What is an APN ?

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So what is an APN? APN stands for Access Point Name.┬áIt is an identifier for access to data on a mobile network. It is a name usually something like “internet” with an optional username and password. If you have the incorrect APN for a mobile network then you will not be able to access any […]

MMS and Profiles

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I’ve had a lot of questions regarding my Profiles and MMS Settings. At the moment it is not possible to set MMS Settings via the Profiles. It may be possible under IOS5 but Apple have not released any information as of yet if you can. (But I don’t expect so). If you can enter the […]

More carriers coming this weekend

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This weekend I will be adding a lot more carriers’ APNs to the website. Also, as of yet I have not got many MMS Settings to put up but I will attempt to add a website to show the MMS Settings for the Carriers I have. A little problem is you cannot set MMS Settings […]

Adding MMS Settings for Carriers

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You cannot set MMS Settings via mobileconfig files (the method I use to set the Data Settings) so you will have to add them in my hand. I’ve had a lot of people ask me for these settings so I’ve decided to put them all in one place. Over the next few weeks I will […]