iOS 10 and the APN Changer…

As iOS 10 has been released I would like to let you know that the iPhone Changer still works.

There have been no reports of problems with my website with iOS 10 (as of yet)



4 thoughts on “iOS 10 and the APN Changer…

  1. When I try to use the apn changer, I get the following message: “No installed applications could handle this file type.”

    I’ve used your changer in the past on this phone without a problem, so potentially this has something to do with the new iOS or maybe issues with the carrier (I’m using a Telus tablet sim card in my iPhone 6)?

  2. Thank you for the utility, a few questions…

    what’s the web-clip setting that gets added?
    also, is there any way for us to select ipv4 on the apn protocol?

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