Welcome to the iPhone APN Changer

This website is designed to allow you to change your APN without having to unlock, jailbreak or otherwise install any third party software on your iPhone.
The APN is a settings (sometimes hidden) that tells your phone about how to access Mobile Data.
This is done via a configuration file which is supported via Apple and easily removed easily via the settings menu in your iPhone.

This service is supply absolutely free and if you feel the service is helpful please donate via the Paypal link.

To use this service, please go to http://www.unlockit.co.nz from your iPhone and you will see the iPhone formatted website.

New Features:
(06/11/2009) – New Theme added as this new one looks alot better and easier to use.
(01/11/2009) – Added more Carriers from around the world. If you need to use a carrier please which is not on the list please email the settings.
(19/06/2009) – Phone V3.0 Software settings for MMS and tethering
(25/05/2009) – SSL Signed Profiles so you are 100% your profiles are coming from here.

Coming Soon:
– MMS Settings for Various Carriers.
– VPN Settings
– More Carrier Settings Contact Me If you have any confirmed carrier settings which work)
– Finishing off Installation instructions
Buying an iPhone 3G and/or Mac. Please donate to me

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