Come and Talk on the Forum!

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Come and talk on the Forum. You can log in via your facebook account now to make it easier to join up. Come and have fun! You can go to the Forum by clicking on the Forum link up above or by going to

Update of Website

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I noticed that a few people where not entering any details into the APN Changer and then clicking Create Profile. This would create an invalid settings file and give an error message. I have added a few checks to the website so it will give a pop up on the screen if you are not […]

BEFORE you Install iOS4

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There seems to be a bug that is affecting some people. if you have installed an APN Profile in Pre iOS4 and install iOS4 , the old profile may not be liked by iOS4 and hide it away. When you try and install a new profile it will say you can only install one profile […]

iPhone APN Related Error Messages

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Sometimes due to various reasons you may get error messages when you are installing APN Settings (from here or other websites). The errors may include the ones below. “Only one APN configuration can be installed at a time” “Cannot Install Profile. Safari could not install a profile due to an unknown error” Normally these errors […] and iOS 4 (iPhone OS 4)

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iOS 4 (Previously called iPhone OS 4) GM version was released yesterday . A lot of testing has been done and I’ve found no problems with it working. Hopefully in a couple of week the public version of iOS 4 will be released maybe. If you have any problems with iOS4 and please let […]