BEFORE you Install iOS4

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There seems to be a bug that is affecting some people. if you have installed an APN Profile in Pre iOS4 and install iOS4 , the old profile may not be liked by iOS4 and hide it away. When you try and install a new profile it will say you can only install one profile […]

Hack for tethering on 3.1.2 on 3G/3GS

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A method of “hacking” the 3G/3GS for tethering has been found but you need to be jail broken 1st. Instructions are HERE and I accept no responsibility if it breaks your iPhone (you may have to reinstall again if you break it). Also I have copied the instructions here: First get this file and put […]

How to use

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This is a step by step howto on how to use (Pictures Coming soon). Until it gets written here are some videos which some people have made about my website. Note: the way the website looks has changed a few times since some of these videos where made so may not be 100% correct […]