iOS 7.1 Releases Today

iOS 7.1 Released today and the iPhone APN Changer still works well. There are many changes between 7.0 and 7.1 but none of them directly affect how the website works.

Over the last few months I have added a large number of iPhone Mobile Settings for various Carriers around the world but I add more over time as people contact me to add them in.

If your Carrier is not listed please let me know and preferably a link to the Carrier you are using so I can look up the settings and add them in (or a link to them directly makes it easier for me).

There may be a mistake in a few but over all I believe 99% of the settings are correct for carriers.

I am also looking for more advertisers so if you are interested in advertising directly with a very popular iPhone related site please let me know as well.

– Email – iPhone APN Changer Admin – admin@unlockit.co.nz

8 thoughts on “iOS 7.1 Releases Today

  1. I have a few questions about the update. i dont know much about unlocking phones but i have a sprint iphone with a special sim card that with the help of your site am able to use with tmobile. A friend told me about the update and I updated because in the past the updates have not given me any problems. Now i am unable to unlock my phone again like before. the neterteam patch app does not show on my phone like before. The APN does but i still have no service. continues to say Sprint. Hopefully you are able to help me with this. Your site is amazing and has helped a lot already. Thanks in advance either way..

  2. Hi, just updated to 7.1 thismorning and cant get data, 4s verizon using rsim air, calls and text work perfectly, install the apn for telcel mexico, turn off wifi and still no 3g icon or anything after 10 minutes, any idea?

  3. I tried to follow instructions on how to get the apn for my sim ( grameenphone BD) but even after installation, the profile does not work. Tried to restart the phone too but still the same.

  4. My iphone 4 is flashed to Cricket but the carrier is Verizon, call and text work perfect but data/internet doesnt work maybe I thought it’s an APN issue but again on unlockitco.nz theres no Cricket carrier to get an APN from

    1. I presume you where using a third party hardware RSIM/XSIM or alike. This is not compatible with the iOS 7.1. Suggest you get your iPhone Properly Carrier unlocked .

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