Update: iOS 9.0 and APNs Change

Update: I have made some changes with the way the profiles are sent to iOS9 and above.
If your APN is not workin (and it did before), remove the old one (Settings.. General.. Profiles) and install a new one from my website (http://www.unlockit.co.nz from your iPhone)


Apple have changed the way the Profiles work with iOS 9

I should have shortly a new profile which will work.

At the moment the old profile will install but basically do nothing.

4 thoughts on “Update: iOS 9.0 and APNs Change

  1. Please MTN settings for APN have changed in Cameroon.
    apn : mtnwap
    user and password : blank
    That is for Ios. The ones in your website are not right anymore.
    Please can you fix it asap ?
    Thank you for all

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