Changing the APN on the iPad 3G

Apple have released the iPad 3G in the last couple of days in the States. I have read that the iPad is Carrier unlocked so you should be able to use any phone provider you want (as long as the carrier supports the same frequencies the iPad Supports). In theory (I’ve had no one contact me about it) that my website should work fine with the iPad 3G to change the APN for data.

The iPad 3G used a MicroSim, a Sim which is smaller in size than the normal but a normal sim can be cut down in size to fit into the iPad

I’ve have been updating the APN list but there are lots of Carriers I would love to add but finding the right details can sometimes be pretty hard (especially on non english countries). If you know of APN details which actually works get in touch with me with the details

Country , Carrier Name, Data APN, Data Username ,Data Password and any other information you can give me so I can update my database.

5 thoughts on “Changing the APN on the iPad 3G

  1. I just bought an iPad and there is no option to change the APN manually in the “Cellular Data” menu. According to Apple, the iPad will automatically recognize the sim, but you must plug the iPad into iTunes in order for this configuration to take place. So it looks like I need to travel with my laptop, which defeats the purpose to owning an iPad. :-/

  2. I’m really confused on how to set it up my APN…my problem is I have an unlocked iphone with Koodo and my data wont work. It says I dont have a cellular data plan but I do. I realize that I need to change my APN but I can’t find that anywhere in my phone. Do I have to download something to make this work?

  3. I also have an iPad 3G and I am stationed in south Korea using KT for my iPhone. I inserted the sim and plugged into iTunes, it updated but I still get no service? I tried the custom apn, it installed and again nothing. Am I missing something or do I need the manually update the apn settings? In cellular data I only know the apn which is alwayson.ktfwing.com from what I have found online. Can anyone help?

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