iOS 5.1 Beta 3 Released

iOS 5.1 Beta 3 for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch was released today for developers only.

There is no information on bugs or features in this version apart from “This beta version of iOS 5.1 contains bug fixes and improvements.”

If you are a developer and have Beta 2 installed you should be able to upgrade Over the Air by going to Settings,General, Software Update.

Changes Found (On my iPhone 4S)
Version: 5.1 (9B5141a)
Baseband: 1.5.04
Carrier Bundle version has updated on My Local Carrier (Telecom NZ 11.1 -> Telecom NZ 11.2)
With Telecom NZ Sim installed you can Edit the Tethering APN/Username/Password (but no other APN Details) ? WHy?
You Can Enable/Disable 3G (No use on Telecom as they are 3G Only)
You can Enable Airplane Mode and then Enable Wifi on (or was this in previous versions?) (Some Planes have Wifi)

29 thoughts on “iOS 5.1 Beta 3 Released

  1. why can i just type my apn in your mobile website? I need to setup a specific apn, not the one from my carrier, how can I do it? Thanks

  2. Hello admin,

    I upgraded to the final version of iOS 5.1, using H20 and MMS does not work anymore. I am using an iPhone 4s locked to AT&T

  3. hi,
    I have problems too, after update to 5.1. iPhone 4, At&t goPhone. There is no error Message, but no Data is comming through the connection.

  4. Same problem here,
    updated to 5.1 and now can’t change apn with the site.
    it seems when i go to change the apn it just doesn’t acknowledge and no data comes throuh

  5. I just bought an iPad 2 running 4.3.5. Have a Straight Talk SIM that seems to be working for data after changing to Custom APN. Should I update to 5.1, or will I lose my APN settings. What about new iPad (4LTE)? Will Custom APN work? Can you email settings.

  6. I have a iphone 4 and I am currently using 5.0.1. It just became available to download 5.1. I have a straight talk sim in an att iphone. Will the data still work with the apn changer if I update it?

  7. Hello Admin!
    I have a Sprint iPhone 4s and I’m trying to use it on AT&T go phone.
    Is this possible?
    A screen appears saying activation required!
    Please let me know what can I do!

  8. I have the same problem updated to ios 5.1 and now it says no service i’ve tried everything it still doesn’t work please help I’ve also tried changing sim.
    An on the
    Website when I select Denmark -> Sonofon it says please select a carrier?

  9. I am having the same problem. I updated to the ios 5.1 and no data will come through. When I try to get on safari it says it can not locate a server.

  10. I have an iPhone 4 from AT&T with a GoPhone SIM Card. When my iPhone was on version 5.0.1 I was able to use DATA under the US/GoPhone APN on EDGE network (as GoPhone DATA can only work) and now I upgraded the phone to version 5.1 and DATA will not work anymore, Iv’e tried all AT&T APN’s and none of them makes DATA work. Please HELP!

  11. I got my settings working using ATT(PayG) but when i tried browsing it gives me message “To use data services you must have data pkg…………………” that means ATT detected that iam using smart phone… Please advice…

  12. Hi there I upgraded my iPhone to 5.1 and my straight talk Internet don’t work anymore. It’s probably because it’s not jailbroken does anyone know if there is a software out there yet for the 5.1? Please help me

  13. Same problem with Jai… I’m using AT&T 50 unlimited plan. I saw on YouTube that some people got it works before, but I have problem with that. Pls help!!!!

  14. Same problem with Jai………………………. I’m using AT&T 50 unlimited plan. I saw on YouTube that some people got it works before, but I have problem with that. Pls help!!!!

  15. I have a iPhone 3GS and I have the sim card from straight talk allowing me to use talk and text I have the apn changer to let me use data as well but I was wondering if I update my phone to ios 5.1 will my straight talk plan still work? I really want to update it so I can jailbreak it and have unlimited talk text and data for 45 a month on straight talk an also want mms working. So I was wondering will the update prevent me from using my IPhone on straight talk or can I go ahead as do it?

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