We are now working with iPhone 4.0 Beta 3

Our profiles now wotk with iPhone 4.0 Beta 3.

If you are a developer running Beta 1 or 2 you should update to Beta 3 (as it fixes alot of problems in Beta 1 or 2) and this website will now work properly (.mobileconfig files now work but have to be slightly different than V3.x ones due to a couple of issues.

If you have any problems installing when running iPhone V4.0 Beta 3 please get in touch with me.

38 thoughts on “We are now working with iPhone 4.0 Beta 3

  1. I tried to install it on my AT&T USA iPhone running 4.0 Beta 3 and it doesn’t work. Comes back with “Only one APN configuration can be installed at a time”
    I don’t have a single Profile Installed.

    1. As AT&T are an official carrier there should be no reason to install a new APN?

      Can you send me a screen shot? of the error?

  2. Hi,

    I’ve got the same problem here – 4.0b3 running on a factory unlocked 3GS from Spain. Put in a prepaid AT&T card and it just won’t access the internet thru wireless services.


  3. I have a problem installing fake profile. Safari says that profile can’t be installed because of unknown error. Thats all I get.
    This problem occurs on iPhone 3G, OS 4 beta 3, Czech language applied, T-mobile CZ carrier, no other profile installed, tried after restart.
    The custom profile seems to work fine.

    1. If you have not noticed in V4.0 there is an option on the Settings application to actually turn off Cellular Data which can be used instead of the FakeAPN on the 3G and is alot nicer.

  4. Hi. I have a 3G officially unlocked from Orange in France, just got a contract with Virgin in France and I use OS 4.0 beta 3, as an official Apple developer. I used your website to get a profile (Custom > FR Virgin), it got added fine, it shows up in my profiles in the settings but I still get a “cannot connect to the internet” message. Is there anything more than downloading the profile to do for it to work, or do you have any idea why it doesn’t work ?
    Thanks anyway for your job.

  5. I turned on Roaming and it now works fine. My only concern is: Will it be charged as roaming? I don’t think it will, but why do i need to do so?

  6. I am an Australian iPhone user on the Optus network, I installed the unlock profile and it all looks great but when I go into Settings > General > Network I only see a Setup Terthering button and when pressed it asks me to contact Optus to enable tethering. The profile is installed and verified but can’t quite get it working…

  7. I’m running Beta 3 and I get the same error as ECHUSA (commented May 8th at 12:42).

    “Only one APN configuration can be installed at a time”. I also don’t have any profile installed.

    I own a factory unlocked iPhone 3GS (in Italy they sell them unlocked) and I’d like to add the Vodafone web.omnitel.it profile.


  8. I bought an iPhone 3gs with an at&t carrier..I saw this site and installed first the fake apn than my carrier that I use here in Norway. Is what I have done correct? Since I can’t use the telenor – norway simcard after it. Or have I simply mistaken something?

  9. Work brilliant for me on AT&T – with Beta 4…! Thank you! Now I can switch between my Berry and iPhone again – you rock!

    1. What does not work? if you are using an official Carrier then you shuoldn’t need to change your APN Settings

    1. How did I get it working? I just did and does it enable tethering? it depends on your Carrier .. and btw.. the name isn’t Adam 🙂

  10. @admin
    If you do not book the tethering plan you can not use tethering on official carrier. If you are on reseller contract of same carrier, then you can not book tethering option and not change APNs.

  11. Ahora que ya mero sale el firmware 4, no se si actualizar mi iphone pues tiene unlockit pero es para la version 3.1.3 pero no creo que sea compatible con la version 4, y si lo acutualizo se puede gastar mi saldo en un abrir y cerrar de ojos, espero y saquen algo para que no se gaste el saldo en el firmware 4, gracias

    1. TXTing has nothing to do with APN and you should be able to text without any APN Settings. What phone provider are you with? is the phone hacked (jailbroken etc in anyway).

  12. @admin
    Actually, there are those of us AT&T customers who have “flip phone” (non-smart phones) SIM cards installed into our iPhones, thus we MUST have the APN changed in order for our iPhones to actually get a signal (instead of “No Service”).

    The problem is simple: Those who previously installed your APN on their iPhones, and then upgraded from 3.x.x to 4.0, then attempted to install the APN again came across that there was already a profile installed. So then they uninstalled the profile, and then attempted to install the new profile, only to get the error “Only one APN configuration can be installed at a time.”

    You then suggest they need to restore, install the new APN *before* syncing. Okay, that’s all fine and dandy, but guess what, once they sync, it reinstalls the old APN from the backup of their phone when they were on 3.x.x, and the same situation applies again. The ONLY way to keep the new APN is to NOT restore from a backup. BUT, the problem here is that you lose ALL of your settings, camera roll, etc.

    So what we’re kindly asking you is to tell us how to make the phone not think there is a profile installed (even tho it clearly says “No profiles currently installed”). We need your HELP, please.

    Very Sincerely…

  13. Okay, I managed to restore DOWN to 3.1.2, use RecBoot to get me out of recovery mode (because iTunes don’t want ya downgrading, lol). I then restored from a backup (was able to get everything back like previously), then UNINSTALLED Unlockit APN Changer. I then deleted ALL my previous backups from iTunes, and then updated to 4.0. iTunes did an auto backup before the update, then it upgraded the phone to 4.0, and then restored from that aforementioned backup. I had AT&T cellular service (just not data service), so I was then able to go to Unlockit and install the APN Changer, which gave me back by data service. WOOT! 🙂

  14. I was not able to downgrade and got this error: the iphone iphone could not be restored. an unknown error occurred 3194. Any idea?

  15. I have an Aussie Phone (Three) legally unlocked to work in USA and have an ATT prepaid card. I have all the problems listed above (used to work in America, upgraded to 4.0, uninstalled APNs as requested, says cant install because only one APN even with none installed). I am only in America for 2 weeks this trip. I really want to have data, but not sure I want to go thru everything BFB did above. So I ask: 1) Does anyone think there will be an easier fix for this or is this our fate. and 2) Is there a time frame on a better fix (I will return again to the US in September). and finally – scariest question of all – when I return to Australia in 2 weeks and try to use data on my normal service (Three Australia – who I bought the phone from and have regular plan with) – will it work or will I run into problems there too?

    Thanks so much for any help you can give.

  16. @BfB
    Can you pl tell me how to downgrade the phone from iOS4 to 3.1.2, in case of iPhone 3G. I use Vodafone one of the official carriers of iPhone in India and my internet doesnot work thru the cellular Network.

  17. I just synced my contacts and calendar with google and moved my pics to my computer then did a restore from itunes without using the backup option. It didn’t revert back to the old OS but I was then able to reload the APN settings and restore from a previous backup. Hope this helps.

  18. Hi Adam. I posted a week or so ago and am still hoping to get my Iphone 3Gs up and running with Cell Data so I can access the internet/email without needing a wireless hotspot. I have an Iphone 3Gs but am on my company’s AT&T business account which also uses ActivSync for realtime email via data plan. My work does not support the Iphone so I switched the AT&T sim card from my Samsung “work issued” smart phone to the Iphone 3Gs last year. Downloaded your APN fix and everything was great for the longest time, until a week or so ago. I upgraded to OS4 without reading any postings on this website and now I lost my Wireless Carrier Data capabilities. So even though I do have AT&T service through work, I do not have the Iphone specific data plan as my company’s data plan is for other non-Apple devices. Is there an easy step by step instruction page you can post to walk those of us who are not “too technically savvy” through the fix? I realize this may already exist in this above stream but I am not comfortable trying to piece together everyone’s input to make it work. (I am running windows XP if that helps). Please help….I am lost without my cell data service for email/internet apps. Will a restore wipe out my work’s Active Sync? Will I need to put the sim card in the Samsung device to reinstall ActivSync after the restore…. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

  19. hey….i have an unlocked iphone 3g from usa….im in india using it….i could not access internet from my phone….i use AIRTEL …..An error message ONLY ONE APN CONFIGURATION CAN BE INSTALLED AT A TIME appeared…but there are no other profiles installed…..plz help me….ive been trying this from months….plz help me …..

  20. Hi I am having the same problem as many people here, I was running 3.1.2 and used your site to instal a fake APN so that I would not get data charges on virgin (australia) i then updated to 4.0.1 and switched carriers to Telstra (still australia) where i now have paid for a data plan, so i deleted the fake apn profile yet internet still will not work, if I try to instal new settings via email or directly from your site or even using iphone configuration utility it will not allow me, saying ‘only one apn configuration can be installed at a time’, i am assuming that the apn profile is therefore hidden somewhere in my phone. I really need to use the mobile internet and I cannot restore and set up as a new phone as my itunes wants me to update to 4.0.2 and I need jailbreak, also I have txt messages and settings etc that I need to keep, this is a major problem for me and I wouldn’t ask for help except i have been searching for weeks now and still cant find an answer to my problem, i am using am unlocked (legally) 3gs from the United Kingdom, and I have a macbook, please can you help me get things working again? maybe you know where the hidden profile is stored in my system files so i can delete it, or you are working on a run around, thank you 😉

  21. as a side note, quite strangely internet tethering still works, just not accessing the internet via mobile data on my phone (eg mobile safari or facebook etc)

  22. I’m in the same boat as Andy above exept I moved from crazy johns to telstra. I have a crap load of apps and would apricot not losing them to a restore. Any updates on this would be great.

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