MMS Settings for the iPhone

We are asking Apple to enable setting MMS settings via mobileconfig files.

For many years Apple have given us the ability to set Data APN Settings via Mobileconfig files but they have never given the ability to set MMS Settings the same way.

There are hundreds of thousands of people on carriers such as Net10, Straighttalk and other MVNO’s of official carriers and Apple have not given these users the ability to use MMS on their iPhones.

People have had to go down many ways such as having to jailbreak their iPhone or to use the sim swap method so they can use MMS.

I have set up an Online Petition so people can sign.

Please sign the petition and invite everyone you know of as well so we can show Apple how many people want/need this ability.

I personally get 100’s of emails per month with people who want this ability.

13 thoughts on “MMS Settings for the iPhone

  1. Hi, I finally got MMS to work on my ATT iphone 3gs. I had tried the sim card swap several times and it never worked for me. What did work: Go to Settings > Phone > My Number – then I entered my number (as it hadn’t been entered yet) and voila – MMS now works!! Hopefully that will work for others having this issue! Cheers 🙂

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