iOS 6.1 and unlockit.co.nz (Nothing New)

iOS 6.1 was released today and nothing has changed in regards to settings APNs on the iPhone. Things still work just as they did with all other versions.

The ability to set MMS Settings in any automated way _still_ has not been incorporated in to iOS yet which was a feature a lot of people wished was in it.

6 thoughts on “iOS 6.1 and unlockit.co.nz (Nothing New)

  1. There is still a way to edit your cellular data mms settings on the iphone 4 atleast.. All that needs to be done is jailbreak your phone, get a t-mobile sim and do a sim swap. Works on mine otherwise I would have no data ability on ATT…

  2. I have a GS3 which has an English lock code on it, since I am no longer on AT&T I have not been able to use my phone…HELP!!!

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