Developer iOS5b3 and mobileconfig files

Seems that the developer version of iOS5b3 still has the same problem as iOS5b2…

8 thoughts on “Developer iOS5b3 and mobileconfig files

  1. Hi i have a unlock iphone 4 with a go phone sim card ibeen to your site installed it as directed but still nothing i get a 3 g at the the top left hand corner but when i open safari it says not connected to a server. Do i need a data service plan?

  2. Hi,I have installed with the procedure & I am able to browse the internet, but at the same time when I checked balance. It got deducted. I got disappointed when I saw the balance in my mobile.

    Best Regard,Syed Sarfraz

  3. Jameel: Yes, with a GoPhone SIM you will need a smartphone data plan in addition to the normal talk/text plan (the “unlimited data” that comes with that plan is for non-smartphones only). You can add the smartphone data plan on the GoPhone website.

    Well, has anyone tested this out with Beta 4 yet?

    1. There is really no difference between a “smart” and “non smart” phones.. The APN settings will be the same..

      and yes setting APN’s now work in iOS5 b4

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