iOS 5 and unlockit.co.nz

iOS 5 for developers came out this morning and I have tested it on http://www.unlockit.co.nz and it works with no problems. I have noticed a few of the transitions between pages look a little strange at times but that may be because of the webkit libraries I am using.

I have been developing a slightly new interface for installing the APN Details and it should be available in the next one or two weeks.

20 thoughts on “iOS 5 and unlockit.co.nz

  1. Hi
    I am using the software in NA-MTC but it is very unstable(some times internet works fine but some times its not working at all!!really random pattern)
    Seems asoon as I receive a call or make a call internet gets droped.
    Please can you help me fix this as it is really anoying
    Thanks for your time!!

  2. It seems like iOS5 beta 2 updates the AT&T carrier settings to 10.2.2 and doesn’t work with AT&T wap.cingular anymore. Any idea why?, or a workaround?

    1. See the latest post.. iOS5 b2 for Developers.. the APN settings don’t get installed due to (I expect) a bug.. I guess some people will have to wait until beta3 to get this fixed maybe

  3. i need help once i select for at&t then get the login and everything it asks for a passwork once i click install what to do iOS 5.0b5 iphone

  4. Hi. I have an iPhone 4 and I’m with at&t. I recently updated to iOS 5. None of the APN’s for at&t is working for me. Am I missing something? I even restart my phone after installing the profile but it still doesn’t work. Please help me. Thank you.

  5. Sherry, I had this problem too. Remove the ATT setting you used. When choosing the carriers, if you look down the list you will see there are several ATT entries further down (past the first one) I chose the one that says ATT Broadband and that works just fine. Hope this helps! K

    @ sherry

  6. Thanks Firebladeboy. I wasn’t able to receive MMS cuz I turned off Cellular Data on my 3GS iOS5 AT&T Carrie 11.0. I used the AT&T (Broadband) option, and it now works.

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