8 thoughts on “Evasi0n 1.4 Released

  1. Just wanted to say THANKS. This fine piece of software unlocked the internet on my iPhone 4 after AT & T told me GoPhone does NOT support internet on an iPhone. Sure could have fooled me…followed the instructions, dropped it in, restarted phone and guess what…I have data. If I am paying for a data package of 1 gb why would it matter what kind of phone I use – I am limited to the data I bought.

    Thanks again for allowing me to kick AT& T in their buttocks!

  2. I did the Evasion 1.4 to jailbreak my phone but it still doesn’t have the network table under setttings – general which I need to change my apn. I thought this site was to unlock my phone? Can anyone help?

    Any help appreciated!!!!

  3. Thank you for this post. I just switched to AT&T go phone, and I am using my iphone 4. This worked, all you have to do is buy a separate data plan.

  4. I still cannot get my net10 unlocked&now my spouse has done everything for me to have a iPhone this includes unlimited minutes,phone,sims cards&got Internet !!!! I’m still not getting everything I should get w/net10 & I’m at a my wits end whether or not I should give up on net10?! At this point we have invested $250+ on a used phone from Game Stop that I cannot use!! We have been w/net10 for 7 yrs.& I could have gotten a new phone w/plan by now that works!! What or who can help ME!!!??? Thank You to whoevers reading this,Melissa ps. I’ve tried to add on the 3 jailbreaks & my ph won’t let me!

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