Updated: FakeAPN on Vodafone New Zealand

Update: If you want to disable data on Vodafone in NZ then go to custom APN and choose NZ – B&W. Strange but true. The way it works is B&W are a MNVO (Virtual Carrier) with Vodafone and if you try and use B&W’s APN it will not allow you to (as you are not a B&W customer).


Vodafone New Zealand have just made it in the last couple of days so any APN will work for data now which breaks the functionality of the FakeAPN Settings. This means that any APN you put into your iPhone (or any phone) it will allow data. I know no other countries which they do this (none reported) so New Zealand is quite unique. At the moment we have a solution for this (without jailbreaking or alike your iPhone) and we will releasing it soon.

So be aware if you are trusting this FakeAPN (In New Zealand) to block data over the cell phone network it might nort work.