
    I bought in the EUA and here doesn’t work, just the wi-fi.
    Can you help me, please?
    Thank you!

  52. 49. What’s Happening i’m new to this, I stumbled upon this I have found It absolutely useful and it has aided me out loads. I hope to contribute & aid other users like its helped me. Good job.

  53. I am upgrading from 3GS to 4S on AT&T in the US. I want to take the SIM from another AT&T phone without data and put it in the 3GS. I don’t need cellular data, just voice.

    If I use Unlockit, will I be able to use the SIM card without being charged for data I’m not using by AT&T?

    Does the phone need to be jailbroken, unlocked or anything else first?

  54. Hi .. I have researched many sites and keep returning to yours. I have an iphone4 on gophone plan. The unlimited $50 package and also a data plan. I have installed the APN changer and still cannot get it to work … have confused myself looking at so many avenues to accomplish this – can you tell me anything else I can try. I do have regular AT&T card because my previously used 3g worked great with internet and all. Just can’t get net on this one. Thanks for any suggestions. Saving me lots of tylenol 🙂

  55. I was on the 75 dollar talk/text plus 200mb of data & used the unlockit site and changed the APN, This worked great & I had no problems until I dropped to the 50 dollar a month unlimited talk/text/web I went onto a wi-fi connection and followed the same procedure, but once I turn off the wi-fi and restart the phone, I have no data. My 3G appears but I have no connection. At&T somehow found out I was using an iphone even though I put in a diff imei # They tole me regardless the 75 dollar plan, and the 50 would not work with any smartphone, im starting to think that is false & that they talked me into the 50 dollar plan because it will not work with my iphone 3gs, VS the 75 dollar plan that did. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am going crazy trng to fix this problem.

  56. Update … after calling 611, changing packages to the $25 monthly plan (from the $50 unlimited plan), adding 100mb data, all worked well.
    Of all the times I have researched, deleted, reinstalled, rebooted, jailbroke, added data plan to the $50 unlimited plan, all to no avail. I kept questioning what I was missing.

    Finally out of desperation and changing the plan I can’t believe how easy it was. I didn’t care about jailbreak, unlock, etc. Just wanted data for use at work on my phone plan. I know others got it to work .. thats what it took for me! So – if all else fails and you can’t get it on the $50 unlimited talk and text plan, call 611 and change. It’s even going to be cheaper each month … expect to use $40 monthly now and it works fast!

  57. I have a iPhone 4s and I’m on gophone plan $50 unlimited and I also purchased a 500mb data plan and used your site and I got data working fine but now I send mms or receive mms. Is there anyway to maybe edit the apn. Thanks for everything.

  58. I tried using FakeAPN on 3GS/iOS 5, it says, “FakeAPN is not needed on iOS4 anymore…” However, it is easy for cellular data to be turned back on after it is turned off. If any app attempts to connect to the Internet when not on wifi, a button pops up offering to turn cellular data on. Any child or non-advanced user is liable to turn on cellular data, incurring charges from the carrier. I want to disable data, so it can never be turned on.

    I set the APN to another country, which I hope will make cellular data unusable in the US.

  59. @ Gayle
    I’m from Germany, stayin here on Holiday for 3 Weeks, with a sim and netlock free iphone 4S, AT&T told me I cant use prepaid Data on my Iphone, but after I used this unlock tool it worked fine for about 10 Hours..had fast 3G..and than..suddenly it stopped and said can t connect to Server..I also have the 50$ unlimited talk, text and Data.. what I think..either they cut u off if u used to much Data , I uploaded 3 pics to Facebook that worked fine and fast but than I tried to upload a 1 minute Video and it stopped..and since that I didn t get any 3G Connection agian ! So I think, thy have a Way to find out that u r using a Iphone and u need to buy extra Data Plans or they just cut it off for a while if u used to much … well I m waitin until tomorrow..if it s still not working ..i ll try it with that 25$ for 500 MB..and if it s still not working..they have to explain me WHY!!!

  60. Sabine :@ Gayle Hi, I’m from Germany, stayin here on Holiday for 3 Weeks, with a sim and netlock free iphone 4S, AT&T told me I cant use prepaid Data on my Iphone, but after I used this unlock tool it worked fine for about 10 Hours..had fast 3G..and than..suddenly it stopped and said can t connect to Server..I also have the 50$ unlimited talk, text and Data.. what I think..either they cut u off if u used to much Data , I uploaded 3 pics to Facebook that worked fine and fast but than I tried to upload a 1 minute Video and it stopped..and since that I didn t get any 3G Connection agian ! So I think, thy have a Way to find out that u r using a Iphone and u need to buy extra Data Plans or they just cut it off for a while if u used to much … well I m waitin until tomorrow..if it s still not working ..i ll try it with that 25$ for 500 MB..and if it s still not working..they have to explain me WHY!!!

    well..added the 25$ Data and it works again… so they maybe check ur data usage and ther s always a difference in data usage between a regular cell using data only for email or a smartphone u use with apps and many more features.. in my eyes this is Pirates behaviour … not ok, but we got no other option, if we want data access we have to pay for that…
    In Germany we don t have a Difference between Data Plans..thers one for all and for example prepaid T Mobile Germany is 9.95 EUR a month for unlimited Data, the only thing what happens once u reached 1 GB the cut off the Speed, but it s still fast enough…and it s big time easier to get a prepaid Data Card.. here this nearly unpossible.. Google helped a lot, it showed me that page and how I change the APN Carrier and it also told me, don t give up, it works, even AT&T tells u a different Story… SORRY,PREPAID IS NOT WORKING ON IPHONES… IT DOES, u only have to know how to do it :o)

  61. I have followed the instructions to enable data on my iphone 3gs, iOS5. with no

    success. worked the first day for a few hours only.

    carrier: ATT, USA


  62. I have an iPhone 3GS on iOS 5.0.1 if I buy a sim and activate it with the $50 unlimited plan with go phone! Will my data be unlimited?

  63. Hi,
    I’m staying in NZ for 2 months. I brought my old iPhone 3G from the U.S. and am installing a Vodaphone prepaid SIM into it. Do I pick a custom APN or a FakeAPN? I want to make and receive calls and texts. I would also like to access the internet. I’m not that savvy and don’t want to make a mistake. Apologies if you’ve already addressed this. I’ve read everything on your website and am still unclear. Maybe I need a hand-holding!
    Thank you!

    1. If its a USA sourced iPhone 3GS then it will be crier locked to AT&T (unless you have jailbroken etc the iPhone). Just plug your Vodafone sim card in and it will work as the Vodafone NZ Settings are built into the iPhone.

  64. Hi i have an unlocked iPhone 4 with ios5 along with a t mobile sim card (contract NOT prepaid sim) my contract doesn’t have a data plan but i would like to use edge or 3g how can i do this? i attempted to go to the unlock it website on my iphone and i downloaded the custom apn but it did not work could u please help
    sincerally sam

  65. I have an VERIZON Iphone 4S unlocked. Will this website work to change the APN so I can access the KOLBI3g in Costa Rica? Thanks in advance for your help

  66. Hi
    My question is I bought a used iPhone 3GS from a buddy of mine he used it with AT&T I’m wanting to give it to my little girl but, I do not want to have to Pay for a data plan how can I do this with out AT&T knowing she’s using a iPhone? I’m going to use jailbreak me but what other steps should I take so she can use the phone and text, and get apps when she’s on wifi without AT&T knowing she’s using a iPhone pleas help.

  67. I contacted TMobile US today to try and update my APN on a 3g after upgrading to 4.2.1, which removes the APN option from the phone general settings. According to them, they no longer use ‘internet2.voicestream.com’, but are now using ‘epc.tmobile.com’ instead. Can this be changed? The current APN Carrier Settings Profile installed, but is not working.
    Thank you!!

  68. Hello. I have iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1
    And also i’m using at&t gophone with unlimited data plan. But internet is not working. I installed apn changer. Still not working. Does anyone know abou that? Please help me.

  69. I have the at&t go phone 50$ unlimited plan and i followed the instructions but my data still wont enable im in the US wit US sourced phone do i need to jailbreak the phone first? Or do i need to add more data for my smart phone

  70. Hi, I have an iPhone 3G s and I just signed up with Red Pocket Mobile. My plan comes with 10 MMS and 250 MB of data. My internet only works on Wifi, and I can’t get MMS at all, even if my texts come through fine. They sent me some instructions that might help me receive the pics, but it call for me to enter a APN field, but I can’t find it! Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!

  71. I have an iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1 gophone unlimited whit a data plan of 100mb at the beginning works perfectly but when it reach the 100mb of usage evrithing stop, there is any solution for this problem?? Unlockit is compatible with ios 5.0.1? I’m expecting any answer thanks

  72. I have a iphone 4 with att gophone $50 unlimited plan i down load the apn changer but still dont work i want to know how to make the data work can some body explain me step by step im on ios 5.0.1

  73. Hi

    i have the same problem coming to usa..i got a Net10 phone which has a sim card in it…now i want to buy iphone 4s but i dont want the carrier to subject me to the data package as wifi is everywhere and should not be have to pay for something which is free…..what do you suggest i do …..will inserting the sim card from the Net10 phone work on the iphone 4s….or will iphone 4s need to be be 1st modified


    1. It depends if the iPhone is carrier locked.. Buy the iPhone from Apple directly and you can buy is Carrier unlocked as far as I know

  74. So does a $50 unlimited ATT gpphone plan not cover data? I guess it says it covers web for non smartphones. Clarification needed please. I have a 3GS on iOS 5.0.1 with that plan. Used APN changer without success.

    I didn’t think I should be buying anything else and the $50 plan covers everything, does it not?


  75. Read all responses, can’t find one for me. Looking to use either an AT&T go-phone card or “add a line” with parental controls to my pre existing account. Give my old AT&T 3GS w/iOS 5.0.1 to my daughter with either of the aforementioned SIM’s so that there will be NO data. Will this work? Thank you so very much. And keep up the fantastic work!

  76. I am having the same problem. My understanding on the info I have been reading the APN changer should work. Also the 50.00 plan does cover everything, only on a “non” smartphone. Hopefully someone will come along with a solution.

  77. Hi,
    I am looking into buying an unlocked iphone 4s and using the GoPhone $50 unlimited T/T plan. However, the limited data that you can buy is EDGE. Is there any way to get 3G speed internet with this plan? Thanks!

  78. i have an iphone 3gs and i am currently on the 50$ unlimited plan. do i have to pay for an extra data package? it doesnt make any since because i wanted to have unlimited internet. i changed the APN to wap.cingular. please help

  79. @ George

    Sorry, but no. AT&T is just greedy enough that they’ve made data plans on smartphones mandatory. They WILL locate the phone on their network and add a data plan to your account. It happened to my daughter who was on my brother’s plan; she’s since switched to ours.

    We added her iPhone to our service through Consumer Cellular. They have really good plans and prices. They’ll send you SIM for free. You choose from your account page on their site whether to make messaging and data available to each phone. (for as little as $2.50 per month SHARED- not EACH like AT&T!) Their Customer Service is awesome, too.

    And, with an iPhone, unlocking is super easy from this site. Get on WiFi, go to the URL, answer a couple of questions and the APN is added accordingly.

    Take care!

  80. @ DBrown
    I’ve been a Consumer Cellular customer for years now and very happy with their service. They confirmed that iPhone can make calls with their SIM; but I’m unclear about their data service – seems like texts only? Which generation of iPhone are you using and what’s been your real-world experience? Thanks!

  81. Im using an iPhone 4 and I took off my data plan but every sense I used the APN changer I randomly get free Internet and it works even when my phone is cut off. I’m trying to figure out what makes it start working. Every time I turn on airplane mode, restart my phone or turn on 3G it goes away but later comes back. I’m trying to figure out what makes it work so next time I restart my phone I can get it back working after. Someone tell me if y’all have the same thing happen.

  82. Hey does anyone know if I can use this apn changer to make my iphone 4 that was bought from america usable with crazy johnsvodafone in australia? When I bought it, it had ios 5.0 on it and the baseband was already updated to 4.11.08 so I couldn’t do anything about it to start with. I’m not too sure how an apn changer works, but could someone that knows about it tell me if it will let me use my phone with a different carrier? The iphone 4 is currently locked to at&t and buying a plan is not an option as I’m in australia, and also they don’t offer any unlocking services for iphones so I’ll have to find something else.

    Please, anyone help, thanks in advance.

  83. I have a problem, when i was setting up my ipohne under gophone service, they asked me if i was using a smart phone! I told them yes, so unlockit.co.nz dosent work And i cant get data after i paid for the 50.00 unlimited plan for gophone..

  84. It would help if you were a little more descriptive about what changing the APN number means. You don’t really explain that on your web site. You assume that people know what this means. Where do you get the SIM card to put in the iphone? From another phone? Does the phone have to be a smart phone that is data capable? Also, why don’t you have ads on your web site. You have the google reader ikon. Are you a not-for-profit organization? This would seem to be a way to make money so the site could be self funding.

  85. Hello, i have a 50$ go phone unlimited plan. A coupe of days ago i had changed the apn did all the steps and had 3g internet work perfectly fine. Then just yesterday it stopped working and ive tried to redownload it several times and keeps saying it cannot connect to the server. Do you know whats going on ?

  86. @ Wotto

    Through the awesome, free, automatic APN changer on this site the iPhone 4 can be setup to use data on Consumer Cellular, the only thing the iPhone won’t be able do is picture texting. (For that, my understanding is the phone has to be jailbroken and apps downloaded to be able to access MMS settings. We haven’t attempted that yet.) Older iPhones don’t have this MMS issue as they have readily accessible data network settings.

    As much as cellular retailers would like to have you believe that smartphones, and especially iPhones, have to have data plans to function properly, they are not necessary. Convenient, yes; necessary, no. Most newer smartphones have Wi-Fi function that is a more than adequate (and many times, even faster!) free replacement for costly data plans.

    That’s where Consumer Cellular is great. For as little as 2.50, you get the convenience of web when you need it without doubling your cell phone bill!

  87. I have a iPhone 3GS and I’m on a plan with my grandparents and I had the unlimited data on a non smart phone and I out my sim in my iPhone and tried to go on the Internet and it said you are not a subscribed data thing.
    So I did this thing that on your website and now it let’s me get on the Internet.
    Does the data I use go onto the unlimited data I used to have?

  88. I currently have a blackberry torch 9800 running on a student plan with unlimited browsing, email, and social networking. I have bought a iphone 4. Will changing the apn settings on the i phone 4 provide me with unlimited data? I am currently with Bell in Canada

  89. I tried this unlockit website several times with a 3Gs Iphone and a gophone card and it did not unlock the internet. I also have seen several Youtube videos that says the same thing. When I talked to the rep at AT&T they said that the network is only 3G for voice on the go phone network not the internet. Does anyone know any other ways to get the internet with a gophone simm card?

  90. I have unlimited talk text and web through att and followed your instructions for my iphone 3gs 16gb. I cannot get safari to work. Please help

  91. @ Eugene
    you have to change the apn to cingular not att. I did it on iphone 4 and it worked fine, but, the unlimited data plan wont work you have to choose the 2 dollar a day pay as you go plan and buy a data package. I just used wifi and didn’t buy data cuz the iphone eats it up quick. but it does work if you want to pay for it.

  92. Hi, I am from AUS on crazy johns, whom does not support the iPhone so, I just used your site to access Internet when not on wifi, which worker although now my emails and mms won’t work. Help???

  93. I have an out of contract Iphone 3gs which I want to use with Straight Talk’s (USA) new plan of using their SIM in my phone. My phone is still LOCKED to ATT so I am unable to access/modify the necessary APN information. Straight Talk has provided several necessary APN parameters to change, but it does not appear your changer software is concerned with any of them. What am I missing? Do I have to carrier unlock/jailbreak my phone to get this done?

    1. this website Automaticlly changes Data APN Settings and if you want to change MMS Settings you have to use the “SIM Swap” method as I’ve described on my website in one of the articles

  94. every apn setting for AT&T I’ve used for the iPhone 4S running 5.0.1 (9A405) HAS BEEN WRONG, I’ve done as instructed an the results have been the same. After the data plans expiration its no longer works, an i have to add it again for the internet to work. Please let me know if theres something i can do to fix this problem.

  95. Hi,
    Awesome of you to do this.
    My iphone is jailbroken, former contract. I have a go phone card in it and the 50.00/month plan. Even though I. Was planning on using wifi, I was surprised that there’s no Internet without it? I did notice (weird?) that under its network settings, Cingular is listed? No idea where that came from- this was my brother’s phone- ATT contract, no locked pin. What do I need to do?

  96. I’m on a go plan with data feature for my AT&T iPhone 4 also and a few days ago, it just stopped working. It’s been perfectly fine for the last 4-5 months.. I’ve tried removing and reinstalling several times and doesn’t work. Even resetting my network. It started to work for 5 minutes last night and went back to not working. Lost on what to do next.

  97. Hello,
    Hi I have a h20 wireless network right now buy everytime I change the apn nothing happens an when I connect to safari it says I’m not connected to any servers. Or something along those lines.
    Your help is greatly appreciated. Ty in advance 🙂

  98. Hi. I am a newbie and trying to get to your page to install the APN Changer. But everytime I put the URL in, I keep getting the forum page. I’ve seen videos of how easy it is to do, but I can’t seem to get it to work. I have a jailbroken iPhone 4 running 5.0.1. My baseband is on 1.59.00 which means I can use Ultrasn0w to unlock. I am an AT&T subscriber and have bought a prepaid micro sim from Telestial (mobiledata is the info I need to input once I can get into the settings). The voice portion works fine (I can make calls, and it also shows AT&T in the carrier window) but I can’t configure for the data since the options are not there. So I have been recommended to your site. So I followed the instructions using my Safari browser, but still keep on getting the webpage (either the web version or the regular version) What am I doing wrong? I have also subscribed to your forums and waiting for a response for acceptance. I can’t get any help on this anywhere, so I wanted to ask you what am I doing wrong. Has anyone else has this problem? Or is one of my JB tweaks like GridTab or Safari Unibar is the problem?

    Please help…..


    1. Try is before you jailbreak… and yes the jailbreak or something you have installed from Cydia is causing the problem.

  99. Looks like a possible problem with the new 5.1 firmwear and APN settings. Getting a PDP authintication failure when trying to connect with 3G data. Any suggestions?

  100. I have an iphone that was turned into a gophone by a kindly employee of ATT. However, I can’t get data yet so I planned to modify the APN settings. Do I need to unlock the iphone first or can I just go ahead and change the settings? I can buy prepaid data service with my gophone configuration. thanks

  101. I just recieve a 5.1 IOS upgrade and I click ok then i cannot connect anymore to cellular data nertwork, my internet says im still connected but then when i open my email it shows that server no connection.

  102. I cannot figure out how to get apn settings on my 3GS iOS 4.3.2 plz help me 🙁 I have ur app but it doesn’t let me enter my own apn thanks for your time

  103. Please help…I am a long time straight talk user…usually using the Nokia E71 smart phone. I recently recieved an iphone 3gs as a gift and have ordered and installed the sim from the straight talk website. Seems my phone is working all but MMS and being that I have a new grandbaby…the first one as a matter of fact…the MMS feature is very important to me. Some say I need to unlock the phone. Some say I need to jailbreak the phone. I have no clue myself so can someone, anyone PLEASE give me some guidance. Thank you in advance sO sO much for and help! It is much appreciated!

  104. ^^^In Addition^^^To the above post…sorry…I have gone to http://www.unlockit.co.nz and did that part of the process. I have chosen United States as the country and Straight Talk as the carrier however I can not change the apn settings at all inside my settings.

    I was also curious if I was to restore to factory settings via itunes will it restore to the way it was WHEN IT WAS PURCHASED FOR ME? Because I do remember seeing the apn option in there in my settings when it was purchased and given to me. I must have updated through itunes or something and it is now not a feature I can see. Thank you again so so much for any and all input or answers regarding my issue.

  105. does this work with an iphone 4s? ive been thinking about it, tired of always having to use wifi or buy data packet in order to get on the internet. does anyone have any advice? is it a horrible mistake that i may regret if i did? i bought my iphone 4s out of contract so it was NOT cheap!

  106. Hello!
    My iphone does not have the option to change the APN, am i still able to change it?
    I would appreciate it if you could help me with that.


  107. I have Net10 and your app works great for everything BUT MMS. Is there way to change or add the MMS settings? Really sucks cause I can’t send or receive pics OR “long” text messages. Anyway to write that into the app? Thanks!

  108. I have the iphone 3G and downloaded your app. Worked great for everything but MMS. I am using straight talk…. I put in the United States and Straight Talk for the app but didn’t see any place to manually put in the MMSC, MMS Proxy and MMS Port information from straight talk. Can you help me get this added in to my phones settings? Right now I’m not given the option to manually enter it. Thanks!

  109. Straight Talk sells a T-mobile version of their SIM card and an AT&T version of their SIM card.

    Only the AT&T version will work with APN changer.

    The Straight Talk (tracfone, really) AT&T SIM begins with 890141023*, and is recognized as a “real” at&t sim (no unlock required) — just for the record 890141022* is an AT&T retail sim.

    The APN changer associates you with “att.mvno” for data. This will not work for the T-mobile version of the straight talk sim!

    Everything indeed works in 4.3.3 and 5.0.1 using unlockit.co.nz — no unlock or jailbreak required! However if you want MMS to work, you will need to edit your APN directly, and as of right now you need to install “tetherme” and “tetherme apn editing” from the Cydia store.

    Hope that saves you both a lot of grief.

    @ findmen0t

    @ Angela

  110. Thank you for creating and sharing the APN changer! I am on a very limited budget and had to change my monthly 3G iPhone service from AT&T to Straight Talk and your APN changer has made it possible for me to use my iPhone Internet outside my wireless home network.
    I haven’t experienced any problems with service and am able to still receive txt messages. Thank you again.

  111. I had the APN values E-mailed to me to compare with what Straight Talk said I need, but can’t read them. How do I open my attachment. Is there a way for me to enter their values manually?


    1. Hi there..

      My Settings for Straighttalk are 100%. There is no way to Enter MMS Settings via any profile so MMS Settings are not set at all.

  112. Hi, I have a verizon iPhone 4s. I tried this (and maybe I did it wrong) but I’m trying to make it work for Bell Canada. it keeps saying it can’t read the sim. Is it possible to unlock a verizon phone for a Canadian plan with Bell?

  113. maureen :I have an iphone that was turned into a gophone by a kindly employee of ATT. However, I can’t get data yet so I planned to modify the APN settings. Do I need to unlock the iphone first or can I just go ahead and change the settings? I can buy prepaid data service with my gophone configuration. thanks

  114. Hi, I have iOS 5.1.1 and I do not have the option to manually edit my APN settings. I wish to load an APN setting that will enable my personal hotspot. Do you know which setting I should choose? Currently I am using one of the two Virgin profiles (not sure which one as the Virgin Store set it up). Virgin Mobile could not help as they said it is not supported on a broadband/data only plan, and only supported on a postpaid mobile plan. However from online research it seems possible to enable the personal hotspot through the APN settings with instructions on how to do so however I don’t have the APN option in my iOS hence why I am using your preloaded APN settings. Could you please assist? It would be greatly appreciated and I will make a donation. Thanks.

  115. Hey whenever I try to search something on safari I get an error saying “cannot open page safari cannot open the page.” The error was: “There was a problem communicating with the web proxy server (HTTP).” what can I do to fix this?

  116. I have iphone 4 when see the settings >>profile(Apn carrier setting)>> it shows Apn carrier setting from http://www.unlockit.co.nz. what does it mean? and 3g data plan is not working and its proved that the problem is not from carrier service provider ..are these settings causing any problem for my phone i dont understand ..could someone please help me with this.

  117. Question: does changing APN helps with ATT figuring out that I’ve been putting the dumb phone’s sim card in my iphone to call and text (canceled data)? Or is it strictly an IMEI problem? Thanks!

  118. Will this work on a 4S I phone? The phone has the OS 6 installed. It will be on Straight talk and it is an ATT phone. Anything particular I should know about changing the APN? I hope I do not have to unlock or jailbreak it. I want the security of a non compromised IPhone. SO your site I am able to get unlimted MMS, calling and data? I hope so..

  119. You dont have to Jailbreak or unlock.. Just make sure the straighttalk sim is an ATT issue and not TMobile. Changing the APN is retty straightforward via the automated settings from unlockit.co.nz

  120. admin i have a net10 with my iPhone4 an i have done the sim swap an put the info in but eventually kicks it out i have the lastest software for apple can u help me pls

  121. I have a jailbroken 3gs with ios6. I cannot mms using go phone. When I attempt to do the unlockit.co.nz, it does not open to the page where I can select custon APN. Am I doing something wrong?

  122. Hi,
    I recently bought an iphone 4s but then I saw apps like facebook and youtube are not working in it. If I try to open these websites from safari, I get error saying these are blocked. Then I did some research and found that this phone is from apple china and these apps are blocked in china. I am not sure of this investigation. Can you please help me solve this problem ? rest every thing works flawlessly .

  123. hi i just changed from at&t to T-Mobile and i don’t have the password for change the APN and i don’t know which one is please tell me cuz i need my phone working!

  124. Hey @admin!
    I have an iPhone 4S with iOS 6 and I’ve been doing some research on how to update my apn settings since it doesn’t let me at the moment. Will your website provide my phone with mms? and network data?

  125. Buy the way I have an AT&T iPhone and It’s now using straight talk. I’ve read a few comments where your site won’t help with being able to have mms. Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you

  126. I have a att iphone 5 that I would like to connect to net10 or straight talk. I understand that the iphone takes a nano sim & the micro sim needs to be cut down for net10. Once this is done will I be able to have mms & internet data on this iphone5? Or should I just stay with att as my carrier?

  127. I have a iPhone 3G it is unlocked but I can’t even get ravening app or my mms working it has a straight talk sim and is a AT&T phone can you help me

  128. I just upgraded to iOS 6.1, the APN for Claro Dominican Republic is not working. I have it installed.

    Name: Claro
    APN: internet.ideasclaro.com.do
    MMS Port: 8080
    MCC: 370
    MNC: 02

    Please help. Thanks.

  129. Mike :I just upgraded a iPhone 5 to iOS 6.1, the APN for Claro (Dominican Republic) is not working. I have it installed.Name: Claro APN: internet.ideasclaro.com.do MMS Port: 8080 MCC: 370 MNC: 02Please help. Thanks.

  130. Wanted to say thank you – just got a hand-me-down iPhone 3Gs.Was with Telus in Canada but but will be spending 6 and 6 with US now. Had the phone factory unlocked . Was able to have a reseller change the APN through your site to use with an H2O plan Pay-As-You-Go plan(usesATT towers). Works perfect in the US which I am visiting, but back in Canada,of course, it doesn’t work with Telus. Can I change the APN back and forth every time I go back and forth US-Canada ? Is it difficult for a beginner? Thanks.

  131. Hello,

    I have an iPhone 5, and my carrier is Vodafone Portugal. I need to send MMS but

    i do not have data traffic because i do not need this, but i need send and

    receive MMS. I expose that problem to my operator but they do not resolve this.

    Do you have another solutions so solve this?

  132. I have an iPhone 3 that is unlocked and has a straight talk sim and is a AT&T phone. It is activated and talk and text are working fine. I am not able to get mms or safari to work. Straight Talk keeps telling me I have to download an app that will allow me to change the APN because there is no option to do so. They also say that I have to be connected to wifi in order to download the app. However, even though I have wifi at home and I know my network name and password, I am also unable to connect to the wifi. I have even tried going to McD’s to connect to theirs and it will not connect to any wifi. Any suggestions?

  133. I recently locked my phone. It ended with me restoring it. When my phone was backing up it didn’t download the apn changer app. So i did the unlockitz.co.nz steps again, and it didn’t work, it said that it failed. I tried over and over again. I have an iPhone 4s with iOS 6.1.2. Does the apn changer work for this iOS software?

  134. I may be in over my tech head, but cannot get my iPhone 4S to access the data plan (email) via 3G on StraightTalk. I unlocked it (and do not have a non ATT SIM card to try, as recommended on another site). Terribly frustrated! Suggestions WELCOME!

  135. Can you use a straight talk sim in a 4s that is unable to connect to wifi ?
    I bought a phone and the antenna or something is broke and cannot connect to wifi .

  136. I currently use a Straight Talk phone. Was given and iPhone 4 and went through the steps of ordering a new SIM card. Straight Talk transferred my service to the iPhone. I can text and make phone calls – although the reception is horrible. I cannot do anything else….so suppose I need to implement the APN settings. I have looked through tons of tutorials….and I do not see ANYTHING on the iPhone for APN. ????

  137. Hello,

    I have a question. my iPhone 4 is unlocked and jailbroken. i have a tmobile sim card in there and everything is fine but data and pic messaging. I’ve tried the web site on my phone and the apn has been changed, but it still doesnt work. any help ? thanks !

  138. Just used this for an Orange UK PAYG SIM, chose the default Orange option and it worked fine – impossible to get tech support from Orange so this was really helpful. One note is that you need to delete any old APN profile before installing the new one.

    Thanks for a great tool!

  139. I am basically having the same issue….every time I go to the APN changer, I just get their forum also….maybe since we are having the same issue, is a common problem that is easily solved!!!@ Frank Gorham

  140. I have an old iphone 2g and wanted to disable the data using fake APN, as I had successfully used this before. When I go to unlockit.co.nz, it only gives me options to enable APNs for different carriers, but not anymore to disable it. Can this still be done somewhere?


  141. G’day! When I tried “Install Profile” (for Australia – Vodafone) on my iPhone 3GS via http://www.unlockit.co.nz, I received this message: “Profile Installation Failed /
    Only one APN configuration can be installed at a time.”
    I bought the phone when I was living in NZ and used Two Degrees’ mobile data network there with no problems. Vodafone tell me it’s a hardware issue; not their end.
    I’m not sure what to try now. Any advice? Many thanks.

  142. Hey thanks for this site! My mother took over my old iPhone 3GS and has a prepaid sim with the unlimited everything including data, we applied your APN (Att us) and its not allowing her internet access but she can receive mms…I followed instruction to a T. Is there a setting I am missing? She doesn’t have Wifi access at the time but we did at time of install…any ideas?

  143. I used this for my IPhone 4 to change the settings for Straight Talk. The texting and whatever works, but internet does not.. Any suggestions?

  144. Hi all..thank you for ur continuous effort ..however i recently updated my iphone5 to ios 7 and internet apn stopped working ..carrier : vodafone egypt
    Thanks again

  145. Craig, you sir are a scholar and gentleman! Your site worked like a charm and saved me from a) having to deal with an annoyed wife (it is her iphone we’re changing) and b) having to call AT&T customer service for what would’ve been, undoubtedly, an annoying experience. So, thanks!

  146. I’m having a devil of a problem removing unlockit.co.nz! Yes, on my iPhone 4s it helped me have MMS, but now with the update at Straight Talk and IOS7, I’m again not able to use MMS. When I try to “remove (button)” it asks for a password which I no longer have or remember. What am I to do to remove the old 2011 apn app from unlockit.co.nz? I do have all my data backed upon iTunes, but am afraid it will just reinstall it…. I sure could use some help!

  147. Used unlockit.co to get data network on my iphone and it worked for a while just fine, but out of no where it stopped working and I don’t have internet anymor unless I have wifi. Everything looks the same as far as information about this, but I can’t figure out why I can’t get internet. Please help

  148. After updating my iphone 4 to ios 7 I am no longer able to get data and the updated speakout app will not load.
    Suggestions or am I out of luck.


  149. Hi, my problem is that i have iphone 4S and inside rsim9, but i dont have APN and doesnt work WiFi so i cant go to this webside and activate it. Can I activate without WiFi in my iPhone? Can I activate from Macbook?
    Thanks for helping me

  150. Any news on the APN changer working for iOS7? It stopped working for me once I updated to iOS7 on my iPhone 5. Does it work now? Doesn’t seem to be any updates on this site to indicate that the program is still useable????? Last update seems to be Sep 2013…



    1. Was your Phone jailbroken/hacked or alike in the past (or used a RSIM or alike SIM imposter). Did you have a refreshed iPhone or new from someplace?

  151. Sorry Im confused about how this will work. Currently I have a blackberry with bell, i just purchased an “UNLOCKED” iphone 5s. I have cutted my sim and tried to put it in my iphone 5s. Only calling is workiing, but data doesn’t work. If I follow your steps, will data work with my new iphone 5s? Cus Bell told me I can’t use Blackberry data on my iphone 5s. Is this what the site is all about? Ill be able to use my Blackberry plan for my iphone 5s without changing my phone number? Thanks alot

  152. I have an Iphone 5s bought in America in May 2016. It was never activated and was brought back to Australia as a gift.
    It is locked to Straight Talk which is only available in America and not in Australia.
    Can this phone be unlocked so that it can be used with network in Australia?

  153. Hi! could you add in operators of Ukraine, the settings for tethering Internet (personal Hotspot) iphone?
    This settings are the same as basic for the Internet, only be prescribed in line APN for tethering!


  154. Used my used iphone6 and follow your instruction to go to unlockit.co.nz and used Airvoice (my ATT MVNO) it works, but then I uninstall/reset the iphone, now when I ‘m about to install APN carrier setting, it request “enter your pass code” (4 digit) is that something that I should get from you or something else?

  155. This website works wonderfully to reset cell data connectivity for FreedomPoP iPhones. FreedomPoP won’t help users with APN settings, and these settings are inaccessible on many iPhones. If FreedomPoP cellular data goes down, and resetting carrier info won’t help, this website may correct the problem. It certainly did for me, on a very old iPhone 4 no less. Thank you very much.

  156. When I hit install on unlockit right hand corner my iPhone passcode comes up. I type in my passcode then install comes up I click and then get can’t install 2 profiles at one time. I have iPhone 6s plus with current software. What do I do from here, have tried several times with same results.

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