Update: APN Changer on iOS 4.2 Beta

Update: this should be fixed now and the website works on iOS 4.2 Beta

Apple have released iOS 4.2 Beta to developers and (on purpose or not) Changing APN Settings has been hidden (even on Carrier unlocked iPhones/iPads). Also my Website (via mobileconfig files) don’t work at the moment (for some technical reason) but I will get this fixed within a day.

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  1. Ipad beta 4.2,hides the settings and using this site to install the certificate does not seem to help. still get message saying not subscribed to data……

    O2, pay monthly UK settings……:)

    has anyone got this working?

  2. I have several iPhone 4’s with 4.01 installed and unlocked. I can make calls but don’t receives any data or MM’ss. Should I update to 4.1 or am I overlooking something?

    Warm greetings from South Africa.
    Ben Visser

  3. Are you ever going to add H2O wireless. Plllllleeeeease. I’m dying to get my mms working. I emailed the configurations to you.

  4. Hello,
    where is the link to download the apn changer?

    I want to use a foreign sim from prepaid-global.de in my german iphone.


  5. Hi, I am trying to change my APN to be able to use my blackberry as well. I have a Iphone 3g version 4.1 – is there a way to change the APN and if so can someone point me to a link to follow the directions? I am so lost =(

  6. Hello,

    I know this probably isn’t the right area to ask, but I’ve been trying to find a solution to this problem for weeks now.

    I bought my iPhone 4 from AT&T with a contract, and jailbroke/unlocked it myself. I am now in Jordan using a Zain pre-paid SIM, and the iPhone is refusing to connect to my providers data (ie 3G or edge). I can make voice calls and send texts fine, but cannot use any data. I’ve tried using your APN changer, but it still won’t connect. I’ve noticed some other people posting about the same issue, but I haven’t been able to find a solution.

    Here are the APN details for Zain Jordan (taken from their website):

    Connection: GPRS
    APN: zain
    Username: zain
    Password: zain

    Connection: GPRS
    APN: zain
    Username: zain
    Password: zain
    MMS Gateway:
    Port: 80
    MMS URL: http://mms.jo.zain.com

    Can anyone help?

  7. I have an italian Vodafone sim, that doesn’t allow me to change the APN.
    In order not to be connected to Internet, I can only disable Cellular Data in Setting/General/Network, but this way I can’t receive MMS.
    I hoped to solve this problem with your “Disable Data (FakeAPN)” function, but it suggests to… disable Cellular Data!!
    I, and many like me, would need to change the APN with a fake one, but I can’t see it, can you help me?

  8. hi, im having the samr problem as lisa, ive managed to download the unlockit app but it hasnt chsnged anything and at the crux of it i jst need to acess apn
    settings and cnt because cellular data only has an on off option, please help or point us in the right direction, i would love my iphone to work , sam

  9. I’m having the same problem. Under the “general” “network” tab only option is “cellular data” on or off. How do I set an “APN” from my carrier? Thanks

  10. Hey I am from Pakistan nd and using warid tel can u please tell me what shud I do to activate my cellular data network on iPhone for ios 4.1 jailbroken nd unlocked

  11. I bought my iPhone 4 from( version 4.0.1) AT&T now i am living in turkey and does not work with turkey simcard now is locked. can you jailbroke/unlocked it myself.

  12. Hi so glad to find you. Ibought an iPhone in France and am furious to find on returning to Aust it’s locked to orange. They’ve been no help to unlock it . I’ve paid for a new Sim with my local carrier TransAct. I’ve downloaded jailbreak but unsure what next? Can you help pls? I’d be happy to make a donation.

  13. I am wondering if anyone knows if a factory-unlocked i4 (from germany) can accept the AT&T carrier settings and allow tethering? Or do settings still need to be signed.?

  14. Phil :I’m having the same problem. Under the “general” “network” tab only option is “cellular data” on or off. How do I set an “APN” from my carrier? Thanks

  15. Hi all,
    i am trying to install APN changer to my Iphone 4 but i cannot acces internet from it (becuase no data connection is available till i change APN). So, how can i install it on my iphone?
    thank you so much

  16. I have updated my iPad to 4.2.1. tried the service but havent been able to get it to function after setting the custom Cingular or AT&T APN Setting. Please let me know if you have a solution for this.

  17. Thank u very much for this solution for activation of (could not activate celullare data network). Thanks alot for help

  18. hy..i have a problem with cellular data network..it doesnt show in menu..i have i4 on ios4.0..what should i do?please help..thanks

  19. Hi, I am trying to install this on my ATT iPhone 3G, OS 4.2.1, w/redsn0w jailbreak and whenever I try to creat a custom APN, I type in Broadband in APN, carrier blank, then when I click on “Create Profile” the phone crashes and goes back to the locked home screen, where you have to “slide to unlock.”

    Please let me know what I am doing wrong. Thank you.

    1. This will have to do with something you have done to your iphone.. either the jailbreak or a program after your jailbreak you have installed

  20. My iphone 3g was basically fresh/clean, no apps installed, and the only app that was installed after the redsn0w jailbreak was the Cydia app. Do you think that’s the cause of it? I have exhausted all other ways to change the APN and it always freezes. Even the APN app in Cydia won’t install. I’m wondering if it’s something ATT has blocked in the new 4.2.1 OS release. Thank you.


  21. Why is that when i turn off my iphone the unlock for data stops working and i try to install it again and it still does not work im running on 4,2 ios please answer

  22. Guys if you have problem to send mms while your data tab is off there is a solution u can install firwall ip from cydia . and it will block your data trafic but not your mms traffic. try fthis and forget fake ipn

  23. Qadeer :
    Guys if you have problem to send mms while your data tab is off there is a solution u can install firwall ip from cydia . and it will block your data trafic but not your mms traffic. try fthis and forget fake ipn

    dont forget to on your data tab.

  24. this tool is realy nice i am using this on my iphone running 4.2.1.
    after install go in the option select the option u like and then, on your data tab,
    you will send and receive mms.
    try this

  25. @admin
    Nope.. sorry admin.. it does not.. in the US with ATT sim (and factory unlocked iphone from malaysia) but all i keep getting is error” UUID for the profil”APN Carrier Settings” is not unique.

  26. HI . i jailbreaked and unlcoked my phone .. iphone 4 ios 4.0.1 using limera1n and ultrasn0w but i couldnt acitvate 3G serives .. ( couldnt enable APN settings ) tried from safari browser ..can u tell me how to edit APN settings .


  27. Hello….I recently purchased an Unlocked/Jailbroken 3GS at 4.2.1.

    I was using a WinMo Samsung Omnia i8000, and was able to change my APN setings to pda.bell.ca or pda2.bell.ca from the inet.bell.ca. In doing so, my usage was capped at a ma .09MG as I am on an old Unlimited Browser plan with Bell.

    I notice now that I put my sim in the Iphone, there is no cap, although it is showing as included data with no addition fees, what I am wondering is is I were to install your profile (I have your hotmail profile now) and is MMS and other functions do not work, would removing the profile revert my phone back to the setting I now have, or will I be forced to try and fix this all manually or using Itunes etc?

    Where I am not familiar with the unlocking/jailbreaking of the phone itseld, will I run into problems at a later time If by removing the profile, my phone does not revert back to the settings I have now?

    Please advise

  28. Qadeer :
    this tool is realy nice i am using this on my iphone running 4.2.1.
    after install go in the option select the option u like and then, on your data tab,
    you will send and receive mms.
    try this

    Once you installed the profile you will then have an option of changing the settings to add other MMS info etc?

  29. I guess changing to pda2.bell.ca does not allow me to take advantage of the cap I had at 0.977mb as I had on my HTC Touch or my Samsung Omnia II i8000… 🙂

    I wonder if @admin can make a pda.bell.ca profile that I can try.

  30. Sorry….prev message should of stated that my sessions were capped at 0.0977 mg
    As you can see here, the way it used to be:

    Mobile Browser 192:31 min 0.0977 Megabyte
    Mobile Browser 502:33 min 0.0977 Megabyte
    Mobile Browser 800:25 min 0.0977 Megabyte

    And now with my Iphone it is:

    Mobile Browser 142:36 min 3.3848 Megabyte

  31. I have I phone 4 and it’s unlocked and jailbreak but still can’t send or recieve picture messages can anyone help me I have downloaded the correct APN on my phone which it is H2O wireless

  32. Hi, tried using unlockit profile including email profile.. but to no avail, simply doesn’t work. It installs profile OK but no service / network. Am I missing something? Iphone version 4.2.1

  33. Is it possible that since I installed your hotmail profile and the APN profile that the APN one was not working correctly?

    Can we have both profiles installed at the same time?

    I did have to restore my phone after my initial post. After wards I reinstalled the APN profile but not the Hotmail one and after checking my usage online, it appears it may be working.

    I will keep you posted.

  34. got a problem. after installing apn changer i can’t get a connexion with the internet.
    My provider is also not on the list, i ve got a contract with Simpel from the netherlands.
    They use the line of T-mobile.
    I didnt know if i had to choose that one in the menu, so i choose for “blank”

    can you please send me an email with a solution, i m going crazy..



  35. Hi, while saving profile getting error u can save only one profile at the time, whereas I have not saved any profile even tried email profile option but no use, how to fix “u r not subscribed to cellular data error……………………….”

  36. Hi, How did you get Mobile Browser working on your Omnia II. I have one unlocked from Bell and am using it on Bell. I would like to put my old Touch plan onto this phone. Can you help?

  37. Bonjour,j’ai un iPhone 3GS bloqué sfr et je voudrais le débloquer pour qu’il puisse fonctionner sur le réseau bouygues telecom merci de votre réponse

  38. I tried to download it to my i3GS 4.2.1,but it wouldn’t do it.it’s pointing to Setting-General-Turn Off Data. I did turn Off Data,but AT&T cought me & AT&T text me that they added Data plan on my 3GS. I use AT&T but not sign up for Data Plan.so how do I get out of it. Thx for u’r hlp

  39. This is what I’m getting when I tried to download thru safari:

    FakeAPN is not needed in iOS4 anymore. Go into Settings -> General -> Network and Use the Cellular Data option to turn it off or on

    1. This is correct.. you can just turn Data off in the menu. Fake APN is used to disable Data on Official Carriers (normalyl)

  40. I am using Simpel. It`s a provider in the netherlands.
    My iPhone 3G is running on 4.2.1
    Simple fused with T-mobile so i can call etc.
    But i can`t go on the 3G internet.
    Can you make a n APN changer for simpel?

    Voor ‘internet op je mobiel’ zijn de reguliere instellingen
    Profiel naam: Simpel internet
    Homepage (URL, startpagina): http://www.simpel.nl
    Naam toegangspunt: internet.access.nl
    Netwerktype: IPv4
    Proxy server adres: Geen
    IP adres apparaat: Automatisch
    Naam servers: Automatisch
    Beveiliging (security option): Niet beveiligd
    IP adres apparaat: Automatisch
    Verificatie: Normaal
    Gebruikersnaam: geen (dus niets invullen)
    Vraag om wachtwoord: nee
    Wachtwoord: leeg (dus niets invullen)

  41. Hello I have a iPhone 4 4.2.1 on a plan with in Australia I have jailbroken it with greenp0ison I have also downloaded ultrasn0w and I put in a new sincere but it comes up with no service and dunno how to get it working please help

  42. I have a data plan with t-mobile, I just recently unlocked my ip4 4.2.1 version, and tried using your custom apn changer but i still can’t send or receive MMS nor can I use data except thru wifi
    Is this bcuz my phone is jailbroken?

  43. hey i m using iphone 3gs i recently updated my phone to latest version after which my network aircel is not functioning can anyone help me

  44. Right. Sorry about that, it seems to have worked! I had absolutely no hopes in this but what I did was to reset all my network settings on the iPhone (Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings), then downloaded the iPhone Configuration Utility from the Apple website, then created a new configuration profile where I just entered three.co.uk as the carrier in the APN settings and left everything else blank (under ‘Advanced’). Then I installed the profile by going to my phone under ‘Devices’ and that was it! I realize this is pretty much the same thing unlockit does, but for some reason that didn’t work and this did…

  45. Thanks for the app. I was able to change my APN as described. I can now use my Iphone 3g sim in my Ipad 2. I am a customer of ATT but they try to make me purchase 2 plans, 1 for the phone and 1 for the ipad. I have unlimited usage on the iphone and now on my ipad when I swap the sims. Great for those long trips in the car!!!

    1. Can you explain what you are doing..

      Custom APN
      It should choose the country you are in.. if not.. choose it
      Choose the Carrier
      Click Create Profile

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