Net10 APN Change in Settings (Again)

Hi Folks.. It seems Net10 have changed their APN Settings (Again) for users.

I have updated the Profile now with the New Settings and people can choose Net10 (AT&T) or Net10 (iPhone) and either will work.

52 thoughts on “Net10 APN Change in Settings (Again)

  1. I have a 3GS unlocked and running 5.1.1 Ihave AT&T go phone $250 minute plan and I purchased a gig of Data but I cannot get data with either Net10(AT&T) or Net10(iPhone).
    Is there something I’m missing?

  2. I have an iPhone 6 with iOS 6.1, and the new APN settings for Net10 (iPhone) don’t work. I’m not getting any data to my phone. It worked prior to the change.

    1. Check again . Net10 Changed the Settings 4 times and depending when you got your account you have to use different settings..

  3. As of 20 Feb 2013, this APN has stopped working for my iphone. I’m not sure what changed, but I have absolutely no data plan at all now. Phone and SMS work fine, of course. iphone 4s, ios 6.1, net10 on AT&T network.

  4. For my BYOD Net10 SIM the “Net10 (iPhone) setting works, but not the others. Still no MMS, but I’m thankful to have DATA at all.

    -Thanks man.

  5. I have the internet working, just no MMS

    iPhone 5 (1429) on Net10. Tried APN : Net10 (iphone) and Net 10 (tfdata), neither work. Anyone have any luck?

  6. Any luck sending MMS ? tried all the available settings, using an iphone 5 (1429) on net 10.

    Internet works fine, just no MMS.

  7. As of yesterday the net10 iphone setting stopped working for data. I have switched to net10 tfdata which seems to be working fine for now.

  8. Hello, I have used the unlockit for months without fail. I have an AT&T iPhone 4 using 6.1.2. I got booted from the web and decided to look for an updated for APN. I tried both listed and neither is working for me. I was on the phone with Net10 for an hour with no help except they said I should be all set. Before I wait for an hour or more at apple, do you have a new update ??

  9. Is it possible to make an APN for Net10 that will change both the data APN *and* the MMS APN fields? for some reason with my new iphone 5 the APN keeps reverting from the working APN (tfdata) to “phone” att default values…. I have to manually go in and re-apply the tfdata to make it work again… The MMSC and proxy stick as well as the data APN (thanks to your profile) but the MMS resets… DRIVING ME NUTZ!! lol everything worked fine on my iphone 4s but not my 5. I have searched for days on this topic and many people are experiencing this problem with still no fix. COME THROUGH FOR US MAN!!!!! is this a possibility? or maybe a way we can create our own custom profiles kinda like the apple iphone configuration utility does? (although it does not support mms data APN either, just the top data APN only like your profiles. Please help? THANK YOU!!!!

  10. hello

    I want to create APN because I have the problem that I get off the internet settings on my iPhone 4s and can not find where it says create apn please need help creating thanks I’m from sweden

  11. I have a AT&T Advail phone that I purchased a Net10 SIM card for. Have been struggling to find the right APN settings for it. NET10 hasn’t been a lot of help (keep getting conflicting info). The setting I have now allows everything to work EXCEPT for sending and receiving pics thru text messaging?!? Never had a problem before I switched. Any suggestions?!?

    1. As you may or may not know Apple have never given a way to set in any
      automated way the MMS Settings.

      There are methods to set the MMS Settings such as jailbreaking the iPhone
      or using a Simswap Method but these are not supported via Apple.

      I have set up a petition I will forward to Apple regarding this and you
      can see it at:


      I ask you to sign it and invite as many people all your friends on
      Facebook and emails to sign it as well.

      Craig Whitmore

  12. Note I was having the same problem with no 4G/3G/internet data after reactivating my monthly bill even though texts were going through. Using the APN Changer site everyone else uses I tried the AT&T one, the Net10 (At&t) setting as well as Net10 (tfdata), Net10 (iPhone), Net10 (att.mvdo), also the site the Net10 website suggests but the only one that finally worked was Net10 (wap.tracfone). I’m not sure if it has to be that one or it just simply took time to finally work but try it and tell me if it helps cuz it was driving me nuts as well restarting over and over.

  13. Hello

    I’ve been trying to use it and it isn’t working. I have net10 and it still isn’t working. My phones original carrier was AT&T. My 3G isn’t on when I try to switch my APN. Can’t you please help me

  14. I have msg,emailed,google&utubed everything about how to fix this apn,iOS for my iPhone & still have gotten nowhere with it!!! I guess my son wasted $200 on me because nobody can HELP DOWNLOAD THE APP OR SHOW HIM HOW TOO!! They will take his money & he’s 12 but they can’t do this !!!!!

  15. I just purchased an unlocked 3G i phone and activated on Net10. I cant put the apn values in under general/settings. I can only reset to factory. Please help.

  16. I have a factory unlocked iphone that came from ATT and that i am now using with net 10. My wifi and texting work but I have no cellular datat at all. I have read many reviews, tried to dowload things to change the APN settings and nothing seems to work. Can you help me?

  17. Hi I am trying to connect to viber but it is asking me for APN not sure what that is please help I do have a 9900 blackberry phone

  18. I got net 10 on a iphone 3gs just try all the net10 apn’s until one works. I got my internet to work with net10 att.mvno. its pretty fast too.

  19. my iphone used to work with the net 10 att.mvno. but today it stopped working and now none of them work on my phone what can i do?

  20. @admin

    My Iphone 4s is factory unlocked. It does NOT Show in General the Option Network or Cellular.
    Therefore of course I can´t make any APN sttings for sending MMS.
    Even though I installed now this automatic APN Setting provited by “unlockIt.co.nz for my carrier Red Pocket here in the USA it didn´t Change anything. Internet, SMS text Messages and phone calls work fine as the also did before, but regarding MMS nothing changed unfortunately

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