How to use this website.

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This website enables data on your iPhone. To use it visit from your iPhone and follow the instructions on the screen. If you do not have and an iPhone and wish to get the same settings for your phone you can visit these Mobile Settings and get the information to place into your phone.

IPCC Carrier Bundle Generator

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I am developing an IPCC (Carrier Bundle) Generator which should be available soon. There are a couple of others available on the internet at the moment but they are not fully compatible with the latest iPhone 3.1.3 software and a little hard to use. It is in development at the moment so is not pubiclly […]

iPhone 3.1.3 Released

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iPhone 3.1.3 has just recently been released. Rumours of tethering working with officially carrier unlocked iPhones with unofficial sims….. Yes Officially unlocked iPhones (such as sold in New Zealand) will work with any other unofficial carriers SIM and Tethering Works No released jailbreak as of yet for the 3GS to access this service go to […]

Signed Profiles

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I have had quite a number of requests on how I sign my profiles so they come up with then listed a Verified when they are installed. Well it is pretty simple (after I worked out how it was done). If you are interested in this service and want to do it yourself please get […]

V3.1 Beta’s Released

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Apple have released V3.1 Beta’s (V3.0b3 is the latest) for Developers to test out. The V3.1 Beta’s now disable Tethering for non-supported Carriers so when it goes out of beta tethering on AT&T and other non supported carriers will be disabled and the mobileconfig and ipcc carrier files no longer works.