APN’s and Proxies

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There are a few Carriers who need a Proxy set up for them in the APN Settings. As of yet I don’t set any/give the option, but I will try and get the option added in this weekend as well for people to use (if they need it). Update: APN Settings for Koodo Mobile have […]

More carriers coming this weekend

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This weekend I will be adding a lot more carriers’ APNs to the website. Also, as of yet I have not got many MMS Settings to put up but I will attempt to add a website to show the MMS Settings for the Carriers I have. A little problem is you cannot set MMS Settings […]

MMS/APN issues after Jailbreak with redsn0w

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ALOT of users have been complaining about problems Installing APN/MMS Settings after they have jailbroken their iPhone 3G with resn0w. There has been a new version of redsn0w out now (0.9.5b5-5) which (I have been told but have not tested) fixes these issues. If you already have jailbroken your iPhone 3G with an older version […]

BEFORE you Install iOS4

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There seems to be a bug that is affecting some people. if you have installed an APN Profile in Pre iOS4 and install iOS4 , the old profile may not be liked by iOS4 and hide it away. When you try and install a new profile it will say you can only install one profile […]

We are now working with iPhone 4.0 Beta 3

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Our profiles now wotk with iPhone 4.0 Beta 3. If you are a developer running Beta 1 or 2 you should update to Beta 3 (as it fixes alot of problems in Beta 1 or 2) and this website will now work properly (.mobileconfig files now work but have to be slightly different than V3.x […]