I have listed Some AT&T APNs and are different

US – AT&T – for older plans
US – AT&T (wap.cingular) – non smartphones usually
US – AT&T (isp.cingular) – smartphones usually only
US – AT&T (Broadband) – most newer smartphone accounts
US – AT&T (PAYG) – PAYG AT&T Accounts

So saying all this.. if it doesn’t work initially.. then try one of the others..

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  1. Doesnโ€™t Work :
    Iโ€™ve tried all 4 settings and none work for an iphone 3g with ATT pay as you go.

    Mee too. I tried them all and it doesn’t seem to work. It did work with the first profile for a day but went off after and none work now. Please help!!!!

  2. I need to know how to put the APN settings into a Samsung Blackjack for AT&T for the go phone service to be able to access internet on the phone.

  3. Try disabling 3G on your phone and using only Edge and/or GPRS. I have found in the past that this fixes it. Seems AT&T knew I was on a non-iPhone plan and prevented me from connecting at 3G speeds. Look at the bright side, your battery will last a lot longer and you’ll burn through your data much slower. Also, I assume if you have a non-AT&T phone that it’s unlocked.

  4. Got it to work with the AT&T one, it’s the first one in the list. The settings are wap.Cingular and make sure everything is filled in.

  5. Hey, I’m trying to install the AT&T Smartphone (iPhone) APN , but my phone constantly tells me that only one profile can be install, but I have the profile in the phone. I tried several things to install the APN (iphone utility configuration), you guys….etc but can not load the APN that I need.
    thanks for the help

  6. thank you so much. just got a go phone sim card from at&t. cut it and put it in my iphone4. used the above settings. in my case wap.cingular worked. i suggest everyone to try every setting above before concluding it does not work. note: you need to buy data seperately for using it on iphone 4 or other smartphones

  7. I’ve also tried the same thing with all 4 settings and it hasn’t worked so I thought there was something wrong on the end of AT&T and when I called them they could tell that I was using an iphone 4 and they said that I wouldnt be able to use the gophone data plan on this phone.

    If you’ve found a solution to this problem please let me know.

  8. This also doesn’t work for me. I got a prepaid AT&T SIM card last week and tried to enable data connectivity following the simple instructions I found online. I’m using an iPhone 3G running IOS 4.0. It lets me install the US-AT&T APN, but then (even after rebooting) I can’t connect to the internet without wifi. If I try any of the other APNs, it tells me:

    “The UUID for the profile ‘APN Carrier Settings’ is not unique.”

    Why would my phone be incompatible with this workaround, which seems to work for most people? Has AT&T managed to plug this leak somehow (the complaints online about it not working seem to be quite recent).

    Thanks for any help you can give me!

  9. Thx for trying but doesn’t work with AT&T. I think perhaps they are tracking IMEI numbers? I could only get one day if service, after that I was blocked. If you come up with a solution for that, please let us know.

  10. you cannot just buy the 50$ monthly plan and surf. if you use a smartphone you MUST purchase a data plan. maybe that’s why it didnt work for some.

  11. This is great! I got an iPhone 4 but my network is Virgin. Because Virgin don’t supply iPhones they couldn’t set my Internet settings. I tried everything, even tried things myself from the Internet until I came across this on a Virgin forum. I can’t even remember what I dis but it was so quick and now I can use my cellular data when I’m out instead of only being allowed to use it with wifi!!!!!

  12. same for me. It just doesn’t work ANYMORE. I have a general unlocked phone (not jailbreak) and are using it with an at&t go phone plan. I installed the custom apn (wap.cingular) and it worked for a couple of weeks. then it suddenly stopped. Now I can’t get it to work again. I tried resetting my networksettings, also tried with edge and 3G, still doesnt work? Anybody found a way around that? I’m using iOS 4.3.5.

  13. So this APN changer is used to hide data usage on phones right? I’ve been trying to do it since Sunday but it doesnt work, my meter continues to go and use more mbs. I have at&t iphone 4 ios 4.3.3 and data plan or 2gb no tethering. Please help me out i hate having a cap.

    1. Its used to enable it. If you don’t want data then turn if off on the phone.. V4 has the option to disable cellular data

  14. tried all four options (and reset network before, rebooted iphone after applying APN changes) and none of them work with my iphone4. The research I’ve been able to do seems to indicate that AT&T is clamping down on prepaid iphone data or something related to the rate plan changes. Would love some more/some alternatives to AT&T for prepaid 3G cell service.

  15. @Josh
    Josh, what to you mean “seperately”? I had the Go SIM and added the 10 cents a minute plan, $5 a month for MSGS and then added the data 10MB for $5 a month and I had it working but then it stopped a few weeks later. Is there some other way to add data? Thanks for any help.

  16. Verified that the 4S works with the purchase of a data plan on PayGo using “US โ€“ AT&T (wap.cingular).”

    I tried it without a dataplan in every configuration, and it simply doesn’t work.

  17. It works! I had tried all the ATT options on here and still nothing worked. The problem was I had the $50 a month gophone plan. Yes it does include unlimited data but for some reason you need to have the stand alone data feature. Any one should work, I got the $15 a month one. The $50 everything plan WILL NOT WORK. You must get the $25 a month voice and message plan and then add a stand alone data feature. Once I did this I simply used unlockit and selected the AT&T wap.cingular APN setting. Tah-dah!!!!!

  18. I finally got mine to work, even though I did nothing differently than the first time, it just started working. I don’t use my phone much (retired and at home all day) so I got the Go Phone Sim with no plan on it, added the 10 cents a minute plan on line, $5 a month for 200 text msgs. and then added the $15 a month 100MB data package (which I dropped to the $5/month 10MB since I use my home wifi all the time) and it worked even after I updated iTunes to the newest version 2 days ago and updated my phone to OS 5 (I think…the newest one as of 10/17/2011) so now I pay $15 a month for my iPhone 3GS. Granted this isn’t enough for most people, but talking to ATT on the phone, my minutes/Msgs/data will keep rolling over for a year and my data can roll over to 1GB. Pretty cheap iPhone now.

  19. ADMIN, could you answer this please…is there a reason why mine would work and then would quit working a day later with no changes being made. I posted above it was working and the phone sat over night not even being use, just charging, and today no data signal. Any idea why?

  20. ADMIN, when creating a profile using the first APN (US – AT&T), it shows Changes APN to wap.cingular. More details, in the advance settings, shows name: wap.cingular & a long username.
    When creating a profile using the second APN (US – AT&T (wap.cingular), it shows Changes APN to wap.cingular. More details, in the advance settings, shows name: wap.cingular but the username is blank.
    What is the difference other than a username?

  21. So how is it the only APN that works for me is the US โ€“ AT&T (wap.cingular) โ€“ non smartphones usually. And I have a I-Phone 3 Smart Phone? And it’s fast with 3G speed?
    It says WAP? I’m confused? Anybody explain please! This is all so curious to me! I understand the whole reason for a APN but how come it only works on this one? I’m apparently registered with my Pay as you Go card for just this one profile then by AT&T?
    Those others won’t work as AT&T has my Go Card setup for date on that APN only?
    This whole deal is just so they think I’m using a regular phone right? As I don’t want
    to pay big bucks for the I-Phone plan which I don’t need all those minutes. I use my phone mostly for data and talk very little.

  22. Does AT&T ever change their APN’s? I’m still wondering why the wap.cingular
    works and the others do not? It’s 3G and very fast. So your app is like flashing a EPROM
    that is in the phone?

  23. So once I have found the correct APN and I have it should just run as long as I’m paying
    for my data correct? This is awesome! I wanted pay as you Go because I simply don’t need
    a big expensive plan for the little I use the phone and data. I’ve not canceled my phone plan yet but testing the pay as you go SIMM. What is all this chatter about IMEI numbers
    and them being tracked? I think that is nonsense talk? Is that just a problem for people
    with no data plans? Thanks in Advance. I will be donating via paypal!

  24. Hi I have tried this method for my iphone 3G to use AT&T prepaid data plan
    It did work very well for a week and then it just stopped working
    I have been trying to reinstall with other APN you provide here but still no hope
    Can you please help !

  25. So why would it stop working? Mine is fine? 3G phone with the Pay as you Go card.
    This is what is curious to me. Does AT&T have some way to shut down the IMEI on the phone? How could they track this? Into please!

  26. Hi, I have an iphone 3gs on a gophone sim and i was getting a message: “Could not activate cellular data network, you are not subscribed to a cellular data service”
    so i found this website and all the At&t and cingular APNs that i tried dont work i still get a message saying “safari cannot open because it could not connect to the server”
    if you can please help

  27. Worked for 2 months, then quit. I have an iPhone 3G iOs 4.2.3 Baseband 06.15 Worked for 2 months on AT&T wap.cingular APN 3G and EDGE using a GoPhone $50/month plus $5/month dataplan. But now does not work any more. I try isp.cingular, att.bradband, and att.MVNO but does not work. What else can I try?

  28. I am using a iphone 4s on go phone acct
    the one that is just Att works my internet but i can no longer send picture txts
    do you have any mix versions for my mms to still work

  29. I have a similar problem to the person who had an APN that worked for months and then one day just didn’t (on both my iphones). I have pay as you go. Put $100/year, have iphone 4 and 3gs. Just bought $5 data plan to see what it was like. Calls are 10cents with my plan, text 20 cents and data 1 cent kb or something. So after I upgraded to the $5 specific data plan it seems like my data doesn’t work any more. Probably not cause and effect because I wasn’t checking to see if it works, hardly use it. But it does seem like “something happened.” Anyone who figures it out please tell me. I’ve reloaded the APN directly from internet again. when that didn’t work I downloaded iphone Config Utility but can’t follow the instructions starting with “create a new configuration profile (where?)

  30. Originally, I was having same problem as many of you where it worked once and not again. However when I added the $5, 10 mb data feature plan to my $50 unlimited plan, i was able to use an apn changer and access data.

    The $50 plan does say you need to add a data feature if you have a smartphone. So the key is to add the data plan even if you have the $50 plan.

  31. I was using the $50 unlimited plan with the $15/100MB feature package. It worked for almost a month, and then it stopped out of the blue, even though I still had 5MB left. Out of curiosity, I added another 10MB for $5, and it magically started working again. This may help people who are getting the “safari cannot open because it could not connect to the server” message. Data apparently rolls over if you do not use it, so long as you add more before the month’s end, so give it a try.

  32. I can’t get it to work as far as using 3g to check email, use Sarfari etc. I thought I had it working but I was only using the weather ap and it may have shown old data or it may have worked.
    Anyway I have a iphone 3gs. I have the pay as you go plan with 10megs data plan and the 200 message plan. I have tried all the AT&t setttings. With sone it simply won’t connect. With the isp I get a message stating that I don’t have a data plan–but I do.

  33. Hi, I activated my Wifes gophone sim from her other phone today and talk and text work. Then went to unlockit.co.nz and tried a couple different apn settings and nothing got the data to work. What can I do to fix this. Please help.

  34. It’s working! The key seems to be having a certain amount of data left in your data package. I thought I hadn’t used any data but somehow I had used all but .3 meg of my 10 meg package. So I added another 10meg and it works. I’m using the AT@T wap. cingular setting and turned off 3g to save my battery. The only way I can think that I used my data was google voice. It didn’t seem to deplete my minutes so it must have used my data package. Anyway from now on I am sticking to the iphone phone app for when I am away from home and using textfree voice +vm for voip calls from home. Thanks so much Admin, I’ll make a donation soon.

  35. So i had installed wap.cingular and it was working fine , 20 minutes later i tried turning on the 3g setting and once i did that it stopped working,. i tried to do everything all over again but it just didnt work. Any suggestions on what i could do?

  36. Im not sure what a apn is but i use att go phone $50 unlimited and i cqnt use web on my iphone 3gs and this is supposed to take care of that can u please help me out?????!!!!?!?!?!!?!?

  37. When u say add a data feature u mean i phone data??? And then ill have unlimited data???? And can u please explain what i have to do for exaple what i write by the apn then what i should do ect.

    1. With the $50 “unlimited” plan you do not get unlimited data and you have to add a data feature to your sim card/account for data to work on smartphones (iPhone)

  38. Hello i have an iphone 4s and i have done the apn change, as well as have everything set correctly, still i can’t receive picture messages. I’m running version 5.0.1, when i had my regular iphone 4 an i had the same settings everything worked fine. Please help my find the correct apn settings that will allow me to receive and send picture messages, as well as keep my web access.

  39. @ Johnny Poe
    i have the same issue, did you ever find a apn that works allowing data as well as mms to work. I”v had no luck since december and have been constanly searching to find an answer or a better soultion than what i have found these last couple of times. So if you find something please let me know.

  40. Hi,

    People have reported it working as recently as January, 2012. It involves using the iPhone Configuration Utility (iPCU) to create a custom APN with a specific username / password / proxy combination (wap@cingulargprs.com / CINGULAR1 / wireless.cingular.com port: 80).

    As of 2012.02.22, the unlockit.co.nz “AT&T (wap.cingular)” APN has a blank (null) username field, no password field whatsoever, and no proxy field whatsoever. Unlockit’s “AT&T” APN does have the correct username and password fields, but no proxy specified.

    So, perhaps not having the proxy configured is the problem?

    Also, note that if you do choose to use the iPCU, one commentator mentioned that doing so might force you to start using encrypted backups (I’m jailbroken and avoid iTunes like the plague and rather use rsync for backing up the entire device). Exporting the mobileconfig.settings file from the iPCU, rather than using the iPCU to install it, might be a workaround for this, as I’ve noted there.

    I’m in the process of transitioning from T-Mobile prepaid (USA) to AT&T Pay As You Go (PAYG). If and when successful, I’ll report back.

    [admin – editted]

  41. Okay iHave iPhone 3GS , but it’s updated to iOS 5.1 or whatever. I try everything , even the new one & it’s work but it don’t let me get to the web all it dose is goes to the mEdia net, & say that i need a data package. But I have AT&T 50 dollar plan & it’s still don’t work! What to do?

  42. Help Please!
    Data Plan purchased – Check.
    Followed instructions on your website to set up data access for my iphone 3gs. – Check.
    Tried the new APNs listed in this thread. Check.

    Still no web access.

    Administrator – Could you please help. Thanks in advance!

  43. @ admin
    I’m in Puerto Rico, i did then apn setting months ago everything was working fine up until a couple of weeks ago.
    I’m on the $50 unlimited pay as you go and i have an i phone 3gs.
    Please help!

  44. I’m Partap. I have iphone 4s. I’ve $50 unlimited Go phone plan .. even data is unlimited. Calling and texting works perfect. But data doesn’t. At&t said, Data won’t work with iphone. And i tried all the APN changers. but nothing helping. and APN Changer doesn’t allow me to put the AT&T( Broadband) setting.
    Can you help me please.?

  45. I have iphone 3g and i was able to unlock it but now i can’t connect to my itunes store is that suppose to happen or am i using the wrong file???….my plan is $25 plus i added another $25 for data features. can anybody help me??

  46. Amazing just tried and it works. This is with my iphone 4 on the at&t go phone plan I have $50 and then added $15 data plan for 200mb and used At&t (payg). Thank you unlockit.co.nz for your time and effort

  47. I currently have a iphone 3gs w/ iOS 6.1.2 (10B146) Version. It’s been jailbroken thru evasi0n. im currently on the At&t gophone $65 a month unlimited plan with data package (1GB). Ive tried just about everything to get my mms & unlimited data to work, with ABSOLUTELY NOOOOO LUCK. I’ve searched & searched and read & read, changed this, downloaded this n that. ive tried to downgrade the software, bc most of what i read, mms & unlmited data worked on ios 4 to ios 5.1, lso zero luck with that please help ive tried the unlockit.co.nz for the APN changer. i just want to send n receive pictures, & not constantly pay for data. please help me. with every step by step i try n do, my next step will be me throwing my phone in thetras. please help.

  48. Im on the $45 unlimited plan with Straight Talk on the iPhone 4. & It was working perfectly fine, but today my internet sevice cut off, I tried everything to get it working again, i can’t figure it out. Do I have to go through the whole “unlockit.co.nz” thing again? Please help?

  49. I can’t change the apn number it wont let me I tried this and it says denied but straight talk cant get it to work either but it says the apn is with straight talk. what do I Do?

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