iOS 5.1 Beta 3 Released

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iOS 5.1 Beta 3 for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch was released today for developers only. There is no information on bugs or features in this version apart from “This beta version of iOS 5.1 contains bug fixes and improvements.” If you are a developer and have Beta 2 installed you should be able […]

Update: APN Changer on iOS 4.2 Beta

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Update: this should be fixed now and the website works on iOS 4.2 Beta Apple have released iOS 4.2 Beta to developers and (on purpose or not) Changing APN Settings has been hidden (even on Carrier unlocked iPhones/iPads). Also my Website (via mobileconfig files) don’t work at the moment (for some technical reason) but I […]

We are now working with iPhone 4.0 Beta 3

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Our profiles now wotk with iPhone 4.0 Beta 3. If you are a developer running Beta 1 or 2 you should update to Beta 3 (as it fixes alot of problems in Beta 1 or 2) and this website will now work properly (.mobileconfig files now work but have to be slightly different than V3.x […]