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    1. It works 100% without jail breaking.. it sets APN Settings. If your phone is locked to a carrier and you want to use another than you will have to unlock

  1. I have the iphone 4 ios 5, I put a gophone sim and everything works expect data, I jailbroke it and tried the APN changer on your site but I still do not have data. What to do?

  2. I have exactly the same problem! I have a iphone 4S, with the latest IOS 5.0.1, just updated today. I’m using AT&T gophone prepaid plan, was able to make phone calls, but cannot access the 3G network. Tried the APN changer, it didn’t work. Looking for answers here…

  3. problem fixed, it was the sim card, I changed to another sim card, not AT&T gophone sim card, and the APN option came out, and then I used the wifi to go on to unlockit.co.nz, and downloaded the APN changer, after that, I put the AT&T gophone sim card back, and it worked!
    So my suggestion is to try a different sim card to bring out the APN option!

  4. Helen,

    I had the same problem as you. I did follow your method/steps. But, it still does not get data connection, though it shows “3G” on the top left corner. I am using Gophone sim card $50 unlimited. Could you please advise me. Appreciated!

  5. Hi, i tried to restore my iphone 3 to os 5.0 in itunes becouse was very slow…
    some problems are happening.. my cell don´t work for while..

  6. hi guys well i have an iphone 3gs ios 5 jailbroken and unlocked so im been using tmobile for a while but i only get edge i want to go back to the att 50 prepaid plan so my question is anybody here have this att plan working on an iphone using the apn changer and be able to use data plan if so let me know guys please thanks

  7. the product works great,,thanks,, since it puts in the APN setting for the carriers,, it would be nice if you could incorporate also the MMS settings fo that carriers,,,thanks again Jay

  8. hey guys, im currently using the iphone3gs under the 50$ pay as you go plan for att. I was trying to get the data APN fixed but it seems that it hasnt. Im not being able to surf the safari. DO i have to restore my phone to its factory settings, or is there any other way that i could get this to work? please help!!

  9. I had a 3g and upgraded to a 4s. I have att unlimited plan(not for iphone) and used this apn changer with my 3g and all was fine. Data works fine on my 4s but no mms or vvm??? I tried all apn changers for att listed here. Any tips??? btw i have 5.0.1

  10. I haves iPhone 4s With latest IOS 5.0.1, the plan that me company have contract id With vodafone spain With blackberry . Is able make calls , but cannot acces the 3G network. I tried the APN but it didn’t work, other workers in the company has the iPhone 4 and the APN changer works perfectly. Thank’s for your help and advise

  11. Hi. I have iPhone 4 5.0.1 with AT&T prepaid sim and $50 prepaid plan. The unlockit apn worked for only a couple of days. It was fine before but It has been two days now that I can’t connect to Internet using 3G. Help me pls!

  12. i have the iPhone 3gs & i have the 50$ prepaid plan in at&t & i did the unlockit.co.nz & it worked at 1st but then my phone turned off & it turned on & now the data doesnt wrok , i tried to do the unlockit.co.nz thing again it doesnt work.
    Help ?! plz .

  13. I have the same problem… iPhone 4 with ios5 and the $50 unlimited gophone plan. Please help! I tried all the AT&T ones and they don’t work. Ugh!

  14. If u have the $50 unlimited plan and u have an iPhone u must buy a data plan. This is the only way u will b able to get the Internet on ur iPhone. I wish someone would figure out how to get around this!

  15. Does the unlockit work for iPad 1 3G or is it just for iPhones only I tried installing the AT&T profile still not able to get online

  16. I am on an iPhone 3GS and I can’t get my Internet to work I have tried all of your AT&T choices and can’t get it to work. I have done everything step by step. I believe I am on the new iOS 5

  17. hello please help
    I’m using an iPhone 4 and it running 5.0.1 and it tried it and it didn’t work my carrier is amayasim. Please Help!!! 🙂

  18. my friend i just make my profile APn Carrier stttings from costa rica,, by the way very completed with all carrier, but dont work ,, almost but not,,,, carrier sprint 11.3 model md380ll and firmware 1.0.14 … i will reset all settings !!!

  19. Hi, I downloaded this last night and it worked just fine but then it stopped working. Any reason how I can fix it? I have an iPhone 4 with the unlimited $50 a month pay as you go plan

  20. Hi, I have a jb ipad 1 and jb iphone 4. I downloaded this last night and unable to get it to connect. I have unlimited data plan with ATT and am in the USA. I am trying to tether my ipad 1 with the iphone 4. Is this possible? If so, what settings to I need for this to work. Thanks

  21. I have tried many times many times to do change the APN on mi IPhone. I have an iPhone 4 on iOS5. I am currently in the $50 unlimited plan on gophone. I have watch numerous videos on YouTube and they all use the previous version, and the new one does not look like the othe one. Please help me solve my problem. Thanks

  22. I just got a free iphone 4 (cracked screen but still works) I do not want a data plan nor do i intend to buy one. I originally read about this site and trimmed my sim card to fit and so far everything works fine. Im on IOS5 and I planned ion using the disable APN feature to hopefully avoid ATT money suckers from getting me. I an fine with data on WiFi. NOw I find that IOS 5 supposedly does not need a fake APN. I am wondering if I should use an APN from another carrier to freak the phone out so it can’t connect to ATT and ATT cant connect to it? I just am paranoid now. and thinking I make have screwed up jumping on the iPhone bandwagon.

  23. 3G is now working

    But I got a problem
    Each time I try to call somebody the network goes off and on
    And sometimes I recieve SMS failure

    iPhone 4s
    Vodafone Egypt

  24. im trying to do an at&t pay as you go unlimited data on a iphone 4s up to date. i can not get it to work and ive tried using ur webtsite all ways. my phone is also unlcoked

  25. Still works with IOS 6.01 on iPad mini AT&T version running on US t-mobile.
    Currently running edge until tmobile upgrades my city with the 1900Mhz band.

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