More carriers coming this weekend

This weekend I will be adding a lot more carriers’ APNs to the website.

Also, as of yet I have not got many MMS Settings to put up but I will attempt to add a website to show the MMS Settings for the Carriers I have.

A little problem is you cannot set MMS Settings via the method I am using so you have to enter them by hand (if you can). If you can’t get into the menu to enter the MMS Settings by hand then you are a little stuck at the moment until I can work out some “easy” way of doing this.

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    1. COntact your phone company or look on their website and find the below information and give it to me and I can add it in:

      Carrier Name:
      APN (Username):
      APN (Password)

  1. I have the softbank prepaid one in Japan:

    Country: JP
    Carrier Name: Softbank (Prepaid)
    APN: mailwebservice.softbank.ne.jp
    APN (Username): softbank
    APN (Password): qceffknarlurqgbl
    Proxy: sbmmsproxy.softbank.ne.jp:8080
    MMSC: mms/

  2. Please, add Orange Spain ES-Orange to the repository… Thanks

    This are the data for Internet, MMS and thetering:

    * Punto de acceso: internet
    * Nombre de usuario: orange
    * Contraseña: orange

    * Punto de acceso: amenamms
    * Nombre de usuario: MMS
    * Contraseña: AMENA
    * MMSC: http://mms.amena.com
    * Proxy MMS:

    * Punto de acceso: internet
    * Nombre de usuario: orange
    * Contraseña: orange

  3. Can you please get simplemobile settings because I can’t enter them manually.

    apn : Simple

    mmsc : http://smpl.mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc

    mms proxy :

    mms message size : 614400


  4. Hi,

    thanks for the Virgin mobile france APN 🙂
    Can you try to add this MMS support :
    APN : orange.acte
    APN (username) : orange
    APN (password) : orange
    MMSC : http://mms.orange.fr
    Proxy MMS : 192.168..10.200:8080

    As you can see, APN is different for MMS than for others functionnalities…
    Hope you’ll be able to make this work 🙂

    Thanks =)

  5. Here are the manual settings for mms Etisalat

    Connectine name : mms
    Data dearer : GPRS
    GPRS connection : when needed
    Access point name : mms
    User name : mms
    Password : mms
    Prompt password : no
    Authentication : normal
    Wap gateway ip address :
    homepage : http://mms/servlets/mms
    Connection security : off
    Session mode : permanent
    Multimedia reception : always
    On receiving messages : retrieve immediately

    Can you add this in APN

  6. Can you please add the complete configuration for French Virgin ? Because I can have Internet thank to you, but not my MMS.

    Virgin FRANCE (on Orange network)

    1) for DATA
    APN : ofnew.fr
    APN Username : orange
    APN Password : orange

    2) for MMS
    APN : orange.acte
    APN Username : orange
    APN Password : orange
    MMSC : http://mms.orange.fr
    Proxy MMS :
    Max size : 614400

  7. Hmm, think I posted the other info in the wrong thread, sorry for double post.
    I know there is a Vodafone Romania option, but it’s not complete, so here’s one from our vodafone site.
    Settings Name Vodafone live!
    Homepage http://live.vodafone.com
    Display Image On
    Sesion mode Permanent
    Connection security Off
    Data bearer GPRS
    Preferred connection GPRS
    Service Type HTTP
    GPRS Connection When needed sau Permanent
    Response Timer 150 sec
    GPRS Linger Time Nu se modifică
    CSD Linger Time Nu se modifică
    GPRS Access Point live.vodafone.com
    IP Address
    IP Port 8080
    Authentication Normal, PAP, CHAP sau dezactivată
    Data Mode Connection Oriented
    Login Type Automatic
    Username live
    Password vodafone

    Thank you.

  8. Hello,
    here they are setting parameters for Postemobile (Italy).

    MMS (GPRS) – Parametri Valori

    – APN mms.postemobile.it
    – Home page http://mms.postemobile.it/servlets/mms
    – Indirizzo serv.proxy
    – Porta 80
    – Autenticazione Normale
    -Tipo di trasporto dati GPRS

    WAP(GPRS) – Parametri Valori

    – APN wap.postemobile.it
    – Indirizzo IP
    – Numero porta proxy
    – URL/Indirizzo/Homepage http://wap.postemobile.it
    – ID
    – Password

    Internet (GPRS) – Parametri Valori

    – APN internet.postemobile.it
    – Indirizzo IP
    – Numero porta proxy
    – URL/Indirizzo/Homepage
    – ID
    – Password

  9. Can you please add this for T-Mobile US (I see other options but not these specific ones, which is what they have given me):

    Cellular Data
    APN: wap.voicestream.com

    APN: wap.voicestream.com
    MMS Proxy:

    Internet Tethering:

  10. @admin

    Sorry, APN Settings for Softbank prepaid Japan have been added too? I select JP – Softbank in the combo and it still shows smile.world instead of mailwebservice.softbank.ne.jp.

  11. please add in FASTWEB Mobile Carrier (italy) this setting for MMS (apn internet works fine) !!!!

    Profile name :FW MMS
    APN :apn.fastweb.it
    Autenticazione : nessuna
    Nome Utente & Password : nessuna
    Home page (Server Proxy MMS): http://mms.fastweb.it/mms/wapenc
    Porta (Gateway): 8080
    IP proxy server (Centro Messaggi) :
    Tipo connessione : dati a pacchetto
    Download: Automatico

  12. One more from Spain.

    Country: Spain
    Carrier Name: Euskaltel
    APN: internet.euskaltel.mobi
    APN (Username): CLIENTE
    APN (Password): EUSKALTEL

  13. Settings for BSNL 3G, Gujarat, India

    Mmsc proxy=
    mms max message size =
    mms ua prof url=

  14. Can you ammend vodafone india to include mms settings as below:

    mmsc: mms1.live.vodafone.in/mms/
    APN: portalmms

  15. I’m using iPhone 4 in Algeria, and i can not connect to internet With this new phone
    Before it was Like that
    APN : internet
    User: internet
    Password : internet
    So please CAN you add the Country Algeria
    Because its not listed in your program.
    Thank you

  16. Can you please get simplemobile settings because I can’t enter them manually.

    Country: US
    Carrier Name:
    APN (Username):
    APN (Password)

  17. Can you please get simplemobile settings because I can’t enter them manually.

    Country: US
    Carrier Name: Simple Mobile
    APN (Username):
    APN (Password)

  18. You are the best! Please can you enter the following carriers?

    Country: Kyrgyz Republic
    Carrier: Beeline
    APN: internet.beeline.kg
    Username: blank
    Password: blank

    Country: Kyrgyz Republic
    Carrier: Megacom
    APN: internet
    Username: blank
    Password: blank

    Country: Kazakhstan
    Carrier: Kcell
    APN: internet
    Username: blank
    Password: blank

    Much love from Central Asia.

  19. hey i tried to set custom settings for meteor in ireland which is supported by u.. it said that “only one APN configuration can be installed at a time.”..can anyone help?

  20. Hey, could you please add or fix the settings for H2OWireless. H2O is a usa based prepaid gsm provider operating off of at&t the full correct settings for mms and apn are listed below. many thanks.

    proxy gateway ip address: proxy.mvno.H2OMobileweb.com
    proxy gateway port: 80
    WAP APN: att.mvno
    WAP homepage url: http://www.H2OMWeb.com
    MMS APN: att.mvno
    MMS URL: http://mmsc.cingular.com

    mms Proxy: proxy.mvno.h2omobileweb.com:80
    mms max msg size: 400
    mms ua prof url: http://mmsc.cingular.com


    **note** I got my internet to work on an iphone 3g ios 4.1 baseband 5.14.02, jailbroken using the website to add a custom apn and selected BLANK Profile and set my APN to (att.mvno) no username or password. I couldn’t get the mms to work though.

  21. Please could you advise if there is a solution for MMS settings yet? I keep manually putting them in but for some reason iPhone keeps reverting back to idata.o2.co.uk!
    I installed your APN which solved the mobile data but not MMS. Hoping for a solution so I can get picture messaging back!


  22. So this is what happend. i jail broken my iphone 3G with sn0wbreeze
    can u make a T-moblie one?
    country: USA
    Carrier: T-mobline

  23. i install APN for H2o usa..i cant send pictures..can you tell me why???maybe i did something wrong..i can use internet 3G but still can’t send pictures from my iphone…

  24. HI I from the Solomon islands i need to access the internet freely but need to have a user name and a password. If u have any info please help me out.

    Carrier: Solomon island telekom(SI Breeze)

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