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Kogan Mobile – Enabling iMessage/Facetime

December 21st, 2012 22 comments

I have been emailed this from a Kogan Mobile User on how to enable iMessage/Facetime. This is needed (at the moment) as the default SMSC will not allow the iMessage activation message to go thru on the iPhone.

1. Disable iMessage under Settings/Messages
2. Dial *#5005*7672# and make a note of what the SMSC is set to at the moment
3. Dial **5005*7672*+61418706700# to set Telstra’s SMSC
4. Dial *#5005*7672# to make sure it changed.
5. Enable iMessage under Settings/Messages
6. Dial **5005*7672*thenumberyouwrotedowninstep2# (or you won’t be able to send)
6. Reboot phone (If needed)

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Kogan Mobile Australia

December 19th, 2012 4 comments

A new carrier has arrived in Australia just recently. They are known as Kogan Mobile (http:// . They are a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) via Telstra thus the iPhone just sets the Telstra Mobile Settings when you use one of their sims (which are incorrect for Kogan Mobile).

I have added a Profile to Enable Data but MMS Settings are not possible to set.

It also seems that the iMessage/Facetime activation number does not work via Kogan Mobile so it is not possible to activate FaceTime/iMessage.

Update: I have been told (it may not work with all iPhones/versions of software) you can dial ” *5005*86*141# ” and this will allow the voice mail button to work (if you have voicemail enabled). This makes the iPhone dial 141 for voicemail instead of the default 101 which Telstra use.

Settings MMS Settings

September 16th, 2012 3 comments

About 1/4 of my emails from people are basically the same. How come my MMS is not working or they can’t send Picture Messages.

The Reason for his?

Apple gives no way of Settings MMS Settings via any Automated Process and if you cannot edit them by hand then there is no way of settings the MMS Settings. APN Data settings are 100% possible to do via an automated process.

There is the “Sim Swap” method as describe at but this may only work on the iPhone 4S and with iOS 6 I’ve been told the method no longer works.

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Straight Talk on an iPhone

February 17th, 2012 389 comments

20/2/2012 – Update: I have added the proxy information into the profile as for some people (I have no idea why) the proxy for data was needed. If you have tried in the past using the profile and it has not worked download the new profile and try again.

Since Straight Talk started to sell just SIMS I’ve had lots of email on how to get them working on the iPhone so here goes.

If you don’t want to jailbreak and get Data going (Works any Any iPhone) just:

- Place the Straight Talk Sim into the iPhone
- Connect to the internet via wireless on the iPhone
- Go to (on the iPhone) and Choose United States, Straight Talk and install the Profile
- Cellular Data Works

If you want MMS to work as well and not jailbreak the iPhone then you can use the “SIM” Swap method but this only seems to work on the iPhone 4S. People with 3GS/3G/4 have reported it doesn’t work at all.

To do this you will need a T-Mobile sim .It doesn’t need to be activated and can be easily acquired from many places around the USA (I have been told)

- Go to Settings->General->Network
- Place T-Mobile SIM into iPhone
- A New Menu will come up (Cellular Data Settings)
- Go into this Menu and make sure the Details are are as below (Don’t exit)
- SIM Swap back to the Straight talk SIM Card
- Exit Cellular Data Settings Menu (Click Network up the top)
- The Cellular Data Settings Menu will Disappear now.
- MMS Works

If you want to Enable MMS (and you have a jailbroken iPhone ) then install Tetherme from Cydia and you can go into the Settings->General->Network->Cellular Data Settings Menu and Edit them as below

Cellular Data
APN: att.mvno
APN: att.mvno
MMS Proxy:
MMS Max Size: 1048576

Update: MMS Proxy Fixed … I had the name not the IP Address for the MMS Proxy . people have said the Name not work and the IP Address works.. but I’ll leave it as the IP Address..
Note: If anyone wants to update this please let me know) – I am not in the USA but talking to many people this is how you do it :-)