With over 10,000 visits per day (and going up ) from iPhone users unlockit.co.nz is a great opportunity for advertisers who want to target iPhone users around the world.

iOS5 and the iPhone 5 is coming out very soon and we are looking for people who want to advertise on our homepage and the mobile site right now.

Prices are discounted at the moment from normal rates. The mobile site gets 90% of all the hits of the website.

Non Mobile Website – $US10 CPM (per 1000 impressions) (min of 10000 impressions) (any size available on website)
Mobile Website –  $US15 CPM (per 1000 impressions) (min of 10000 impression) (320×50 size )

Please email advertising@unlockit.co.nz if you are interested. There will be a limit of the number of advertisers spots available.


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  1. I’ve been trying to go and update the MMS setting through the network and cellular data but on the iphone 3gs you can’t click the cellular data setting do you know a work around.

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