8 thoughts on “Off Topic: NZ SEO Challenge

  1. Forgot to paste this:

    Country: JP
    Carrier Name: Softbank Prepaid
    APN: mailwebservice.softbank.ne.jp
    APN (Username): softbank
    APN (Password): qceffknarlurqgbl
    Proxy: sbmmsproxy.softbank.ne.jp:8080
    MMSC: mms/

  2. Hi, I downloaded the file on my iphone 4 using straight talk service , one time I used Att mvno and the second time I used straight talk I downloaded the file but still it does not work, I called straight talk and they said that I have to create a new APN and enter a new apn , proxy, port, mmsc, mms proxy, mms port
    I know how to update the mms proxy and port but Apn foxy and port I can’t even find them on my iphone , what should I do?

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