Hotmail on your iPhone

In the past Apple have not given an easy way to use your Hotmail account on your iPhone.

I read a while ago that Microsoft had given Exchange access to their hotmail accounts and I tried it but it did not work. I tried once again and now (for me at least) it works 100% now.

So how do you get your Hotmail account on your iPhone? Well its easy!

Go to http://www.unlockit.co.nz/hotmail.mobileconfig from Safari on your iPhone and it works.

It will ask for your username twice (put in username@hotmail.com in both times) and then it will ask for your password and it is as simple as that.

Your Hotmail mail will now be available from your iPhone Mail application

Good Luck!

13 thoughts on “Hotmail on your iPhone

  1. havent u been able to get your hotmail on your phone for a long time? ive been doing it since i first got my 3gs. pretty easily through the mail app actually

    1. When I read the information a while ago only a few hotmail accounts actually worked (mine not included).

      But it seems all hotmail accounts now work this way…

  2. Hi,
    your app works great if you have an @hotmail.com account but it seems it doesn’t if you have a @msn.com since it returns an empty inbox.

    Any idea if there is a change in settings that might make it work also for my msn account?



  3. It works thanks a lot … Question though in the hotmail inbox it can only show the new unread emails but the read emails in the inbox are not showing. ??!

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