The evasi0n is here!

evasi0n is here.

Evasi0n is a untethered jailbreak for the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and the iPod Touch when they are running version 6.0 or above of iOS.

It is not a carrier unlock.

You can download evasion from http://www.evasi0n.com or you can download it directly from here:

Evasi0n – Windows Version
Evasi0n – Mac Version
Evasi0n – Linux Version

Make sure you read the read me file before using as it tells you that you will have to make sure you have disabled any lock code on the iPhone,iPad etc

One thought on “The evasi0n is here!

  1. What is jailbreak for the iPhone and what about unlocking the iPhone 3? I’m on straight talk and I’m getting a iPhone 3 how can I put straight talk on it? Help

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