Enabling MMS without jailbreaking on GoPhone (and others) (not tested)

Note: I am not in the USA and have not personally tested this myself but doing similar works with other carriers I have tested. Please let me know if it works for you or any problems. This May only work with an iPhone 4 or 4S as some people show say its not working are using 3G/3GS

There is a method which can be used to enter MMS Settings in but you will need a SIM Card which the iPhone doesn’t have the settings in for. In the US you will need a T-Mobile Sim (or alike) which seems the easiest to get. This same method can be used on other Carriers/Network as well.

– Make sure you can make calls etc via Go Phone sim
– Install US – GoPhone Profile (When connected via wireless) (or US – AT&T – its the same)
– Make sure Data over the Cell network works (see http://www.unlockit.co.nz/unlockit/?p=568 under “Why doesn’t the GoPhone $50 unlimited plan work”)
– Remove GoPhone SIM
– Place T-Mobile SIM in
– Go to Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network (this will come up now)
– Swap AT&T sim back in
– Waiting until it says AT&T up the top again
– Now Enter in the MMS Settings (For GoPhone/AT&T) – If you are using another Carrier please check http://www.unlockit.co.nz/mobilesettings for MMS Settings

APN: wap.cingular
Password: CINGULAR1
MMSC: http://mmsc.cingular.com
MMS Proxy: wireless.cingular.com:80
MMS Max Size: 1048576

– Exit by clicking on Network up the top
– Send MMS (and hope it works)

152 thoughts on “Enabling MMS without jailbreaking on GoPhone (and others) (not tested)

  1. do you know if the t-mobile sim card has to be activated for this to work? and also, will a simple mobile sim card work as well, since it’s a t-mobile mvno?

  2. i have try this but this will not work !!!!
    but you can try by iphone configuration utiliry just copy the profile full of info with the mms and apn
    and then installed to the iphone you want to …
    but you will need someone iphone with the full info in there cellular data !!!!
    so you can copy and paste in the iphone you want to work the mms !!!!
    hope this work !!!

  3. This works! Thank you so much! I can finally have both MMS and data working at the same time without having to switch back and forth between profiles!

    iPhone 4S 5.0.1 GoPhone SIM.

  4. I am using Consumer Cellular, which is a MVNO of AT&T. Bought a T-Mobile SIM card from Best Buy for $20, followed your directions, and was able to enter in the Consumer Cellular settings from your “manually entering” Mobile Settings link, and I now have full data and MMS working! I did not “activate” a T-Mobile account. The phone “sees” the T-Mobile network without an active account.
    Thank your for the tool and most importantly the useful information. Could not have done this without you. Paypal payment made:)

  5. @ Arman

    You cannot enter MMS Settings in the “iPhone Configuration Tool” so the sim swap method is the only way (unless you want to jailbreak the phone which with some iPhones cannot be done)

  6. @ Gabriel

    Any Alternative Card will work as long as the iPhone doesn’t have the settings build into it.T-Mobile Cards seem to be the easiest to use and it doesn’t even have to be a live/activated SIM Card

  7. Tried this with no results. Voice, text, and data working on Consumer Cellular after using your APN changer. 3gs iOS 5.0.1. With phone turned on, I removed CC SIM, and put in T-Mobile (hot swapped). Phone said “No Service”, but Data Network Tab did not appear. Rebooted with T-Mobile SIM and got same results. What am I doing wrong. Is it a timing thing, or is something else wrong?

    1. It “may” only work with a 4/4S .. Can anyone verify this? I’ll have to try when I get home with a 3GS (But as I’m not in the USA with a Locked iPhone 3GS it might not be the same)

  8. Also tried turning Airplane mode off and back on with T-Mobile SIM in. Then phone said “Invalid SIM” but still no Data Network Tab.?

  9. @ DL
    For me, I have to wait for 2-3 minutes for the tmobile sim to find the network. Maybe you’re in a tmobile dead zone? And it takes 2-3 minutes for CC sim to deactivate.

  10. @PDX
    I put the unactivated T-Mobile card in my Motorola unlocked phone to check it and it immediately comes up as T-Mobile with two or three reception bars, so Idon’t think that is the problem. I tried it again in my 3gs and left it in, saying “no service” for 15 minutes. No change.

  11. @DL
    Ok. How about the iPhone itself? Mine is an unlocked iphone4 I bought last month from the local Apple store. Maybe yours is “locked” to the AT&T network and won’t allow the tmobile network? But works fine with your CC sim for phone, SMS, and data, because it’s still AT&T network.

  12. @PDX
    OK, thanks for the info. You are using a different phone. So far it looks like only iPhone 4 and 4s phones can use this method. If anyone has used this SIM method successfully on an un-jailbroken, locked iPhone 3gs, please let us know the particulars. Thanks.

  13. I tried the method above with an old cut-to-fit T-Mobile Prepay SIM on an iPhone 4 using AT&T’s prepay GoPhone, running iOS 5.0.1. The “No SIM” message changed to a “No Service” message. So I think the SIM fits and was detected fine.

    But no change in Settings; APN, MMS settings etc are still not available. The T-Mobile SIM was inactive. And this was after downloading the GoPhone profile, which successfully made cellular data possible on my GoPhone plan.

    I have another T-Mobile SIM that is active that I could cut, but my iPhone is locked to AT&T, so I worry I will get the same “No Service” message where the carrier name should be. Should I try that?

    And my phone is jailbroken. Does that allow for other solutions?

    1. You will have to install tetherme from cydia then (yes it costs I know) .. the SIM Swap seems to only work on iPhone 4S (for whatever reason)

  14. Hi, I just downloaded TetherMe from Cydia. “Cellular Data Network” is now available in Settings>General>Network and editable. Hurrah!
    There were MMS settings loaded automatically. I take it I should replace those with the MMS settings above?
    And will TetherMe affect my previously downloaded profile for GoPhone from Unlockit? Thank you!

  15. I was able to do the SIM swap on an AT&T network with a T-Mobile SIM on an iPhone 4, but I believe a key factor is that this is an unlocked phone. Both DL and scott_e have locked phones. I think this is why they get “No Service” when they put in the T-Mobile SIM.

  16. Settings changed, MMS successfully sent. (Must have cellular data on to send.) So far, so good. Thanks a lot, unlockit! Donation made.
    @PDX, sounds like you’re on to something there.

  17. Got this to work on iPhone 4s using AT&T gophone the apn from this website, and cydia tetherme. Only one slight change. In the username field I put: WAP%40CINGULARGPRS.COM. Then turn airplane mode on and off and now I can send pics and use data at the same time.

  18. I finally used Sn0wbreeze 2.9.1 to jailbreak (but not unlock) my 3gs, installed TetherMe, and accessed and changed the cellular data network settings for MMS and got it working with Consumer Cellular. Thanks to all, especially the admin Craig, for your help.

  19. This is still working well for me, but is there some way I can send and receive MMS without using my pay-per-KB data feature with AT&T GoPhone in the USA? I only use mobile data when I really need it, because I normally have Wifi. But yesterday when I activated mobile data to use the Maps app, like five MMS arrived immediately, some days old β€” some pictures, some text “Group Messages.”

    Anyway, can I change my settings somehow so that I can send/receive MMS via Wifi? (Like iMessage, I imagine?) Thanks!

  20. Imessaging works over wi-fi or cellular data. Both you and the person you are imessaging need to have imessaging activated for it to work. And if you group message, all recepients or senders have to have imessaging activated. Otherwise, if even one does not have an idevice with imessaging activated, then all messages will be sent by mms, which as admin points out, uses cellular data. So activate imessaging, disable cellular data, connect to wi-fi, and imessage anyone who has iphone, ipad, itouch with imessaging activated. MMs=cellular data only; imessaging=wi-fi or cellular data. If I am incorrect, please enlighten me.

  21. I just picked up a 3GS and use Consumer Cellular. I would rather not jailbreak my phone or at least have to pay a lot to do it. If you come up with a solution please post.

  22. @BK
    What solution are you looking for? The APN Changer on this website will get cellular data working with CC. Then you will have voice, texting, and internet via cellular network (as well as wifi). AFAIK you have to jailbreak and download TetherMe to make MMS work. But no jailbreak needed for iMessaging from iPhone to iPhone over wifi or your cellular connection. With APN Changer, everything works except MMS (picture messaging). Do a lot or research before attempting a jailbreak, as things are in a state of change, especially right now.

  23. I have a 4s with a non activated tmobile sim and it says “No Sim” And the APN settings don’t show up…..idk I guess I have to wait for a jailbreak Great!!!

  24. Thanks a lot I just updated my att unlock iphone 3Gs (at&t unlock it for me) to ios 5.1.1 and i didn’t see the APN so i look every where on the internet until I discover your post, and it work perfect I don’t know why when you use a T-mobile sim the APN settings appears and when I use the straight talk sin the APN funtion dosen’t appear.

    I installed the tmobile sim and go to the apn setting then I remove the Tmobile sim on the APN screen and insert the Straight talk sim and then I update the APN settings according to your post then I go back and reset the iphone and woala i have MMS and data.

  25. @ Arman
    i have same problem, the jailbreak worked so it said and then i restored everything to factory and still i don’t see what is even on Apple’s site, i have iphone 4 5.1.1 OS and still only get one APN to work but no settings for MMS part for straight talk

  26. I just bought an unlocked and jailbroken iphone 3gs. I am currently using atts gophone 50$ unlimited plan and wondered if that plan works with the iphone? I don’t want to have to buy data packages

  27. @Mike
    i just bought an at&t phone off of ebay if I call at&t will they unlock phone for me to use on anothet carrier? i really want to be able to access MMS

  28. why do you have to use a t=mobile sim card to be to get MMS? I thought any GSM would work like T=mobile or At&t.

  29. I tried these settings. I have something interesting, at least I thought it was. I was able send/receive MMS, but the data was not working. I read most people were having the opposite. Am I missing anything here?

  30. I have went to the mobile settings for Net10 to try and make my mms etc work but it tells me to tap on cellular data and it won’t let me on my 3GS. Can you help me another way? Thank you!

  31. I used this method for my iPhone 3GS for crazy johns in Australia. Inserted a Telstra sim to the phone and changed the setting for mms to crazy johns setting before putting the crazy johns sim back in. Worked perfectly. Thanks.

  32. do i need an unlocked iphone for this? i want to get an iphone 5 (att version) and start using gophone data on it bt im not sure if it needs to be unlocked

  33. I’m using data on my iPhone 5 right now, however, the MMS does not work. With or without the APN installed, weird.. Can anyone confirm the SIM card swap method on the iPhone 5?

  34. It works. I have a 4s w/gophone sim and I am now using MMS once again. I just got a tmobile card, went into to cellular data, pulled it out stuck my gophone card in and updated the profile. The trick is getting into the cellular data screen which is like 2 menus deep before the phone restarts.

  35. I have a AT&T go phone and just switched to iPhone 4 with IOS 6 update, needless to say I need help! Can’t receive or send mms or group and can’t get unlimited data, how do I get a t mobile sim to perform this switcharoo?

  36. it worked for me, i’m using the 4S with iOS6…but when i turned the wi-fi back on, it stopped working πŸ™ any clues as to why it does this? thank you so much!

  37. I am in Canada with Koodo mobile and I had a similar problem. I could not send picture messages to other smartphones other than iPhones. I tried this and it worked. These directions don’t seem simple because of the carriers, but I tired a couple options and it worked.

  38. p.s. I have a Rogers phone 4S 5.1.1 that is unlocked with Gevey Sim so I can use with a Koodo Sim card. I stuck in the original Rogers sim card before going to Settings/General/NetworkSettings. Once I was there, I placed my Koodo sim card back in and sure enough, the APN/MMS settings option popped up after a minute or so. I then pressed reset settings and could enter my carrier information in to replace the Rogers info. Not all the info mentioned above was available but I entered as much as I could and it worked!

  39. Can, someone just upload the APN so it can be installed. I see that other are having the issues with the sim swapping but if these setting fix the issue. Couldn’t someone just create the APN call it GoPhone (Custom) then upload it? Just my .02.

    I have my data working through the GoPhone APN but no mms since not all the settings are correct. My phone is a 4 on the $65/month plan, not unlocked.

  40. Updated to the new ISO 6.0.1 worked for a couple weeks, as of today no data and no option to turn on the 4G. Tried the T-Mobile swap but directly goes back to where you cannot put in any settings! Any help would be appreciated!
    iPhone 4S
    Straight talk unlimited SIM card
    Running Straight Talk APN settings

  41. As of earlier this week after arguing with AT&T in regards to locking my data up and not giving me a partial refund for data unused I told the person at AT&T that its bs to lock my data and that I know for a fact other AT&T stores WILL unlock your data. The response I got was that they are checking ALL iPhone users with go phone to make sure they are not using data and if they see they are they will be turning off your service. I don’t know if this is even legal… Turning off your PAID service but that’s what I was told which could be the reason data no longer works.

  42. This worked perfectly on my iPhone 4.

    Note, my iPhone is jailbroken on iOS 6.0.1. I didn’t need to use a T-Mobile SIM, I just installed the GoPhone APN, downloaded TetherMe from Cydia, input the MMS settings into Settings > General > Cellular Data, and I was good to go.

  43. I have a AT&T compatible iPhone 4S. Straight Talk says the phone doesn’t need to be unlocked to work with them. However none of the instructions I received allowed me to change the APN settings or MMS messaging. I called ATT and they unlocked the phone but not even that worked. Im running IOS 6.0. What am I doing wrong? Can only talk and text with old and new Straight Talk sims.

  44. I have a iPhone 4 , can’t send or receive pics from other phones but. I can receive and send pics to iPhones any help would be appreciated, I am on straight talk

  45. Can’t receive pic messages from any phone other than an iPhone I am with straight talk , had my iphone4 jail broke , I can receive texts from any phone , just not pic need help thanks

  46. I’m trying to update the APN on an unlocked iPhone 3GS i just purchased…I don’t know what to do…I have a straight talk SIM and I need help with this. The phone is not jailbroken but I want this phone to be able to receive picture mail etc…can you please help me??? I have no idea what to do

  47. I have a 3GS on att go phone. I was able to change my apn with tmobile sim but still unable to send mms. Do I keep data enabled or no with these new settings? I just have 250 min/unlimited text plan. Just want to be able to send mms..not looking for data except via wifi.

  48. I have an iPhone 4 activated on a straighttalk sim. When I go to cellular through the settings, it does not give me a screen to change the apn…..HELP!!

  49. hello i have an iphone 4 running ios 6 and i can mms to work. ive already tried the sim swap but not sure if i can try again. also i’ve unlocked my phone will that affect it?

  50. Thanks a lot i did my for about 10 times until it finally works.. picture and data all work am using iphone 5 with straight talk service now.. Guys just keep trying as I did my many times

  51. i have at&t iphone 4 brought by my friend from US and i have it unlocked here in the philippines, since it was unlocked now i cant change APN settings and still cannot use cellular data network when browsing the net. pls help. thanks..

  52. I can’t send picture messages out. Everything else works. I have iPhone 3GS with straight talk sim. How can I get to work?

  53. thank you so much!!! this works!!! using iPhone 4s with AT&T goPhone account paying only $25 a month!!! now i have MMS messaging and i love my phone again:)

  54. I have an AT&T IPhphone 4. It has been jail broke, unlocked, given a phone # ,account, service end date all aquired from a Straight Talk package bought at Walmart . It still doesn’t get network service after going to straight talks apn program and to unlockitz. It still says “sorry this device has been blocked from network access” . This iPhone4 Is not able to be programmed manually(apn) . I left out pages of my nitemare getting to this point. I have been able to and am on the Internet writing this through wifi. I have been able to before trying to activate . Great phone just wished it was 100%. 32gigs but no sd card is a minus

  55. I have an iPhone 4 I am using on Straight Talk and have the picture message issue. I do not have a SIM card I can use to do the swap trick. Is there another way to take care of this issue?

  56. Hey can someone help me to get my mms to work ? I have a iPhone 4 with a tmobile SIM card and my mms will not send pictures or I can’t receive can some one please help

  57. Ok i have 6.1.2 on my iphone 5 and this is not working can anyone tell me if there is another way to do this so my mms can work

  58. I have a problem I have a sprint iPhone 4S and I fixed to work with AT&T sim but I can face talk and still get these wired text messages if any is able to help plz thanks

  59. I’m am on straight talk an I was wanting to know how to get mms messing to work so I can send pics and receive pic I have a at&t iPhone 3GS but straight talk sim thank u god bless

  60. Hi, I’m from Argentina and I’ve got a new iPhone 4 but every Time i plug it in my PC it doesn’t opens I tunes store automatically so I can’t make a back up which I need.
    Could you please help me with this? Cause its causing me several problems regards to my contacts and also with my calendar .

    Waiting for you sooner reply
    Best wishes and
    Alejandra Setti

  61. nevermind what i just posted on comment #21. it works now πŸ™‚ thank you sooo much. i really appreciate it! Youre a lifesaver:D

  62. I have a Nokia Lumia 920 (Windows phone 8) that i’m using with At&t go phone service. I can’t seem to find mms settings that work with it. I have already tried the one posted on this site, I still can’t send and receive mms.

  63. I have an iPhone 4 and it is working with Go Phone svc, however, I can’t seem to get the MMS to work. Please help!

  64. I have a iphone 4. I have a unactivated tmobile sim card but the ‘cellular data network’ will not come up. What else can I do? Please help

  65. I have an active simple mobile SIM card and everything works, except the 3G. I downloaded the apn profile but the settings are blank. I’m confused. My iPhone 4 is unlocked.

  66. I hace a. Active net10 sim card and everything works except the 4G I donwloaded the apn profile but the setting are blank confused . My iphone 4S is unlocked

  67. Appreciating the hard work you put into your website and in depth information you provide.
    It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same
    outdated rehashed information. Wonderful read!
    I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  68. I have iPhone 4s with h2o service on it.actually I’m trying to set up mms setting but I don’t option for cellular data network to fix it.I tried switching t mobile sim but still not fixed so could any one help me to get an option for cellular data network.thank you

  69. hey I got problems to send mms on my iPhone 5 wen go phone AT&T igot the smart phone data plan the has 4lte speed but can’t send mms any help please ???

  70. I got a iPhone 3 gs off eBay it was AT&T phone but I got a net stater kit activated my sim can do everything just can’t send or receive pics please help me get to the right place thanks hope to hear back from you

  71. I have an iphone5 blocked by Sprint US. I dont use it in US. I can not use cell data and to send SMS. Can I fix this problem? Thanks and Happy New Year

  72. I can not create a Apple ID I just had net 10 $50.00 a month plan and the phone was given to me by my brother and I have the pass code and everything is clean and clear every time I go under Apple ID to create an id it will take all my info then at the end when I hit the button that says create Id it goes blank and says time expired and I need the id because every time I go to down load my sister in laws email comes up and it ask for her id password? And I don’t want things in her name I want to change everything to my name ? How do I do this? please help me? thank you!

  73. I have unlocked my iphone 4s with a turbo sim and now i want to upgrade it. Will it be locked again or it will work with the newest version of ios. Bcoz i have ios 5 and i want to upgrade to ios 7. Any comments or suggestions plz?

  74. Hey,
    I have a ATT IPhone 5 and my brother unlocked it to a NET10 TFDATA
    I am now trying to go to tmobile but it says i need to activate how do i go to tmobile please help! i have original att sim i found but once i take out tmobile sim it doesnt ask for the activation i downloaee the tmobile lte apn settings i tried to test woth my moms iphone 5 tmobile sim

  75. I have a iPhone 4s and got the simple mobile plan and everything was working fine but now the internet is REALLY slow and I can’t send any picture Msgs or videos Msgs or even send a video to an email address. Is there any way to correct this or am I getting pretty much “what I paid for”?? And I’ve only had it for two weeks now. So idk why it would work for a little while but then just stop doing those certain things 2 weeks later? Please help if possible!!!

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