Beta Version Language Localisation

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I have started to Localise the language in the Beta Version which is shown when your iPhone is set to a non english Language. I have started to translate it to French and to Spanish so if you are looking at the App with your Phone set to these languages see how they look. If […]

New Beta Version of Unlockit

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I have put a link to the Beta Version of the iPhone Unlockit Application. You can access it at the moment by clicking on the “Try our Beta Version” on the 1st page when you go to the website from your iPhone. Please let me know what you think and if you have any ideas/suggestions/bugs

MMS on the iPhone

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A lot of my emails I get sent ask me why MMS does not work. Apple don’t give any way to set MMS Settings via any automated process at the moment so it is not possible to set these settings automaticlly when I set the data settings via the method I use. Maybe in the […]